Bits vs Donations On Twitch: What Streamers Prefer In 2024?

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Streaming on Twitch can be a fun and profitable way to share your love of gaming with the world, but which is better for you as a streamer on Twitch: earning bits or donations from subscribers? 

There’s no easy answer when deciding between Twitch bits vs donations for streamers. 

Some Twitch streamers may prefer to receive bits, as they can be quickly earned by subscribers who watch the stream for a certain amount of time or purchase them from the Twitch store. 

Other Twitch streamers may prefer direct donations, as they can be seen as more personal and indicative of the viewer’s dedication to the Twitch streamer. 

The viewer can give donations in real money to support their streamers. In contrast, bit donations are a form of virtual currency that can purchase exclusive emotes on the streaming platform, subscriber badges, and other Twitch offers.

In this blog post, we’re going to compare and contrast the two methods of making money on the Twitch platform for beginner streamers and help you decide which one is right for you.

bits vs donations
Bits vs Donations: Which will bring you more money?

Bits On Twitch vs. Direct Donations Guide

In the past, streamers on Twitch would often give Twitch bits to their viewers as a way of showing appreciation. Twitch bits can be bought with real money and used to support a streamer on Twitch. 

So, how do you use and buy bits?

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Bits On Twitch vs. Direct Donations

How To Purchase And Use Bits By Cheering

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you know that bits are a critical part of your channel. They allow your fans to support your channel by buying bits to cheer you on. 

And if you’re a viewer, you know that bits are a great way to show your encouragement by cheering. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to buy and donate Twitch bits and how to use them to show your support or increase the community’s interaction. Purchasing bits is easy!

The first step is to create a Twitch account if you don’t already have one. You can do this by visiting and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Once you have created an account, you will need to link it to your Amazon account. This can be done by clicking on the “Link Accounts” button on the Twitch home page.

The next step is to pay for bits. Go to the bit store on Twitch. 

You can also click the Bits icon within the Send Message box.

Select how many bits you want to buy. Click “add to cart.” Enter your payment information. Click “submit.” You should now have your bits! Be sure to use them to cheer on your favorite streamers.

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Bits vs donations on Twitch

Fans can purchase Bits in packs of 100, 500, 1,000, or 5,000. Once purchased, bits can be used to Cheer for a streamer. Cheering with Bits rewards the streamer with a special badge, and animated emote specific to that Cheer in the chat for the stream. 

To make your Cheer more personal, use the bit icon you can find in the chat. You can pick how a Cheermote and write an additional message if you want.

The viewer cheers are the best way to interact with the community!

No More Bits?

Recently, Twitch has announced that they will be phasing out bits on Twitch in favor of Twitch donations

This change will indeed cause some confusion, so let’s take a look at what it means for Twitch partners and supporters alike. The switch to Twitch donations for many streamers implies needing to set up a donation panel and create donation goals. 

This can be a bit of a hassle, but receiving donations directly from the viewer is worth it. 

Additionally, streamers will now see how much every viewer has donated, which can help track their support base from Twitch subscriptions. For the viewer, the switch from Twitch bits to Twitch donations means that they will need to create a twitch account to donate. 

Let’s see the pros and cons of bits on Twitch for most streamers, as well as donations.

Pros And Cons Of Bits On Twitch

Advantages and Drawbacks

Twitch Bits are a digital currency that viewers can use to appreciate a streamer’s content. Viewers purchase bits from Twitch and then use them to send tips to the streamer. The streamer can then exchange the bits for real-world currency.

Many streamers think Twitch bits are a more efficient way to show appreciation because they are directly tied to the streamer’s revenue. This means that the streamer can now see how much appreciation they receive from their viewers. 

On the other hand, donations are not directly tied to the streamer’s revenue. This means that the streamer may not see how much appreciation they receive from their viewers on their Twitch channel. 

This could lead to the streamer feeling undervalued, making them less motivated to produce content and continue to be a Twitch partner.

The benefits of Twitch bits are that they are a stable form of currency, easy to use, and relatively cheap. Donating bits is also a great way to motivate creators and your favorite streamer.

Pros And Cons Of Twitch Donations

Arguments For and Against

Twitch donations are different for fans watching streams to show their appreciation for a streamer’s content on Twitch. Viewers can donate any amount of money they choose to the Twitch affiliate.

Donations on Twitch are often given in exchange for some reward from the streamer, such as exclusive content or early access to new games.

The benefits of Twitch donations are that they can directly support streamers by clicking the donation link, so you pay the money now to the streamer. In addition, twitch donations can be used to get rewards, other exclusive benefits, and pay for exclusive content. 

Donations are typically given as a one-time gift, while twitch bits are usually used to buy bits packages, meaning streamers receive less money from bits than donations. 

In short, the streamer will receive real money for their streaming services through Paypal donations. 

Additionally, twitch bits are often considered less valuable than money since they can’t be used to purchase items from the Steam marketplace or other online stores, for example. 

But, PayPal charges a fee on each payment, so it could be more expensive to donate directly than to pay twitch bits.

Also, donations can be refunded through Paypal after the supporter regrets the initial purchase, causing frustration for the Twitch affiliate

Ultimately, it’s up to each supporter to decide whether they’d like to donate money or donate bits to their favorite streamers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Bits Over Donations?

Bits are becoming more popular over donations because they allow more features than just sending money directly, like donations. 

It’s worth noting that bits are a form of a donation worth one-hundredth of a dollar. So, a supporter could donate $10 to a broadcaster on Twitch, or they could donate 1,000 bits. 

The broadcaster then has the option to turn these bits into real money. This system has become very popular among broadcasters and subscribers alike. 

One of the reasons for this is that it allows for a more personal connection between the broadcaster and the supporter. 
Namely, the broadcaster can thank the supporter for their donation. The supporter can see that their money goes directly to the person they are supporting, and they tend to continue their interaction. 

This system also allows for smaller donations to be made. This is important, as it means that people with less money can still donate. So, it’s simply a better deal for supporters.

How Much Is 1000 Bits On Twitch?

One thousand bits is worth $10 on Twitch! This is a great way to get some extra cash while you’re streaming. Just make sure you hit your milestones so you can get the most out of your bits! 

 Also, this is the best way to reward your subscribers for their loyalty!

Do Streamers Get 100% Of Bits?

Streamers do get 100% of bits on Twitch. This is excellent news for those looking to make a little extra money through their streaming. 

By giving your viewers the option to use bits, you’re able to offer them a way to show their encouragement that doesn’t involve donating money. In addition, bits allow viewers to interact with your stream in a fun and unique way by using the cheering option in the chat.

While the amount a streamer gets per bit varies based on several factors, including the game being streamed, the quality of the stream, and the popularity of the channel, it’s estimated that streamers make around $0.007 per bit. 

That’s not a lot of money, but it can add up when you have a large audience.

Final Word

It’s no secret that streaming on Twitch and having a lot of subscriptions can be a lucrative career for many Twitch streamers

We hope that our bits vs donations guide helped you realize the benefits and downsides of bit donations and donations on Twitch and which option makes sense for you. And also the importance of using the cheer option to grow your channel and support creators. 

Let us know which support you prefer receiving for your streams, bits, or donations?

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