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Twitch has, without a doubt, become the most important platform for live streams.

A vast number of people have joined Twitch recently, hoping to become the most-watched streamer.

Becoming popular in the streaming business means that you gain a lot of money and a huge fanbase, as well, and we all kinda want that do not we?

Therefore, we want to additionally motivate you to succeed, and so, we have made a list of top Twitch streamers with the most followers whose life stories might serve as the perfect inspiration for you!

Our List

Our list of the streamers with the most subscribers is based on the available facts.

Therefore, the number of followers and the quality of their content were the only things taken into account when it comes to their ranking.

But, bear in mind that some of the streamers have more fans on other platforms, such as Facebook Gaming or Youtube.

Moreover, if you are interested you can check various gaming teams such as Team Solomid, Luminosity Gaming, or Team Mythic that can offer even more interesting faces.

We have decided to include a few people worth of honorable mentions, so check them out, as well.

Honorable mentions:

1. Tyler1


  • Fortnite

A guy with an incredible story. Shall we say a RocknRolla of the streaming?

Well, many would not agree with that because Tyler Steinkamp has earned the nickname “The Most Toxic Player in North America” in 2018.

Namely, Tyler was so disruptive and offensive towards other players that he was even banned in 2017, but he changed and returned shortly after.

Now, he plays for a South Korean esports team called T1 and has around 4.5 million subscriptions on Twitch.

Moreover, he has shared his experience with addiction to League of Legends and motivated other addicted users and fans to do so, in order to raise awareness about the dark side of favorite games and gaming.

Not a bad comeback?

2. Wilbur Soot


  • Minecraft

This gamer from Suffolk (England) has been successful in a few areas already.

Namely, except that he has a well-known streaming channel, he has released a few songs which ended on the UK Singles Chart and the UK Indie Chart, formed his band named Lovejoy, and started a podcast called Hey and stuff.

However, he is most known for his Minecraft streams, and he even competed in various Minecraft tournaments.

3. Doggydogg20


  • Various games and topics

Well, what can we say about a guy who sold 35 million hip-hop albums worldwide?

Firstly that he does not want to be one of the hottest on the platform, nor he wants to attract a bunch of followers on Twitch.

He is satisfied with a few hundred thousand followers, and an average of tens of thousands of viewers per video.

Therefore, most days his live streams are more like the backstage of Snopp’s real life.

Secondly, Snopp simply does not give a damn!

It often happens that his streams are mistakenly muted, that he swears, or that he does not give a damn about the community standards.

So, finally, we can say that just occasional “vibing” with this man can improve your mood, and maybe give you some crazy idea about your entertaining show, who knows?

Top Twitch Streamers

Now, our list of objectively hottest Twitch streamers:

20. SypherPK


  • Fortnite

Sypherpk or Ali Hassan is most known for his videos dealing with the topic of winning in Fortnite.

His Twitch channel has around 4.9 million subscribers.

Ali streams around 5 times a week, and he is well known for his gym streams too.

His real-life pieces of advice on how to lose weight have helped many users.

We recommend you check his older streams, and if you like them, follow Ali on social networks!

19. Adin Ross


  • GTA V, NBA 2K

Adin has around 5.1 million subs on Twitch.

He is not afraid to criticize negative trends in the gaming industry. Therefore, people who watch him witnessed when he criticized NBA 2K creators for ruining the franchise with NBA 2K21.

Namely, he started the hashtag #make2Kfunagain.

Adin Ross’s gaming career is full of occasional bans, but he still manages to have a few hundred thousand viewers per stream. That surely proves his dedication and the quality of his content.

To conclude, he has often donated parts of his ad revenue to charity and he continues to do so even today.

18. Alanzoka


  • Various games and chatting

Alanzoka is a Twitch streamer from Brazil.

At the same time, he is the most popular streamer from that huge South American country.

He has 5.2 million subscriptions on Twitch.

Alan plays various games and creates diverse gaming-related content.

His primary games have recently been Fling to the Finish, First Class Trouble, Back 4 Blood, and Rocket League.

17. Riot Games


  • League of Legends

Riot Games is basically a gaming tournament and streaming league organizer.

It is followed by millions of people (5.4 million people).

The concept was established by Marc Merril and Brandon Beck in 2006, in order to develop League of Legends.

The company organizes 14 League of Legends leagues and the League of Legends World Championship.

The winning league team wins a great prize, so we can say that it is a real deal.

However, many streamers on Twitch have accused their team of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

But, Riotgames refuses to accept hose allegations and they have managed to keep their position within the 20 most followed accounts on the platform.

16. Juansguarnizo


  • Minecraft

5.6 million followers make Juan Guarnizo the most popular Twitch streamer from South America.

His Youtube channel is widely popular, as well.

Juan surely contributed to the popularization of gaming in South America, and therefore he has deserved his place on this list.

15. Dreamwastaken


  • Minecraft

Dreamwastaken or just “Dream” is an American streamer who has 5.6 million subscribers on Twitch.

His gaming content is based on Minecraft. Moreover, he has created speedruns of the aforementioned game.

However, he was accused that he had cheated in his Minecraft speedrun because he used modes that helped him obtain various items.

Dream is popular on Youtube, as well.

Many would say that his great growth is based on his understanding of the Youtube and Twitch algorithm.

Although Dream is both liked and disliked at the same time, he continues his steady growth.

14. Summit1g


  • GTA V

Jaryd Lazar or Summit1g is an American Twitch streamer who has 6.0 million subscriptions on Twitch.

Summit1g is a retired competitive gamer who played Counter-Strike Global Offensive during his career.

Nowadays, he is streaming games on Twitch regularly, but he does not compete.

His main game is GTA V, but he also plays games such as GTA V, Counter-Strike, Valorant, and Sea of Thieves.

In 2018 he was one of the hottest streamers with the largest number of followers.

Since then he has signed a partnership contract with Twitch and kept a strong position on this list.



  • CoD: Warzone, Apex Legends

NICKMERCS or Nicholas Kolcheff is a professional gamer from the USA and he has around 6.2 million followers.

Generally, one of the most popular streamers, with the most loyal fanbase.

He has earned a lot through Fortnite tournaments and has established himself as the tough opponent in every game he plays.

His rivalry with Ninja from the late 2000s has become iconic in the gaming community.

NICKMERCS or Nicholas remains loyal to Twitch although he has received various offers from other gaming platforms.

Moreover, he is always eager to support young streamers who want to achieve something in the gaming industry.

12. Tommyinnit


  • Minecraft

Tommy’s Twitch account is followed by 6.6 million users.

That makes his account the most followed Minecraft-based Twitch account.

Thanks to the fact that he would often team up with Dream before, he has gained a huge fanbase.

Moreover, his stream The Dream SMP Finale is the third, all-time viewed video on Twitch.

11. TimTheTatman


  • Call of Duty: Warzone

TimTheTatman or Timothy John Betar has been streaming on Twitch since 2012, and since then he has gained around 7.0 million followers.

He plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft, as well.

He is the only person on this list who still creates, once very popular, Warcraft streams.

Many followers appreciate the fact that he is still playing games that are not so popular these days.

Therefore, the variety of his Twitch channel has made him one of the hottest streamers nowadays.

Moreover, he is an e-sport gamer for the team called Monster Energy.

It can be said that the increased popularity of Fortnite has contributed to the large number of followers he has gained since 2017.

10. Myth


  • Valorant

Myth has around 7.4 million followers.

He is a Syrian-American gamer who firmly holds a position within the top 10 streamers in the gaming business.

Moreover, Myth or Ali Kabbani has an impressive Youtube account with over 4.5 million subscribers.

Myth started his streaming and gaming career with an Epic Games product called Paragon. However, he has not made a serious success until 2017 and the Fortnite expansion.

Of course, when he started streaming Fortnite on Twitch and Youtube his numbers of views and followers have skyrocketed.

Kabbani is of course a full-time streamer, and he often likes to call other streamers to join him in his Twitch streams.

9. Ibai Llanos


  • Chatting

Ibai Llanos is a Spanish streamer, internet star, and commentator.

Ibai is one of four Spanish streamers who have made it into the top 20 most popular streamers in the world. He has 8.1 million followers.

Ibai started his career as a League of Legends streamer, but now he is a full-time streamer more focused on chatting with famous guests, and occasionally playing games.

8. TheGrefg


  • Minecraft and Fortnite

TheGrefg is the third most popular Spanish streamer with around 8.3 million followers.

His Twitch career is based on Fortnite, so the numbers of his followers soared when he has started streaming regularly the aforementioned game.

David Martinez or Thegrefg is one of the biggest influencers in Spain, so you can also see various content not based on the games in his Twitch channel too.

7. Pokimane


  • Valorant and chatting

Unfortunately, this is the only representative of female Twitch streamers.

This is the most followed female streamer with around 8.3 million users who follow her.

Her account is built on the game League of Legends. However, she was also commenting on Fortnite for some time, but she gave up after some time.

Anys, which is her real name, is not only playing League of Legends player, but she is commenting the real-life situations, as well.

According to Forbes Anys is the most influential and the most followed streamer among the females on Twitch.

Therefore, this great girl has managed to promote originality and innovations.

However, the fact that this beautiful girl is the only female streamer on this list is worrying.

6. xQcOW


  • Chatting and GTA V

xQcOW or Felix Lengyel is a Canadian streamer and former esports pro.

He was mostly playing the game called Overwatch.

Like many other gamers, Felix had to drop out from the uni to dedicate himself to his playing career.

He joined the Twitch streaming platform in 2014, and since then he has gathered around 9.3 million subscribers.

This gamer from Canada has had serious gaming skills and a career, but he decided to retire and stream for fun and for his followers on Twitch.

However, he streamed for almost 9 hours every day in 2020 and therefore his sub count grew.

Over time, he became the most-watched streamer.

Nowadays, he is one of the most popular and avid streamers, and most importantly he still shows his exceptional gaming skills from time to time while playing Overwatch.

5. Shroud


  • Valorant

Shroud or Michael Grzesiek is a Canadian streamer who has around 9.8 million subs.

He is currently playing Valorant, but throughout his professional gaming career, he mostly played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Escape from Tarkov.

Grzesiak is a diligent streamer who dedicates even his spare time to his audience.

His Youtube channel is very popular, as well, so check it out.

4. Rubius


  • GTA V and Among Us

Ruben Doblas Gundersen is one of the most popular streamers in the world and has 10.2 million followers.

His channel consists mostly of vlogs and gameplays.

This streamer pays a lot of attention to his social media channels, and therefore his Tweet from 2016 was the most retweeted in that year.

Nowadays, the streams and plays GTA V and Among Us, but on his Youtube and Twitch channels you can see many other games such as Fortnite, and many other tournaments he has organized before.

3. Auronplay


  • Chatting

As you can see Spanish streamers are mostly focused on chatting while playing games such as Mortal Kombat or Diablo III is just an accompanying activity.

Auronplay or Raul Alvarez is the most popular European streamer on Twitch and third overall with 10.4 million followers.

An interesting fact is that he has joined Twitch only just in 2019, and that makes his success even bigger.

Like various stars from Twitch, he has his own Youtube channel, as well.

Before Twitch he was focused only on his Youtube career.

He is in a relationship with a gamer girl nicknamed Biyin, who is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers in Spain.

Auronplay’s net worth, as the third most popular on our list, is officially around 6 million, but some other sources say that he has a net worth of around 8 million dollars.

2. Tfue


  • Fortnite, CoD: Warzone, and Minecraft

Tfue is a homeschooled streamer from Florida who has an astonishing number of 10.7 million followers and a net worth of around 6 million dollars (Information from October 2021).

Another streaming RocknRolla because he was banned multiple times from multiple platforms such as Twitch and Epic Games. The Twitch rules are making his life harder.

Moreover, he was a member of a FaZe clan, but guess what? They released him after some time and a few lawsuits.

However, he is still the second most popular streamer in the world.

He started his streaming career by streaming games such as Call of Duty, but he moved to Fortnite due to its increased popularity and a larger number of followers that he could gain.

1. Ninja


  • Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and more

Probably the most famous streamer on Twitch comes from the USA and has a breathtaking number of 17 million subscriptions.

He was a member of various streaming and e-sport teams, but the turning point was when he decided to stream Fortnite in 2017.

The popularity of his channel skyrocketed when he streamed with Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Travis Scott in 2018.

You could watch Ninja on Mixer for some time, just like many others from this list, but when Mixer collapsed he returned to Twitch.

He has divided the public when he claimed that he would not stream with female streamers due to the respect towards his wife. Some people were saying those female Twitch streamers needed to be promoted by people like Ninja in order to achieve equality.

However, Ninja or Tyler Blevins has strongly stated his support towards female Twitch streamers, throughout his career.

Moreover, he often mentions female streamers in his streams, so one can say that he is trying to make Twitch girl-friendly.

Ninja sells merchandise on his website and he has a net worth of around 25 million.


Nowadays, the biggest streamers are not computer geeks or outsiders, but trendsetters and influencers.

They are promoting various things like Red Bull or Monster, or they can sell merchandise on their website.

Only a few years ago the biggest streamers would play Counter Strike Global Offensive or World of Warcraft and gain millions of viewers, but these days games like Fortnite or Roblox are making more profit and gaining more support from the community.

Therefore, streamers need to follow trends and stream what is popular.

To conclude, we hope that we will see more female streamers in the next list and that more people would be streaming Hearthstone and other iconic games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow.

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