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    Twitch has been the most popular live streaming platform since shortly after its foundation. It was originally created for streaming games and until today that is by far the most widely streamed content. In addition, there are other things you can watch on Twitch – chat shows, reality content, arts and crafts presentations and tutorials, and more.

    The number of streamers and viewers on Twitch grows almost on a daily basis. The numbers are impressively high, and we will present them to you. Here are the statistics for the year 2021.

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      Twitch Growth in 2021

      To give you some idea of the vastness of Twitch’s growth, here is one piece of statistics from 2013, the year before Twitch was sold to a new owner – Amazon, for the price of $1 billion:

      • 6 million streams monthly
      • 200 million hours watched monthly
      • 45 million viewers

      These numbers have been ever increasing. They keep reaching sky-high numbers, but there always seems to be more in store.

      Even though the rise happens in normal conditions, the viewership on Twitch has increased even more in the last year and a half because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s compare the numbers before the pandemic and now.

      Before the pandemic – January 2020:

      • 2.6 million channels
      • 21 thousand games played
      • 15 million streams
      • 39 million hours streamed
      • 1 billion hours watched
      • 1.3 million average viewers

      June 2021:

      • 3.8 million channels
      • 36 thousand games played
      • 20 million streams
      • 73 million hours streamed
      • 2 billion hours watched
      • 2.7 million average viewers

      Twitch Demographics

      The following statistics, provided by SullyGnome, refer to the period of the first half of 2021.

      Streamers and Viewers

      In the first 6 months of 2021, there were about:

      • 11.5 million active channels
      • 65.5 thousand games played
      • 140 million streams
      • 480 million hours streamed
      • 12 billion hours watched
      • 3 million average viewers

      The most popular channels are:

      • By the number of all-time peak subscriptions: Ludwig (gaming)
      • By the number of hours watched: Just Chatting (IRL)
      • By the number of viewers: Special Events (IRL)

      Gender and Age Distribution

      GlobalWebIndex gives the gender and age distribution of Twitch users.


      The majority of people on Twitch are male – 65%, while females make up 35%. The prevalence of guys over girls, though the ratio may change, remains within every age group individually.


      Users are categorized into 5 age groups. The younger the group, the more users there are.

      • 16 to 24 – 41%
      • 25 to 34 – 32%
      • 35 to 44 – 17%
      • 45 to 54 – 7%
      • 55 to 64 – 3%

      Language Distribution

      It is certain that English is the most used language on Twitch. It is used in more than half of all the streams. Here is the list of 5 languages most Twitch streams are in.

      1. English – 6.8 million channels
      2. Spanish – 1.3 million channels
      3. Portuguese – 0.7 million channels
      4. German – 0.5 million channels
      5. French – 0.4 million channels

      Countries That Use Twitch Most

      Here is a list of the top 5 countries that have used Twitch most in the first half of 2021, according to Statista.

      • US – 22.67%
      • Germany – 6.73%
      • Canada – 4.28%
      • Russia – 4.18%
      • France – 4.16%

      These 5 countries take up almost one-half of all the internet traffic to Twitch.

      Most Popular Games on Twitch

      What are gaming statistics without a list of the most popular games? Here is the top 10 list for July 2021, as shown by the Statista website. The criterium was the number of viewers.

      1. League of Legends – 42.55 billion
      2. Fortnite – 25.16 billion
      3. Counter Strike: Global Offensive – 19.14 billion
      4. Grand Theft Auto V – 17.53 billion
      5. DOTA 2 – 17.15 billion

      SullyGnome gives us a list of the most streamed games, based on the number of streaming hours. Here are the top 5 for the same month:

      1. Fortnite – 4.8 million hours
      2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 3.3 million hours
      3. Apex Legends – 3.25 million hours
      4. VALORANT – 3.18 million hours
      5. Just Chatting – 3.1 million hours

      Twitch VS Other Platforms

      When it comes to other platforms used to watch live-streamed video games, Twitch is the most popular one with YouTube at its tail.

      As it is reported on Statista for February 2021, the percentage of US respondents that used various platforms for watching game streaming is as follows:

      • Twitch: 47%
      • YouTube Gaming: 40%
      • Facebook Gaming: 16%
      • Discord: 14%

      Other platforms, (BigoLive, Disco Melee, DLive, HitBox, Bean, InstaGib TV, and others) are reported to be used by less than 10% of respondents each.

      According to some estimations, Twitch is expected to grow to about 190 million monthly viewers by 2023. When we see its rise until now, we can see that this number, though very high, is not impossible to reach. Well, let us meet in two years and see whether this comes true.


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