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❶ Twitch Streaming Basic Requirements

Make sure you cross off two things of the list – good internet connection and a PC that is capable of processing both broadcasting and good gameplay. Oh, and a couple more things to know:

😎Think of a Cool Name (Best Name Generators)
📖Write a Twitch Bio
🔑How to Find Stream Key
📛How to Change Current Username
🤔Start Streaming on Twitch (Step by Step)
🤳Stream IRL
🖥️Dual PC Streaming Guide

❷ Setups and Equipment

You’d want to go an extra mile, because a good PC and internet upload speed won’t get you the viewership. Making your stream more appealing will ultimately result in bigger sub list. Consider creating custom alerts and graphics!

⚙️Best Software
⚙️Best Streaming Gear
🥇Best Twitch Panels
🥇Best Twitch Overlays
🥇Best Emote Designer
📣Sound Alerts
🎼Copyright Free Music
🌀Logo Maker
🏁Starting Soon Screen
💺Stinger Transition

❸ Grow Your Brand – Subs, Followers, Viewers

Halfway there! Let’s learn how to promote the stream and target those interested in our content. Be interactive with your viewers. You don’t have them at all? No problem – everyone starts from scratch. This is your start:

💪Grow Twitch Channel
📺Get More Viewers
💜Get More Followers
🎮Best Games to Stream for Growth
😀Learn to Meme and Interact With Audience
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Create a Twitch Community
☑️Getting Verified on Twitch
☑️Becoming Affiliate 

❹ Making Money Streaming

You’ve grown quite a viewership, huh? It’s time to monetize. Learn about the best ways to monetize twitch channel. Be it ads, affiliate promotions, selling your own product, or sponsorships – we’ll teach you how.

💰How Much Do Streamers Make?
🤑How to Make Money on Twitch?
💳Setting Up Donations
💰Make Money Without Partnering?
💰Affiliate Payout
💸How to Get Sponsored
📜List of Sponsors

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