Best Twitch Emotes: How to Choose the Perfect Emotes for Your Community

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I read somewhere that humankind invented letters so we don’t have to write in pictures any longer.

However, communication evolves – that’s a hard-core fact. It adapts to our needs and to what we want to say at a given time and place.

Now, as a successful Twitch streamer/gamer with a rather tight time schedule, you frequently cannot afford to type full words, let alone sentences.

This is why you have to resort to twitch memes. These are quite effective means to carry your either obvious or hidden message, if you use them right.

Now, in the Twitch community, you have all these cute and funny twitch emotes that aid your communication with other participants.

As you have guessed, what lies ahead is twitch emotes list, i.e. BTTV emotes list, or the list of the best twitch emotes you can find out there.

As the twitch emoji list is quite extensive, I shall focus on the most popular twitch emotes, grouped by their meanings, the idea behind, or whatever that is their most prominent common trait.

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So, without further delay, here it comes!

1. Pepe Emotes

The first group of popular twitch emotes to be discussed is the ones represented by Pepe the Frog.

This funny creature is the perfect background image to represent all sorts of emotions.

 With Pepe, twitch emotes meaning is (mostly) easy to figure out.

For example, there is Pepega (or, Pepe the Retard).

Then you have the Pepe Monka emotes.

MonkaS and MonkaW.

Pepe the sweaty, frightened and anxious is also known as MonkaS.

Pepe extremely frightened and anxious (the close-up) version is MonkaW (I know you know).

Finally, there is also the MonkaHmm that you use to say you’re in deep thinking, contemplating your next move.

Next, our little froggy is also used to show how happy and extremely satisfied with the gaming outcome you are. And, yes, it’s WidePeepoHappy I am talking about! 

Yet, don’t mix this one with PepeLaugh. PepeLaugh literally shows what it says – you’re laughing so hard at a situation coming right up. It’s used for healthy laughter, the one from all your heart. The one where you even cry a little.

As said, Pepe can be used to display the whole array of emotions. Accordingly, among top twitch emotes with Pepe, there is also the right emote for displaying your sadness over a result/outcome. More specifically, it’s FeelsBadman emote.

This one, though, should not be confused with Pepehands, who is also there to show sadness, but this time upset sadness. Like, you’re madly sad or sadly mad about something.

And, moving on with twitch top emotes with Pepe!

Poggers is what comes next. Poggers is actually Pepe being excited, thrilled, wanna-dance-happy and surprised!

And, we’ll end our journey through popular emotes with Pepe right here!

2. Emotes Based on Twitch Users

What comes next might at first seem like a list of totally unrelated twitch emote meanings. However, upon a closer look, you’ll notice how these very common twitch emotes have one thing in common.

Yes, it’s people they are based on. The top used twitch emotes that are coming right up are all somehow related to Twitch community members.

Let’s go through these!

WeirdChamp – this is the one to use when you want to show how utterly disappointed you are and the face behind is Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez’.

PogChamp – Gootecks again, but this time for showing excitement, and frequently sarcastically. Also, there is the BTTV pog as a close-up version for the intensification of the original feelings.

Kkona – based on Konas “Kona” Korner, a former Twitch streamer. It is one of the best emotes on Twitch to use to mock the American redneck culture.

Kkomrade – Kona again, but this time with the Russian military hat to make fun of the Russian culture.

ForsenCD – this one is a face-mix of Forsen and Dr. Disrespect and is used to make fun of the text-to-speech feature. In addition, you can use it to refer to Dr. Disrespect and the related scandals.

Malding – here we have Forsen to thank again. This one is used when someone bald is getting mad. Namely, Forsen would frequently spam “So bad, so mad” that eventually turned into “So bald, so mad”, hance malding.

S – this one tells you that it’s time to pause and celebrate and it’s represented through the Twitch employer SourNotHardcore.

5Head – this one goes two-way; you really think someone is smart or you’re just making fun of their intelligence. The person behind the emote is the LOL streamer named Cadburry.

4Weird – here we have Cadburry again but this time he is showing deep discomfort and unease due to a weird, stupid, odd, disturbing comment somebody made or did something of equal qualities.

DansGame – this is where we see the streamer DansGaming, his face distorted in repugnance. It is an excellent emote to show disgust or mere annoyance at someone/something.

ResidentSleeper – the face of OddlerPro (who fell asleep during a gaming marathon) to show something is painfully boring or you’re just tired.

BlessRNG – this one was used for make-believe praying to the gods of Twitch to bless the streamer with their wisdom. Brad “BlessRNG” Jolly was the one to thank for this lovely emote until they were both banned.

Wutface – Alex Mendez is the face behind this emote that we use to show the state of shock we are in or disbelief by something cringe-worthy that’s just happened.

NotlikeThis – this is another emote to show disbelief, but this time in resignation with what’s currently going on. This time, it is Twitch community member Ben Swartz, AKA Bensw, we can thank to.

Jebaited – the face of Alex Jebailey is an excellent face to use when you have successfully tricked someone into a very apparent joke or when you’ve given them fake tips and they took the bait.

OmegaLUL – John “TotalBiscuit” Bain is the face behind twitch emote omegalul that is actually a gaping mouth. It’s like laughing out loud, louder, louder, louder.

BabyRage – this one’s a hilarious one. It is excellent to spam on someone throwing an unnecessary fit as a baby does.

Keepo – an excellent one to go fully sarcastic on someone (among my faves, TBH!!)

But, enough about you Twitch guys!

3. Emotes with Popular Culture References

As can be seen, twitch emote names are frequently derived from the person representing the emote itself. 

But, what about the origin?

Do we really have to deal with Twitch community members only to pin down the twitch emote origins?

Actually, no!

Here’s the supporting evidence.

Kekw – Juan “Joya” Borja is here to help us induce a chain of healthy, contagious, viral laughter within a stream!

haHaa – and, Shy Ronnie/Andy Samberg is there to help us with the nervous laughter (i.e., its representation). This is definitely the one to go for when you are cringe-laughing. This is the uncomfortable, forced laughter since you do not have the proper reaction at hand.

BibleThump – ah, the little sad and disappointed Isaac from The Binding of Isaac is all you need to know about this emote.

SMOrc  – Brother, is that a stroke you are having, or are you just being retarded? Gotta love the little ogre emote!

-Space Marines Orc is here to help us tell someone they are an offensive, mean and obnoxious pain in the ass. 

4. (Or)Gasm(ic) Emotes

What is life without gaming?

What is life without orgasming?

What is gaming without orgasming?

Definitely, the best bttv emotes are the ones that have gasm in their name.


Kreygasm – broadcaster Kreyg’s face is there to help us show orgasmic-like excitement with the gaming outcome. Use it on female streamers.

GachiGasm – Billy Herrington (yes, the porn star) is there for you to help you express your intense satisfaction and pleasure with the stream (a specific event or the final outcum. Outcome, I meant, outcome!) Use it on male streamers.

GachiBASS – similar to previous one, but this time as a gif, Billy Herrington tells you he’s so freakin’ ecstatic he’s gonna bang his head against a wall.

5. “Racist” Emotes

First of all, let me tell you these are not truly and originally meant to be offensive and/or racist emotes. it’s just that they picked up such connotation along the way, unfortunately.

This is why you need to be extra careful with these.

CmonBruh – originally used to show visible confusion over something.

MingLee – a great one to use to merely hint at laughing. The person behind is Chris Mead, a Twitch employee.

Trihard -a gamer named Trihex is there to help us express our excitement over something exciting happening in the game.


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now, as a gamer, either skilled or in development, you know how these emotes are indispensable!

This list was prepared to help you get the general idea about them (not that you didn’t know most of this already).

Enjoy it!

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