TikTok 101 🕺 The Complete Guide For 2024

With Tik Tok growing so rapidly, we decided to help our users and create this Tik Tok Hub that’ll talk about everything a user needs to know in order to grow big on Tik Tok!

This hub will show you A to Z how to start on Tik Tok, grow your profile, and even get famous. We talk about basics, but also about hidden tactics of growing.

The hub has tons of quality pages that will help you master Tik Tok Algorithm and use it to your advantage.

By the end, you will not only increase your follower list, but even make a living out of Tik Tok.

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TikTok Info

In this section, we explain all the basics about TikTok that you might need some day. You probably already know what’s TikTok, but it doesn’t harm to cover that topic as well. We go through origins and history of TikTok, as well, as some basic rules and guidelines that you should follow. And make sure you know them by hearth because TikTok often punishes those not following the rules!

TikTok Basics

Beginnings are difficult, but not when you have it all on one page (this one). Let’s get you started with some nickname or bio ideas. Also, learn some basics before you go live, and ultimately- Let’s GO!

TikTok Tips and Tricks

If you intend to get ahead of the game, you’ll surely need some of these guides. The list above provides super tips & tricks on everything TikTok related. Learn what’s the best time to post on TikTok, or how to get more likes and increase your follower list.

These aren’t just basic beginner tips, these are advanced level tips for serious TikTokers (future entrepreneurs). But, of course, anyone could use a tip or two. 🙂

Let’s get famous!

Famous (Hot) TikTokers

Now this is a hot section for all of you that just want to see some hotties! This section is about the hottest people on TikTok!

TikTok Humor and Slang!

This section is just fun and games! Check out some of the most popular videos, learn TikTok slang, and get inspired by viral videos of other people. If you ever wondered what fyp means this hub is fyp! 😛

TikTok FAQ

These are some frequent questions that we get asked but don’t belong to any of the aforementioned groups. So if you wonder what’s the problem and why you can’t go live, or who bought TikTok, here is it!