Twitch 101 🕺 The Complete Guide For 2022

Twitch streaming has become more popular over the years. There are more and more streamers on the platform, so the competition is huge, especially if you are new to streaming.

In this hub, you will learn everything you need to know to, not just start streaming, but also to become a successful streamer!

By the end, you will not only know how to get more followers but even how to earn on Twitch.

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Table Of Contents

🕺 Twitch Info

Let’s start with some important information about Twitch. Maybe you’ve already heard about Twitch, or even used it in the past, but there are probably some things even you don’t know or understand. This section will cover every information about Twitch that matters.

⚙️ Twitch Basics

Beginnings are difficult, but not when you have it all on one page (this one). Let’s get you started with the most important things you should know about Twitch before you go live!

🎱 Twitch Tips and Tricks

If you want to become a successful streamer, below there are some useful tips and tricks to help you out on your journey. Some are basic, some are more advanced, but in the end, everything you see here will be useful.

Let’s get famous!

🖥️ Graphics

This section will focus on making your stream look good with various overlays, panels, sub badges, and more!

⭐ Famous Twitch Streamers

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and also the hottest streamers on the Twitch platform.

🛠️ Twitch Gear and Software

Here, you will find everything you need to start streaming on Twitch. Check out the best streaming gear, software, gifts, and more!

💰 Money

In this section, you will find every information you need to start earning money on the Twitch platform.

🤣 Twitch Humor and Slang!

This section is for you to relax after reading all previous guides! Here, you will learn to use Twitch slang, read about the best Twitch fails, and check out some of the best emotes to use on Twitch.

❓ Twitch FAQ

In the end, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions people have about the Twitch platform and streaming in general.

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