How to Get Tik Tok Views – 12 Tried and Tested Strategies

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The number of views is the best metric on TikTok. To make more money on this social media, your goal is to get more views.

While reaching many followers is a common goal among content creators on all social media platforms, TikTok users are usually after more views, as that’s what the TikTok algorithm picks up.

Remember, to get a view on TikTok, people need to watch only one second of your TikTok video.

How to Get More Views on TikTok

1. Upload multiple videos (more chance you will get views)
2. Share your content over other social networks
3. Collaborate with other TikTok creators
4. Get involved in TikTok Creator Fund
5. Use the same hashtag often and try creating a signature hashtag
6. Follow trending sounds and use them in your videos
7. Listen to your fans about content ideas
8. Follow tending tropics and build unique content around it
9. Interact with your audience
10. Target audience
11. Use shock factors in TikTok videos (but don’t get too far from your usual content)
12. Make high-quality videos

That’s why I’ve gathered everything you need to know in order to reach more views on TikTok and build up your engagement rate to the max.

Let’s get into it and learn how to get Tik Tok views!

What Counts as a Tik Tok View?

On some other platforms, a singular view is counted only after you’ve watched a certain portion of a video or after someone has watched the entire video.

However, views on TikTok work differently, and it’s actually to your benefit.

To get views on TikTok, people need to watch only one second of your TikTok video, and that’s it; you’ve gained a view.

The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to have an overly engaged audience to have more TikTok views, and the completion rate is not at all an important factor like it is on, say, YouTube.

That’s why things that are clickbait could bring you good numbers on TikTok.

While the practice of click-baiting was created on YouTube, the algorithm works differently there, so it’s not something that’s relevant anymore.

But don’t mix that up with TikTok views, as it will definitely count on TikTok videos.

That’s why it’s important to add hashtags to your posts and try to make your way to everyone For You page.

That’s just one of the more simple strategies that people use to reach so many views on TikTok videos, but of course, that’s not all of it, and there are more strategies for you to follow when making videos besides adding a trending hashtag here and there.

So, let’s see some of the best strategies to follow to create high-quality content that will engage your existing audience, take you to the new relevant audience, and give you more TikTok views.

12 Strategies on How to Get Tik Tok Views

Ever since being a content creator has become a thing, there have been a lot of strategies and ideas flowing on the Internet about how you can get more followers and views, and it’s no different with TikTok.

TikTok influencers are currently the most popular ones, as the TikTok algorithm is the most engaging one out of any other social media platform.

It gives a lot to the people scrolling, but also to the people making the content, so of course, there are different strategies being thrown a lot.

However, not all are useful and successful with TikTok videos.

Here are 12 of the best strategies that were proven time and time again to work, so you should definitely start utilizing them on your TikTok account.

So, let’s make your TikTok profile popular!

How to Get Tik Tok Views

1. Upload Multiple Videos

As I’ve said, one second of your TikTok video counts as a view, so as long as someone just sees your video, you will get a view that counts.

So, to get views on TikTok, you just have to make sure that more people keep seeing it.

The way to reach more people on this app is to have your account come up on your For You page.

By using simple logic and maths, you will come to the conclusion that the more videos you make, the more options there are for more people to give you a view.

How many people watch your content depends on how much of it you make if you decide to go by this strategy.

I know that posting a lot of videos is a hard job sometimes, but this is the simplest strategy that you can use to get more views and get them once and continue getting them for some time.

This way, you’ll build a loyal audience that will only continue to give you secure views, which is very important if you want to make your content on TikTok pay for your bills and be your main income stream.

Having a viral video on TikTok can do a lot for you, but being a one-hit-wonder shouldn’t be your goal, as you probably have other videos to post.

2. Share Your Content On Other Social Media

Even before Instagram introduced Reels, TikTok videos were being shared as content on Instagram, and once Reels were introduced, this has risen even more.

In order to get more views, you can try and post your TikTok content on Instagram. Just make sure that you don’t post all of it, especially if you want TikTok to stay your main platform.

You can get more views from that kind of cross-promotion if you make an Instagram page made for your content and yourself and post things that are relevant to your brand.

However, when it comes to videos from TikTok, you shouldn’t be posting all of them, as that will ruin the purpose of this, and everyone from Instagram will just watch you on Instagram.

Instead, post some of the better videos here and there and make the audience curious enough that they go over to TikTok and see what else you have up your sleeve.

3. Collaborate With Other TikTok Creators

Collaboration is a strategy as old as content creation, and the benefits of having other users in your content, and being in their content too, are very obvious and are good for both parties involved.

However, the value of this strategy goes beyond that.

By collabing with people who make similar content to you and have similar interests and, therefore, a similar audience, you will make a stronger community for yourself.

Having a community around you means that you will get more views not only for that slight moment in them but that you will continue getting them throughout your TikTok career.

That’s why that’s important to be smart and genuine about choosing who to collaborate with.

If you collab with someone for the sole purpose of cross-promotion, your viewers will be able to see that, which could end up in a result opposite to what you wanted in the first place.

4. Apply For The TikTok Creator Fund

While there will be more words later on about how exactly the Creator Fund works, it’s important to consider it when building a strategy for your TikTok account.

The Creator Fund will enable you to actually earn money for what you do, which will motivate you to work even more towards increasing your views.

And overall, being able to get into the fund is a sign that your TikTok career is becoming serious, so that should definitely be a part of your goals.

5. Use The Same Hashtag Often

tik tok hashtags

Hashtags are how TikTok curates what goes on whose For You page, so if someone liked some of your videos that had a certain hashtag, the chances of you appearing on their For You page would increase if you use the hashtag again.

Also, having a signature TikTok hashtag is a way to create a community around you and reach more people interested in the content you make.

6. Make The Most Out Of Trending Sounds

You are probably familiar with the power popular TikTok sounds have.

Whichever sound becomes popular that month, we’re all singing it in our hands for the whole month, even after it started trending.

So, you should definitely get on the bandwagon and make some content centered around that particular sound.

While not each of your videos should be made using that particular sound, you should definitely make videos that have that sound as the main theme.

This will probably get you more views and lead you to new For You pages, which, of course, leads to having more views on your videos.

I know it might seem cringe-worthy to follow trends like that, but it will definitely be worth it once you do it.

7. Listen To Loyal Fans

Your loyal viewers are the ones that are following you and are always giving you a TikTok view, no matter what the content you’re posting is.

So, when they start commenting on what new content they want to see from you, you should definitely listen to them.

Firstly, it’s a great source for content ideas when you run out of yours, which you definitely will.

Secondly, when people see that you listen to them and post the content they want, they are way more likely to engage with it. The algorithm will then pick up that higher engagement, and it will send your videos to new people, gaining you more new views.

8. Be On Top Of Trending Topics

Being constantly up to date with trends is usually a good thing to do when building your audience, as on-trend topics are usually things that people are interested in and will be glad to see more of them.

However, once you decide to do that, be sure that your take on that trending topic is original and has some kind of a personal twist to it.

For example, if tutorial videos are currently popular in your content niche, make sure that the tutorial you’re making hasn’t already been done.

Only with that will you be able to gain more viewers and have the content be valuable and worthy of their time.

9. Build Relationships With Your Audience

A loyal audience is something that doesn’t come only by making content continually but also by having a relationship with your audience.

While people will enjoy seeing content that they like, and they will give a view towards what they like, your goal is to ensure that these views on your videos are something that keeps happening.

And as I already said, an engaged audience will be picked up by the algorithm, and it will send your content to new people.

10. Know Your Target Audience

While making widely popular content is a good option for getting as many views as possible, having a target audience is way more valuable.

So, even before you start making content, think about who are the people that you want to make your videos.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience will make it way easier to decide how to market your content, and later on, it will help you immensely with potential sponsorships and deals.

Also, when you know who your target is, you will have a much easier time deciding what to make next, and you will be able to predict your engagement more accurately.

11. Use The Shock Factor – And Be Smart About It

As I’ve mentioned before, the art of clickbait still works on TikTok, and for the one second where you do the shocking thing, people’s attention will stay on you, and you will earn a view.

The only thing is that you have to be smart about using shock factors in TikTok videos.

This means that you shouldn’t do something that’s too out there and is on the verge of losing connection with the actual content you end up creating.

While this might work for one, two, or even three videos, soon, it will only become irritating and won’t be good for your long-term career.

12. Make High-Quality Videos

Finally, nothing mentioned above will work long-term if you don’t make valuable content that people really enjoy seeing and can gain something from.

The high quality of your videos regards all aspects of your videos.

As TikTok is a visual platform, make sure that your videos look pleasing, you film in good lighting, etc.

Also, be sure that your whole video is true to the theme and has something to offer.

When people see higher quality content, it will not only reel people in, but it will 100% make them stay.

How Much Can You Earn per View?

To be able to earn money from your TikTok views, you need to be a part of the Creator Fund.

To be a part of the creator fund, you will need to meet certain requirements.

But, if you do, and once you do, TikTok will pay you 2 to 4 cents for every 1000 views.

The fact that TikTok pays you depending on the views is one of the main reasons why focusing on the number of views is the main thing that you should consider.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Views?

While even the most popular TikTok influencers had instances where they bought TikTok views, this isn’t the best way to go.

While watch completion rate isn’t that much of an important factor on TikTok, having fake views can definitely affect you negatively.

Buying views can also be tricky financially, as a lot of these services are not official TikTok services and therefore don’t have a refund policy that you can count on if something goes wrong.

Also, people are becoming smarter and smarter about noticing these things by the day, so there is a high chance that they will see that in your account, and it will definitely affect your account very badly.

A viewbot can only be useful as a head-start, but not as the main way to get views.


Overall, while there are a lot of different strategies that you can use to gain more views on TikTok, most of them are centered around creating a loyal audience that will always be there to give you a view and a lot of comments, pushing you more to the algorithm and new For You pages.

Of course, going viral on one occasion can do wonders, but such short-term success is definitely not something you should count on.


Are Tik Tok views real?

One TikTok view you see means that a person has watched your video for at least a second, meaning that the view is real in the sense that a real person viewed it. You can only get fake views if you buy views and have bot profiles view your videos.

How long does it take for a TikTok to get views?

One view you see on your TikToks means that someone has watched the video for at least a second, so for a video to get a view that counts, it takes only one second. After someone watches your video for a second, your video will get a view.

How many views does it take to go viral?

For a video to be truly viral, it needs to get over a million views in the shortest amount of time possible and get more than 100K engagements. Besides the million views, you need to get 100K comments and likes, too.

Why is my TikTok not getting any views?

There could be many reasons behind this, but overall, this is a sign that the algorithm didn’t pick you up. To change that, you should consider utilizing more strategies in your content creation, like hashtags that will bring you to someone’s For You page.

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