Why Does Twitch Delete Videos – Important Things to Know 2024

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If you have been using Twitch for some time now, you have probably realized that the platform tends to delete some of the old Twitch videos and past broadcasts.

Since Twitch is a platform that changes its privacy policies and terms and agreements quite frequently, things like this tend to happen, and some of your recorded videos may disappear because of that.

We will discuss some of the reasons why does Twitch delete videos and how you can know whether your video will get deleted or not.

Deleting Due to DMCA Rules

When live streaming on your Twitch account, you need to make sure your live streams don’t violate terms of use and can in no way be classified as violent, harmful, or offensive to anyone.

You also need to make sure your broadcasts don’t include any sort of music or copyrighted material that can make the platform delete videos.

In case your live streams include some clips or sounds that are copyright, your Twitch broadcast will get removed as soon as possible; otherwise, you may face charges.

When joining Twitch, you agree with their rules, so they need to make sure none of the videos on their platform are not going against them.

Not even those who have prime and Twitch turbo accounts will be able to avoid this because all Twitch streams need to be 100% regulated.

Deleting Due to DMCA Rules

The moment the platform receives a notification that there is a Twitch stream that is against DMCA rules, the stream will get removed from your Twitch channel, and you will get a brief explanation of the whole explanation sent to your e-mail address.

In case copyright infringement happens more than once or twice and your channel breaks DMCA rules a few more times, you might get suspended permanently from the platform.

Most Twitch partners are aware of this and know how to handle Twitch videos so they can avoid deleting videos.

However, most new users have no idea about this and often find themselves shocked when they realize their Twitch channel has been deleted because they have infringed the copyright several times.

If you visit the Terms and conditions page on Twitch and learn about storage limitations recorded videos, you will be able to avoid things like this and save your Twitch account and past streams.

Does Twitch Delete Old Streams?

Yes, Twitch deletes old streams and how long your broadcasts will be saved depends on your Twitch status. Partners, Turbo and Prime users will have their streams saved for 60 days, while all other users can have their VODs saved for 7 days before being deleted by Twitch.

So, how long your Twitch VODs will stay online and how you will be able to store past broadcasts depends on your affiliate status with Twitch.

However, this is enough time for you to download or screen record your VOD, save it to your device, and even upload it to other platforms like Youtube.

In case you have an Amazon Prime account, or you are considered a Twitch partner, you will be able to keep Twitch VODs online for up to 60 days.

They can also download all their videos and upload them to their profiles as Highlights, which will allow them to keep their past broadcasts online forever.

Twitch Turbo (also 60 days) users may be able to keep their VODs saved on their profiles, but usually, they will have to pay for it, and they still will not be able to stop Twitch videos from getting deleted in case there is some copyrighted content in it.

Past broadcasts that have some copyrighted material in it can stay indefinitely on the platform as long as there are no complaints against them.

However, you should probably delete Twitch videos that can cause you a problem like this the moment you realize it because you probably don’t want to risk getting banned from the platform for good.

All of the past broadcasts will get archived to your profile automatically, and they will remain there until Twitch deletes them or your archive time expires.

Can You Archive Twitch VODs?

Everyone can make their Twitch VODs available to their viewers all the time and all you will need to do is handle the settings that will allow you to store past broadcasts.

If you want to do that, go to your Settings and choose the Stream option that will present you with an option to Store past broadcasts.

Make sure this one is enabled, and make sure to adjust who are the people that can create your videos while you are online.

This is a useful option for all streamers who have a lot of viewers and can’t handle too many videos during their own live stream.

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