Biggest Twitch Donations – Top 7 Largest Donations on Twitch

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The list of the biggest Twitch donations of all time could be an endless one. One of the things that make it fun to watch Twitch streamers is to see how many huge tips, a streamer will get, and what the biggest donation will be.

Some streamers receive large sums of money as seemingly random Twitch donations, through Twitch prime or other means. With that said, let us jump into the list of the biggest Twitch donations of all time.

Biggest Twitch Donations

Biggest Twitch Donations

1. LegendaryLea ($24,000)

In 2014, back when Twitch streamers were making much less than they make today, Twitch user LegendaryLea, a variety streamer best known for dating Sodapoppin, a fellow streamer, at the time.

LegendaryLea received a donation of $22,000. Back then, that sum of money was considered one of the biggest Twitch donations on the platform.

2. SpaceLyon ($30,000)

In 2017, Fortnite Twitch streamer SpaceLyon, who by that time has been streaming for a while without popping off, received the biggest Twitch donation of his career from none other than Mr beast. Mr beast donated $30,000 to Space Lyon on stream.

This led Space Lyon to break down on stream which was the moment that elevated him to the top of the Fortnite streaming community. There is a full video of the whole ordeal. From such a huge reward Space Lyon was able to launch his Fortnite career and start to make a living from streaming.

3. Ninja ($50,000)

The other streamer that was fortunate enough to be spotted by Mr beast, was Tyler Ninja Blevins. Ninja is a high-profile streamer, content creator, and professional gamer. This donation was made during Ninja’s charity stream.

Mr beast made multiple donations to Ninja that day, and the total amount of money that was raised in Twitch donations was a bit over $50,000. This was one of the largest Twitch donations of all time back then.

4. Soddapopin ($57,000)

Back in 2013, SodaPoppin was one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the platform. He was mostly known for streaming World of Warcraft. At that time, he was living with his parents, but that all changed when he received one of the biggest donations of all time, $57,000.

That monstrous donation was enough to enable Sodapopin to move out of his parent’s house and to develop into one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the platform.

5. ExoticChaotic ($75,000)

Being one of the smaller Fortnite streamers is what makes this donation so amazing.

Even though he is not as popular as some other Twitch streamers on this list he most certainly is a streamer that received, an incredible amount, and one of the largest Twitch donations of all time.

While playing video games during one of his streams, he received $75,000. This donation was enough to change his whole life and was a sign that ExoticChaotic could make a living from streaming.

6. Shroud ($100,000)

With Shroud, we continue to talk about donations from none other than MrBeast. During shroud’s Twitch stream, MrBeast came over in person and decided to give Shroud a few challenges to complete.

For every challenge that Shroud completed, MrBeast increased the amount of money that he would give as a donation. By the end of the live stream, MrBeast made a donation of around $100,000.

The whole event was filmed by MrBeast for one of his Youtube videos.

7. DrLupo ($1,000,000)

One of the biggest Twitch donations of all time! A whopping $1,000,000! The most notable thing about the biggest Twitch donations of all time is that Twitch itself made the donation.

Twitch had contributed a whopping $1 million to DrLupo’s charity stream, covering half of his original $2 million goal. This was in addition to Twitch donations from random strangers and a joint donation from Mr. Beast and Ninja.

DrLupo still holds the title of the recipient of the biggest Twitch donation in history. Our guess is that a lot of time will pass before we see another donation as big as this one.

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