Nightbot Shoutout Command – 7 Quick and Easy Steps (2024)

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Nightbot is a chatbot for platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

It allows you to moderate and automate your chat. Therefore, it allows you to focus more on playing than chatting which is what some streamers often need.

In this text, we will try to provide additional up-to-date help for our readers and possible future streamers and explain the whole concept of the Nightbot shoutout command. Here is how to set it up:

How to Setup Nightbot Shoutout Command?

1. Log in to Twitch;
2. Log in to Nightbot;
3. Go to Dashboard and find “Join Channel” option;
4. Make Nightbot a moderator by typing “/mod Nightbot” in the chat;
5. Find the Nightbot commands tab;
6. Find “Custom” and add new command;
7. Type the name – !so or !shoutout – and write the command message;

Furthermore, as the headline suggests we will pay particular attention to the Nightbot shoutout command.

What Is Nightbot?

Some of you have probably heard of Moobot, which is very similar to Nightbot, so you do not need much explanation about this kind of chatbot.

However, for those who are new in the streaming business, these two platforms are both up-to-date auto-moderators of live streaming chats.

But, Nightbot is a more universal option.

Yes, Nightbot offers some common Twitch chat features as well, such as the ability to filter chat, respond to ordinary commands, and post comments or posts written in advance.

Nevertheless, Nightbot is able to do something that really makes a difference in streaming.

For example, it allows your regular viewers to become more involved in the whole process of streaming. How is that even possible?

Namely, your loyal viewers will be allowed to go around your spam filters and post links or comments.

This way, your chat auto-moderator rewards your loyal viewers for their support, useful comments, and posts.

Another great thing about this chatbot for Twitch or YouTube is that it can be adjusted to receive requests for songs in the background of your streams.

So, for example, you stream a game and your chatbot system will deal with song requests so that you can enjoy creating your stream without paying attention to other details.

Nightbot also allows you to create giveaways more easily, thanks to a specific custom command, and therefore draw additional attention from the target audience.

And finally, if you have made any kind of mistake while streaming, Nightbot saves your log history, so you can check if your response was, for example, offensive in any way, see a particular filtered message/link, or simply see for what reason a user was banned.

As a future streamer, you will definitely need a kind of auto-moderator to deal with aggressive viewers or offensive comments.

Moreover, you will be responsible for everything that happens on your stream because Twitch or YouTube moderators do not separate a streamer from his stream.

Therefore, if a user writes an aggressive message or simply posts something offensive in the chat and goes unpunished for that, you will be the one to blame for that and your channel might be banned.

So, we strongly recommend you install an auto-moderator in Twitch chat to minimize any chance of reprimand.

How to Setup Nightbot in Twitch chat?

To explain the setup process we will use step-by-step explanations:

Step 1

First, of course, you have to log in on Twitch.

Step 2

Login on Nightbot via Twitch.

Step 3

When you have logged into Nightbot go to the Dashboard part.

There, in order to get Nightbot to be in your Twitch chat, you have to click on the “Join channel” option in the top right part of the screen. When you click that, it will tell you the next steps.

Step 4

Ensure that you have a modded Nightbot in the Twitch channel. It means that you have to go to your Twitch chat and type in or copy/paste the following /mod nightbot.

By doing so (typing /mod nightbot ), you allow Nightbot to become a moderator of your Twitch channel chat.

Step 5

Read the lines about Nightbot commands – Technically, you read their default commands.

Within these commands, there are some you might like or not like, so it is up to you to choose what to enable, and what to disable.

Our tip: Do not create new commands until you have read what has already been included.

Step 6

Within this step, you will add a new command.

Go to the Nightbot dashboard, choose the Commands tab, there you will see Custom and Default options. Of course, you will choose the Custom. There you click on “Add a command”.

There you type a command name first, then command response. Within this step, you can add the URL of some of your social networks like Twitter or Twitch or something similar that you want your viewers to visit, sign, or join.

When you finish that, you have to choose the so-called User level. It basically determines how many people you want to see the command you activate.

The next option is the cooldown, where you adjust the amount of time before the command will appear again.

It is up to you whether you will type anything in the alias field.

There you go, you can create and customize your first command.

Step 7

Check and enable your first custom command for Twitch chat.

Nightbot Shoutout Command

Now when you know what Nightbot is, how to install it, and maybe customize your first command, we believe that you can create the famous shoutout command, as well!

With the right shoutout command, your viewer will always be happy to return to watch you playing or talking.

Honestly, it simply goes without saying that with the right approach to the details you can earn viewers’ respect and more followers for your Twitch account.

But let us get back to the topic of the shoutout command.

Step by step explanation:

  • Go to the Nightbot dashboard.
  • Choose Commands, then Custom option
  • The first thing you have to adjust is the name of the command. We recommend /!so or /!shoutout .
  • Then take a moment and write your shoutout command message. Within this shoutout message you can adjust it to display a greeted person username or account.

It does not have to be only a Twitch account, but as we said before it can be Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account, as well. Moreover, forget about the limits, you can put whatever username or link you like.

Example: Go check out $(touser) at$(touser)

We recommend you put User level to Moderator because we doubt you want each person to be able to use the benefits of shoutout.

On the other hand, if you allow everyone on Twitch to load your chat space and play with greetings or URLs it will all become pointless. In other words, it will have a counter effect.

When you trust your moderators cooldown option is not too important because hey, you should have confidence in your Twitch moderators after all.

Leave the alias field empty and click “submit”.

And now you have come to the end of the process of creating a shoutout command.

It is not hard to set up an “SO” command, is not it?

Other interesting Nightbot Commands

Other interesting Nightbot Commands

Although shoutout command is one of the most used there are other commands, as well.

Here is a list of a few that might be interesting for you to check:

!commands add

This command add is the beginning of your own, custom command.

If you are, for example, playing a game, and you do not have enough time to answer the same or similar questions again and again, then quickly pause a game and edit your responses.


This command line allows a user to take a break from their stream for 30 seconds or more. It is great if you have to go to the restroom, eat or drink a bit or simply edit or post something on Twitter or other social networks.


!game command line allows a streamer to replace the category of his stream. That is because a moderator can type an aforementioned command (!game) in the chat when a streamer starts playing a game, and therefore change the category of it.


If you want to play a game and reward one of your viewers, then this command is something you should try to post!

This command add will simply choose someone who commented in the previous 10 minutes so that you can award him for watching.

!poll new

If you want to check or decide something polls are always good ways to do so.

Whether you query which game you will be playing or you simply want to check some data about your viewers, polls give you the power to do so.

When you ask questions, get your answers or data you needed end the poll with the following command !poll results.


As you have seen many mods are available.

Only one word is needed to create a command code that will make your content better for watching.

Whether you want to share a link with your Twitch audience, use a shoutout command, or start making something else that will benefit your content, only a small code will be enough.

We have tried to give you just a few hints about commands add and shoutout commands, the rest is up to you.

Shoutout to you all and good luck!

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