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Online streaming opened multiple doors for people to enjoy all sorts of content.

Accordingly, the Twitch streaming platform rose to prominence offering its audience various fun content to relish.

Most of the time, we are amazed by the gaming or any other skills that participants exhibit and we rarely think any of these can fail.

But, trust me, yes, they can.

And, miserably!

Sometimes, the end result of such fails is sheer laughter at somebody’s mishap and sometimes these fails are absolutely cringe-worthy.

You don’t have to take my word for it, of course.

But, here!

See it for yourself!

Top Twitch Fails

1. Laboratory424 and the Appendage Incident

Laboratory424 and the Appendage Incident

Ok, the first glorious fail I want to share with you is probably a fail where the streamer pushed his luck too hard in the first place.

People are fickle creatures, so you never know who’s on the other side.

Accordingly, Laboratory424 relied on the fact that his viewers are good-natured people and decided to include them in his streams.

And, here’s what happened.

First of all, I believe you’ve all heard about the streamer Laboratory424 and have watched at least one of his streams.

Some time ago, during one of the streams, this streamer that falls under the category of tech and science streamers enabled the feature where his chat would put designs on an artboard.

I must admit that this was a great idea that could have led to many inspirational memes perhaps, or otherwise useful and creative content.

However, the final result was a complete disaster.

Initially, everything went more than fine, till one of the audience members decided to be funny (in his head only, to be honest!).

So, what this guy did was sending up the images of Pepe the Frog accompanied by a sketch of a male appendage to the artboard.

So not cool!

I mean, he could have chosen literally anything, but instead, he chose to make a complete idiot out of himself and get banned, of course.

Luckily, Laboratory424 didn’t face any restrictions and why should he for somebody else’s abusive behavior?

His idea was genuine and other persons chose to be the non-cool guy.

2. Amouranth vs. Flash Police

Amouranth vs. Flash Police

Not to say, breaking community guidelines.

Moreover, I ain’t so sure if this should come under the fail category in the first place. However, having in mind she was temporarily banned for her actions, let’s say it was nominally a fail.

What happened is “mere” innocent flashing of the audience.

During one of her streams, Amouranth, a female streamer that is frequently categorized as one of the hottest Twitch thots, was playing with her dog. Somewhere through the stream, she flashed her audience and during the act, it was plainly obvious she was wearing no underwear.

Having in mind this is a plain breach of community guidelines, Amouranth was banned for a while.

But, the word spread out so when the ban was lifted, she instantly gained a vast number of followers.

We are obviously suckers for a bit of flesh!

So, cringe-worthy a moment or not, fail or not, Amouranth profited from this “unintentional” mistake gaining more audience than she had before the incident.

3. Dr. Disrespect in the Episode “Bathroom Incident”

Dr. Disrespect In the Episode “Bathroom Incident”

Yes, this guy.

You can’t have a Twitch list of any sort without including this guy.

I also believe that you have heard rumors or some short version of this incident, but this is what actually happened.

During an IRL stream at E3in 2019, this controversial streamer ended up in a public toilet and decided it was a good idea to keep streaming.

Of course, you can imagine why things went bad.

This is not merely a breach of Twitch and E3 community guidelines and terms of service but is also illegal.

I mean, endangering third-persons privacy, etc.

As a result, he was banned for two weeks.

And, while many thought he’d stay in character, the real person behind Dr. Disrespect, i.e. Guy Beahm apologized for his unacceptable behavior during the controversial stream.

That’s something, at least.

4. Kandyland vs. The Microwave

Kandyland vs. The Microwave

As for our No. 4 on the list, this is practically a set of unfortunate circumstances that the streamer didn’t have the power to control, but it’s still a great twitch fail to laugh about.

Namely, our cute streamer Kandyland decided to share with her audience the electricity issues she was facing.

Accordingly, during a stream where she talked about these issues she went on to show this in practice by turning on the microwave.

At that point, the microwave consumed too much energy resulting in the Kandyland’s stream being cut.

So, she literally didn’t have the power 😀

I believe the audience was like WTF?! for a second there, but I also believe Kandyland couldn’t have proven her point better.

Upon resuming the stream she was obviously embarrassed, but the audience forgave her.

5. Hellbringer13225 vs. Angry Female

Hellbringer13225 vs. Angry Female

Ah, jealousy, thou green-eyed monster!

Yeah, keeping secrets in a relationship is never a good idea, no matter how good at it you are.

Especially, you should not be keeping secrets about having accounts on dating platforms if you are in a relationship.

If I have to explain why then you’re in big trouble.

Here’s why!

Our hellbringer13225 here decided it was pretty legit to have a girlfriend/wife and keep a separate love life on Tinder.

As a result, during one of his League of Legend live streams, the Hellbringeress raises hell about him having a Tinder profile she never knew about.

As he plays, we hear her shout about it in the background and his reaction is total denial.

Now, having in mind he didn’t stop the stream, we are led to believe that this was a make-believe scenario to attract more viewers to his streams.

Whichever the case, I need to say it’s pretty lame.

For one, no matter how much drama you include in your streams, if you don’t display some otherwise quality content such as quality gameplay, no amount of personal drama will attract and keep more viewers.

Also, this stream is a perfect example of why it is dangerous when your whole life is on online display.

Thousands of people get to hear you arguing with your partner.

So, where did common decency go?

Nobody wants nor likes to listen to your private life drama on Twitch.

We all have our own.

Thank you!

6. HAchubby vs. Working Hours in a Coffee Shop

HAchubby vs. Working Hours in a Coffee Shop

You may not have heard about HAchuby, but I seriously doubt it.

She is a Korean Streamer who only studies English, as her homepage suggests.

I do not want to sound offensive, but I’d like to focus on one of her viral streams where she showed a bit more than not knowing English.

Namely, HAchubby enters a coffee shop, clearly marked with 24 (as in open 24 hours a day) and she is like, all visibly confused.

As she approached the front desk she just asked “What close time”?

However, I tend to believe she made this sketch on purpose knowing that the audience likes it when we ask foolish questions embarrassing ourselves.

Cause, we all do like to see ourselves as smarter than someone else.

Accordingly, I believe HAchubby played this card thinking to attract more audience.

Still, whichever the case, I think this stream of hers is rather cringe-worthy.

A fail through and through, I should say.

7. EE & TKBREEZY in the Episode “Damn, girl, what a behind”!

EE & TKBREEZY in the Episode “Damn, girl, what a behind”!

OK, the setting is the Kongo Saga tournament and we see the actors from the title giving comments about the game when a girl of nice-looking bottom passes them by.

As EE is still talking, TKBreezy is already looking at the girl but not so obviously.

However, in half his sentence, EE notices a nice hot piece of a*s, and he turns around, takes a look, turns back to the camera, and continues talking, his face all lit.

At that point, TKBreezy starts laughing.

You might wonder what the problem is, but if you don’t see it, you are just a piece of the puzzle.

This is a low-key sexist behavior where they both objectified a woman just based on her physical appearance.

Not cool, guys.

So not cool.

8. Kaceytron vs. Fitness Age

Kaceytron Vs. Fitness Age

Our number 8 on the list is female gamer Kaceytron. In case you don’t follow her, she is best known for her JustChatting Parties, Wii Sports, and similar streams.

She deserved a place on our list thanks to a rant she made when, on an occasion, Wii sport calculated her fitness age as 80.

She started swearing and ranting about the result, which may have been cool in different circumstances.

However, her reaction was so obviously fake and over-acted out that we cannot but cringe at her attempt to look funny and hilarious but instead, she turned out fake.

Sorry, Kacyetron, this was not our cup of tea.

Honest reactions are what we cherish, not acting.

Or, if you’re acting, do it right at least.

9. Swushwoi vs. General Education

Swushwoi vs. General Education

You do know how some things are common knowledge, right?

Like, Florida is one of the USA federal countries, the USA has a different measurement system than the rest of the world.

It is also common knowledge that the USA is not the center of the universe, no matter how much some of them would like it.

Now, speaking of common knowledge and common sense, we Americans tend to be rather unique creatures.

Let me explain this through the following example.

Swushwoi is a variety streamer that has recently embodied all the lack of common knowledge that is found throughout the USA as a nation.

During a Guess the Flags game, she was supposed to match the Czech Republic flag with the position of the country on the map.

The first thing that she was taken aback by was that Czechia is in Europe.

And, we the viewers were astonished by her lack of common knowledge at the same time.

As she yells about the surprising fact she has just discovered, she continues to embarrass herself saying she thought it was an island!

Seriously, wtf?

As we keep cringing, she continues her rant by wondering (ALOUD) whether the USA OWN Czech Republic?!

This is now a plain offense to common sense and to all the Czech Republic citizens!

Finally, to make the matters worse – yes, it can and it does get worse – she says “oh, no that’s Cuba”.


I don’t know what is more disrespectful here – her lack of knowledge or her self-righteous nonchalance about it.

Completely unacceptable!

10. Michael Reeves and Friends in the Episode “A Rather Poor Choice of Words”

Michael Reeves and Friends in the Episode “A Rather Poor Choice of Words”

Yeah, the word or words you choose in a particular context can sometimes be highly inadequate ones and yet provide comic relief.

Sometimes, though, when we go for this comic relief, we end up being plainly foolish and cringed at.

The latter instance ended up on Michal Reeves’s twitch stream during which he was sitting with a group of friends.

We don’t know the background story, but we just see that one of the female friends is talking about Michael saying he just stares at her and finger her every time…

Yeah, you read it right.

Fingers her.

Now, it’s obvious that this is a rather poor word choice and would otherwise be purely funny.

However, what bothers me here is that this was obviously planned ahead since they filmed everything and posted it online.

The end result is a big fail and a cheap attempt to attract the audience.

This could have been done much better.

Like, with real gaming skills and quality content.


Indeed, streaming on Twitch isn’t easy.

You can’t just have excellent gaming skills and think that this will draw the audience to you.


Things don’t work that way.

You have to bend over backward and use all sorts of tricks and sorcery to keep the audience on their toes always coming back to your streams asking for more.

Here we could see all sorts of tricks streamers used to gain more audience, but I’d rather say that the majority of these was a downright disaster.

What else can I tell you but learn from these and laugh at them and try not to fail in the same way?

That would be all.

See ya!

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