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    So, you’ve been wondering how to set up a Twitch private stream, and you want to know how you can do it. In order not to procrastinate, we will only tell you that you are in the right place.

    Here, we’ll answer the question “Can you make a Twitch stream private”. There are 3 different ways to private stream on twitch. So, you can:

    • Create a link ‘protected’ stream or invite-only stream,
    • Pass-protected stream or you can
    • Make subscribers-only stream

    In this article, you will learn exactly how to stream privately on Twitch, step by step, with each of the aforementioned methods and also what equipment you will need for streaming privately.

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      What Is Private Twitch Stream?

      There are two reasons why gamers mostly use private stream Twitch offers.

      One of the reasons is hanging out with friends. Namely, some like to limit the stream to their friends and therefore make it private. There are many ways you can determine who can see your stream, and we’ll talk about that below.

      Some players only want to enjoy live chats with their friends and experience all the charms of all the games available here together. This is where Twitch private stream is useful.

      Besides, some more or less famous gamers decide to reward their fans and friends by hanging out on the stream with selected people. In that way, they show trust and respect to their audience and maintain their popularity. While on the other hand, the audience gets a chance to find themselves in the same stream with their favorite gamer.

      Another reason is often rehearsals. When we say rehearsals, we mean mostly trials of the technical type. Rehearsals like this often happen in front of some great stream.

      The main reason for this private stream on Twitch is to try out equipment such as a microphone, camera, and accessories. Also,  they check the internet connection, connection stability, frame appearance, and all other details important for the stream.

      Twitch Private Stream - 3 Easy Ways to Stream Privately on Twitch

      How To Stream Privately On Twitch

      To stream privately to Twitch, you need to create a new account or use an existing one, but you need to set it up separately. You also need specific adjustment, so that the algorithm of this platform would not recognize your stream and so as not to promote it!

      Why is this happening? The Twitch platform is organized and designed to promote each stream for as many people as possible to see it.

      Invite-Only Private Stream

      This time, for all those who want a private stream, you need to adjust the profile so that Twitch does not promote your stream, follow the next steps:

      1. Create a new account specifically named and use numbers or random letters that are unlikely to be searched
      2. With one click in the options start a stream that you will not name or tag
      3. Send a direct link to all those for whom you want to participate in the stream because due to previous settings without a link, it will be difficult to find you.

      Stream Designed For Subscribers-Only

      In addition to the above method that we have explained, there are other ways to stream for a limited number of people. Each of these ways has its specifics and particular purpose.

      One of the ways, that is, the purpose, is the stream for subscribers.

      However, to activate this option, certain conditions must be met.

      To achieve Affiliate status on your account and unlock this option, you must have the following. You have to stream enough, that is, for three or more people, and you have to get 50 or more followers.

      Once you have met these requirements you can provide yourself with “Subscriber-only streams”. As the name suggests, the intention is streaming to your followers.

      In case you are at the beginning of your career and have some difficulties in getting new subscribers, you can always ask your friends to help you along the way.

      Get instant Twitch Views or Followers. A shortcut to your growth!

      Of course, if you want to stream just for yourself to check or for your friends, this is a perfect way because there is little chance that someone will enter the stream alone.

      Password-Only Streaming On Twitch

      Another way to enjoy twitch private streaming is just this one. The title itself, reveals the whole essence of this method, but we will say something more about it.

      This is, unfortunately, an option that is no longer in use, but it would be good to know something more about it in case this convenience comes back.

      Namely, the user, namely the owner of the stream, has the option to set a password as a condition for entering the stream. This method is used either for friends or the audience.

      When it comes to friends, this method is used to have a private secure connection, namely, live with friends without unwanted people.

      As we said, if you want to perform a technical test or if you want to have some privacy with your friends, you could use this method.

      On the other hand, another reason why is practised this method is the audience. This falls under the way of doing business and establishing relationships with the audience. This works by the audience paying a certain amount to get a code so they can access the live stream.

      In this way, the audience also achieves a certain benefit, they get a chance to interact and have a privileged relationship with their favorite gamer.

      What Equipment Do You Need For Streaming?

      To stream on Twitch or any other platform you need a few basic things:

      1. Stable internet connection
      2. Personal computer with good features
      3. A decent quality webcam
      4. Microphone.

      Each of these elements is needed to create professional streaming conditions. When streaming, it is not only important that people see you, they mustn’t have the discomfort caused by the lack of some of these conditions.

      As far as the internet connection is concerned, the lack of it can cause image delay, error, poor image quality, or poor synchronization. None of this is desirable for a smooth and quality stream.

      A camera is also needed to keep the image quality at a satisfactory level. There are many high-quality cameras on the market for these purposes that you can buy. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the image and, if possible, choose a camera that has integrated LED lights.

      This will provide you with quality when shooting at night or in low light.

      One of the important factors is the audio, namely the microphone that will provide quality audio. Incomprehensibility or noise is certainly not something your audience would want to get in the stream.

      When buying a microphone if it is not a plug-and-play system, namely a USB connection, you will have to buy additional equipment such as a sound card, tripod, shock mount, and the like. But that is no problem considering that today’s market for this equipment is very wide and affordable.

      Be sure to buy a pop filter with the microphone, which will prevent unwanted sounds and provide a cleaner sound and better quality, without punctures.

      How to Stream on Other Platforms

      All those who are interested in streaming and who practice it will probably need at some point another way of streaming.

      In addition to the Twitch platform, other platforms can stream privately. Let’s see which platforms are in question and how they work!

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      Discord Streaming

      In 2019, the “Discord” platform placed how it is streamed directly on the channel. However, the conditions are a bit limited.

      Up to ten participants can watch the stream at the same time with just a little delay. Besides, all those who have Discord Nitro will have the ability to stream watch in high resolution.

      You can stream on Discord from a game, your desktop, or through your webcam, depending on what you wish.

      Steam Streaming

      Steam, as a popular platform, also gives the possibility of direct streaming. This way, you can also stream games that are not on this platform.

      YouTube Streaming

      This very well-known and well-established platform is certainly not foreign to you, nor is this opportunity it provides. Namely, in this way you can stream directly on the platform.

      When you want your stream to be private, all you need to do is change the privacy settings to “unlisted”. That way, only those who have a link of their own will have access to the stream choice you send.

      Additional Equipment for Streaming

      stream equipment


      If you want to increase the quality of streaming, you can equip yourself with additional accessories.

      Additional lighting in the form of spotlights or softboxes is never out of the question. Lighten your setup with pleasant and beautiful lighting, without sharp shadows, reduced visibility, or overexposure.

      Green screen

      Whenever you want to change the background behind you, set some beautiful landscapes, or view games, the green screen is the right way to do it.

      In this way, you can raise the dynamics of viewing, keep your attention, and you can also solve the problem of a bad background or premises if you have this problem.

      Painting the wall green and avoiding the cost of green screen and holders is also one of the cheaper alternatives.

      Game capture card

      If you want a two-computer setup, or if you want to stream console games via a computer, you’ll need a game capture card for OBS.

      In that case, you can choose the external or internal variant, and the prices of quality cards are around $150.

      Of course, if you need it, this figure is negligible considering what it provides.

      Stream deck

      This is a touchscreen that allows you to command particular options manually, with a simple touch. This way you can change the frames you want, adjust the audio, and the like.

      Now, based on everything you have read, you have excellent conditions and knowledge for your first private stream!

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