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Twitch profile banners are no longer omnipresent since the massive UI update back in late 2020 and are still a rather large part of a Twitch channel’s identity. As a result, the majority of the more successful streamers will take great care in selecting a profile banner that reflects their stream well.

What Happened to Twitch Banners?

Twitch banners were relegated to the wallpaper status back in 2020, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important. There are five different pages on which the Twitch banner will greet you and your viewers, so we can safely say that banner art is still very much an important part of your identity.

Twitch Profile Banners

Here is the list:

  • Desktop offline page
  • At any time you are offline or simply not in a live stream, your Twitch profile banner will immediately greet any viewers that show up on your stream.
  • Making this banner visually appealing and a good reflection of your stream and personality is therefore important, as it represents you while you are absent.
  • Unfortunately, a large part of the banner will be covered by other UI elements, such as a text box and a video player. If you want your banner to be more visible, you will have to tweak these settings a bit.
  • Twitch mobile profile
  • No matter what you are doing and whether you are currently live or not, the top of your profile page’s screen is always reserved for your profile banner.
  • Thus, any mobile viewers you have will be constantly exposed to this picture without any UI to cover it.
  • Directory userboxes
  • Another place you will find your profile icon is in your contact directories on Twitch. The two most important ones are the Following and the Friends tab. While it is unlikely that either you or your audience will spend much time on these pages, your banner is still very visible on them, so make sure that it looks good when someone does show up.
  • Subscriptions page
  • In addition to these three, your profile banner will also appear on the subscriptions page of all your subscribers. It can mainly serve as a psychological incentive for them to keep following you by reminding them of your presence if they subscribe to many channels.
  • Finally, a smaller version of their banner will pop up when you click a user’s name in the chat. This makes the banner quite a bit more interactive than it would otherwise, even if much of the banner is covered by text.

How to Create a Good Banner?

Making a good profile banner can be difficult if you have never done it before, especially with the updates the websites have undergone that are likely to cover your logo.

As a result, the path to making a successful banner is different than it once was, with a focus on images and color schemes instead of large faces and text boxes.

Generally, you should stick to the main colors of your channel, create a few repeating patterns, and most importantly, keep it simple.

5 Best Twitch Profile Banner Makers


Own3d is perhaps the largest Twitch profile banner maker online, with thousands upon thousands of banner designs and many customization options.

A lot of these overlays and banners are free to use, with many more becoming available after you pay a subscription fee.

Furthermore, you can use own3d for other platforms such as Youtube or Trovo, making it super easy to find all the elements and images for your various social media accounts in one place.

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die provides eye-catching Twitch banner templates with both free and premium plans, with the second one giving you more templates to choose from.

Furthermore, Nerdordie can even provide you with entire Twitch overlays if you have a premium subscription.

As a result, Nerdordie is one of the best places to make your custom Twitch banner.


Predominantly aimed at gaming channels, Placeit is an excellent online banner maker that features a large number of free stream panels that can accommodate different channel settings.

A large number of templates is super easy to navigate thanks to the powerful search function that allows you to easily find the basic template you like and begin to customize it further.

The free version is already well-stocked with Twitch banner options, and you can pay a small premium to get access to even more Twitch banner templates.


Instead of creating specific Twitch profile banners, Creatopy focuses on creating multi-purpose templates that you and other users can then further modify to create even more templates.

The main benefit of Creatopy over other tools you can use to create a Twitch banner is that there is no need to pay upfront, with having access to up to 10 designs for free. Using the free plan limits your access to their template library, however, so you may be interested in upgrading at some point.

Unfortunately, Creatopy’s premium subscription is substantially more expensive than that of the majority of its competitors.


VistaCreate, formerly Crello, is an excellent tool with a free trial and a year-long subscription that offers you over 30.000 Twitch templates to choose from.

Because of the massive number of options to try, VistaCreate is sure to have something for you no matter what type of channel you are running.

One downside to it is that the free trial lasts only a week, and you will have to make sure to cancel it if you don’t want to be charged money when it ends.


While Twitch profile banners have lost some of their importance over the last two years, they remain a large part of a streamer’s image and presence on this website.


What is a good profile banner on Twitch?

A good Twitch profile banner is a piece of graphic that helps with your branding by making you more memorable to any visitors to your page. Furthermore, you can also use your Twitch banner off the platform, making it a true image of your brand.

Can Twitch profile banners be animated?

Yes, it is entirely possible to create an animated Twitch banner as long as you follow some restrictions: your file must be GIF, and it cannot exceed 10 MB in size.

Where can I make a Twitch banner?

There are many online apps that you can use to create a custom Twitch banner. Alternatively, creating one from scratch is possible using a drawing tool.

Both online and offline options further have free and premium varieties, so make sure to take a good look at all your options before selecting one.

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