TikTok Viewbot – Top 16 Best Viewbots for Tik Tok (Avoid Bans!)

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As social media platforms get more popular and used by more people, as a bigger number of brand business profiles and influencers emerge every week, getting more followers is becoming harder with each passing day.

Besides making high-quality TikTok videos, a dedicated account manager on TikTok will probably turn to using a TikTok viewbot to increase the statistics enough to attract real people, have a bigger target audience, and make some of their videos viral.

I have been managing many accounts on various social media sites and have gained much experience with different bots that are used to increase followers and TikTok views. With them, you will not bore your friends and family to help you grow your profile.

If you are unsure which bot to use, I will present to you the best TikTok bots on the market.

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    16 Best TikTok Bots

    TikTok Viewbot

    There are a plethora of websites with services that sell features such as (free) TikTok views, likes, followers, and similar.

    Buying TikTok followers and views can prove to be lucrative, but there are risks involved – should you gain suspiciously high statistics, your TikTok account may get banned.

    So, I strongly suggest you avoid any site where you can get free TikTok views because that can lead you to go over the line just for the sake of more views. Though the main reason for that is desirable, getting excessive free views can look suspicious and your account may become banned.

    On the other hand, there are services that try to generate an organic following and video views for their clients by connecting with authentic accounts. In this way, no rules are broken on TikTok.

    What follows is a helpful list of 6 services that are best at seeking more views for your TikTok videos, according to my experience as a social media manager. Some of them are created for TikTok specifically while others offer help for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.

    1. UseViral


    UseViral is a service that boosts the number of TikTok views, likes, and followers on your profile and posts.

    They offer services across social networks: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

    This is probably the best TikTok bot that boosts your video views, subscribers, and followers.

    The process is mostly automatic – you should open their website, choose the social media platform and what you want to boost (likes or video views), enter your information into the dashboard, and select the pricing system according to the desired level of engagement.

    The prices are reasonable and the service is quite helpful. The current prices (that may change at any time) are $2 and $4 for 100 likes in Standard and Premium tiers respectively, and for 1000 video views, the prices are $3 and $6.

    They boast about guaranteed improvement and excellent security for their users.

    They say that with them, your TikTok video can go viral quickly. Their system relies on the fact that people will more probably watch or like some content (or follow a TikTok profile) if they see that there are many likes or video views.

    One thing that I would like you to have in mind with this kind of service – be careful about the numbers.

    If your statistics go very high in a short time, you may get banned. (That is why I never recommend getting free TikTok views from any other websites.) Even though UseViral guarantees that this will not happen, you can never be too careful.

    2. Fueltok


    If you are looking for a safe way to increase your reach and view-ability, then Fueltok might be the way.

    They offer a lot of things, so if you are looking to get the full growth package, you can even find likes, followers, and more.

    You can choose between different packages, starting from $4-$5, or if you really want to step up the game, there are monthly plans where you can possibly save some cash.

    Now, as any other Tiktok Viewbot, this one won’t be a thing that will magically make you famous over night. What it can do is just increase the numbers so people can actually feel like they are “reacting” to something popular.

    They promise instant delivery from real accounts, and a dedicated support. If true, what else can you ask for?

    3. Media Mister

    Media Mister

    Media Mister is a service that has been around for some time now. That means that they have gained experience and are very good at what they do.

    There are several features in which they offer their service to TikTok content creators: you can buy TikTok likes, views, comments, mentions, followers, reposts, and (for Twitter) retweets.

    These guys also cover a range of social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and many more.

    They are dedicated to every client individually, so the possibilities of growth are immense. Each client is connected with authentic accounts, as the company is strictly opposed to automation, bots, and spam.

    This means that you will not be doing anything prohibited on your social media account.

    The set-up process is simple and quick. There are 4 steps to complete before they get down to business:

    • Choose a social media network.
    • Select the service and the package size.
    • Choose among the links of your videos and enter the TikTok video of your choice or your username.
    • Finish the payment process.

    When the payment is processed by this TikTok bot, it will do what you have paid for. They even offer a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services.

    Also, they don’t require any sensitive information such as passwords from you, so you can be sure that your personal info is safe. Security is an important concern for them.

    There are also two means of support- live chat and email – for their users, and they are available all the time.

    4. TokUpgrade


    This TikTok automation tool is probably the best one on the market today.

    TokUpgrade is super simple to use and they give you what they advertise. You can be sure that you will get what you see on their website.

    They really help you with the particular niche on TikTok that your brand online belongs to, thus helping you to reach just the viewers who are likely to be interested in your videos.

    They have developed a system that doesn’t give you TikTok bot followers since that can get you in a lot of trouble with the TikTok platform.

    Instead, they get to know your account very well and find TikTok users who will most probably be interested in your TikTok videos.

    They find them through usernames, locations, and hashtags.

    They engage with the target audience, like their posts, and attract people to your profile in this way. You see, there are no fake followers involved!

    Even though there is no guarantee, they expect you to get 100+ followers per month, if you use their services.

    As they state on their website, you get in-depth targeting features, a 24/7 management of your TikTok account, and secure TikTok growth.

    What is left for you to do is focus on creating good TikTok videos and justify your worth to your audience.

    At the moment, their prices are on a discount for both standard and premium plans:

    • $15 or $20 a week,
    • $49 or $99 a month.

    There is no contract, you can cancel the subscription at any moment you want, and you even get a two-week money-back guarantee.

    Last but not least, it is very important to tell you that TokUpgrade takes security very seriously, so you can be sure that the personal information you have to provide for them will be safe.

    5. Seek Socially

    Seek Socially

    Seek Socially is another great TikTok view bot, similar to TokUpgrade.

    They are a relatively new company, but the staff is made out of experts who definitely make up for the short experience (when compared to other services of this kind).

    No matter whether you have a new account or have been on TikTok for a while, you can certainly find the services offered by Seek Socially lucrative.

    The best side of their work is that they don’t create fake followers, but actually target accounts of real people.

    The targeted growth is the healthiest way to increase your following without doing anything that may bring problems and get your account deleted or banned.

    Though there is no guarantee that this will work, you can be sure that you are doing a safe thing that will not get you in trouble. So they never warrant over-the-night fame.

    You tell them what your desired audience is like, what are their interest, Seek Socially finds people that match, and they connect with those people.

    What they do is interact with those people on your behalf. These interactions then get people to start following you.

    The thing they take pride in is that their programs have been developed from scratch by their own staff and that they have full control over every aspect of their work. There are no third-party companies involved in their work.

    The price you need to pay if you want to use Seek Socially is $44 for the starter package or $99 for the premium package monthly.

    The starter package is designed for people who are new to TikTok and who have less than 7 posts per week. Upgrading to the higher package is always an option, of course.

    The premium package is created for those who have gained more momentum; those who have 1000+ active members and post videos at least once a day.

    6. Toksocial


    Toksocial is yet another excellent TikTok bot that can help you boost your TikTok growth.

    When you connect with them, you are assigned an account manager. This person will ask you what kind of TikTok users you desire as followers and create a specific search just for you.

    Besides a personal account manager, you will have non-stop support to help you at any moment of need. That certainly keeps happy customers.

    These guys will target the niche that your brand belongs to and ensure followers that are genuinely interested in your videos.

    Organic growth means that you will not get a huge following right away. Instead, you will probably see a steady growth that seems slow at the beginning.

    They promise that the followers are real accounts, and not spam or fake ones. That is why your audience is likely to last.

    A great option that is offered by this service is a simple change of filters if you feel that the current ones are not giving satisfactory results. This dynamic nature of Toksocial is compatible with the fast TikTok dynamics.

    Setting up the account on this site is simple and fast. You can also cancel the service at any moment.

    What is also very important is that this website doesn’t pass on your personal info to third parties. They are very serious about keeping the information safe and secure.

    The weekly prices are $15 for the regular plan and $25 for the Pro plan.

    7. AutoTokker


    AutoTokker is a very basic TikTok bot. The software was created to focus on the follow/unfollow methodology.

    This methodology is familiar to everyone who is looking to grow their TikTok or Instagram account.

    It includes following a large number of TikTok users with the aim of them becoming followers in return. Then, after a short time, the person unfollows those people.

    AutoTokker, being an imitation TikTok bot, sends follow requests to a bunch of people from your niche and the hope is that they will follow you back.

    More precisely, this bot works by following hundreds of TikTok users every day and unfollowing them a couple of days later. Sometimes, the percentage of follow-backs reaches 50%.

    What you do is enter the desired factors into the dashboard. They will become the base upon which the TikTok bot will choose which users to follow.

    Certainly, this will not be 100% successful every time. The bright side is that no matter how many TikTok users start following you, they will be real people and very probably your future fans.

    For example, if you want to enter a tightly knit niche, this TikTok bot will probably not be a good choice.

    But if you are aiming at a broader spectrum of users, AutoTokker is just the TikTok bot for you.

    Choosing this bot will not cost you much, but you will not get very advanced software, either. It performs basic actions, though those are often just enough to push a creator of TikTok videos over the edge into success.

    The features that they offer include follow/unfollow and automatic likes on posts and comments.

    The current price is $29 per month, and it is somewhat lower if you pay for 3 or 6 months at once.

    There is even a free 3-day trial period so that you can get the feel of how AutoTokker works.

    8. SidesMedia


    If you want a bot that will increase your views, but also general engagement, on both your Instagram and TikTok accounts, then SidesMedia could be a good option to go for.

    All of the things you get with this bot, the likes, the views, and the followers have been proven to be real, so you don’t have to worry about something like fake engagement ruining your image.

    Another great thing about this bot is that everything you purchase from them is going to be delivered within 72 hours.

    Generally, the SidesMedia bot is good because it has an overall good delivery time, real engagement, and also pricing that’s visible and also quite affordable.

    The only bigger drawback of this bot is that there is no free trial available, so you will have to trust the process and pay for the service.

    However, people who used it have had positive experiences, so the risk is minimal.

    9. TokCaptain


    Getting straightforward views for your content is usually good enough for most people, but nowadays, the engagement of a content creator’s audience depends on very analytical statistics.

    If your goal is not to simply get higher numbers but to also have an audience that will engage with everything you do with a lot of interest, then TokCaptain is the choice for you.

    Besides getting higher numbers and likes, this bot is focused on reaching your specific target audience, which will inevitably result in your overall TikTok career becoming more durable.

    Another thing you gain from using this bit is learning helpful things and strategies to use to continue growing organically. 

    You will get some of the best tips from real customer service, so the main benefit of this will be having real people give you real advice and not relying solely on algorithms.

    The customer team has been praised as a very good one, the site is very secure, and the prices are good.

    Again, the only downside of this is that there is no free trial option.

    10. SocialViral


    The way SocialViral markets itself is that it can provide you with exclusive likes and followers and that what you get with them is not something that you’re able to get on just any other bot site.

    The main thing that you probably want this bot for is to increase your TikTok views, but that’s not the only thing available on SocialVural. They also have followers and likes for you, increasing your chances of having a successful TikTok account.

    If you have some other platforms that you would like to boost, this bot does that too, and they even got features for Twitter and even Spotify, so if these are some of the venues you would like to venture to, then you have it all in one here.

    The exclusivity they talk about in the marketing for this bot is just pointing out the fact that everything you get is from real and high-quality bot accounts.

    Finally, the services that you buy are available immediately, so overall, you wouldn’t have to worry about much if you opt for this bot.

    11. Jarvee


    Jarvee is a service that has been around for quite some time now, so that adds another layer of security when you try to decide what service to opt for.

    If you like to go for things that are tried and true favorites, then you should look no further, as Jarvee is exactly that.

    One of their main strategies is to worry about the analytical side of things, so you have more space and time to work on more high-quality content, so not only will you gain more views as-is, your content will have a chance to become even better, increasing your chances to grow even more, but without the need for bot views.

    Maybe one thing that shows the age of this service is that it’s Windows-based, so you will need to download the software on your laptop or PC to use the features you need.

    Jarvee is also great if you create more niche content, as it’s highly customizable and can be personalized as much as you want.

    The long history Jarvee has behind it is full of very satisfied customers, and the prices have always been, and have stayed affordable, so even though there isn’t a free trial option, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth with this one.

    12. Jeffrey


    If customization and reaching a specific target audience is something that is important to you, as it should be, then Jeffrey is a great bot to go for.

    This option is great for people who don’t like to have bots that do everything for them, but rather bots who give you the ability to control how things go down to the smallest of details.

    Similar to services like TokUpgrade and TokSocial, Jeffrey allows you to set the data points yourself, and you have the option to select really narrow and niche things.

    The small downside to this is that something like this will require a little more fine-tuning, so you won’t be able to get more views instantly, but once you do, they will truly be of high quality.

    To have the best results with Jeffrey, you will have to do some research and analysis of your profile and audience.

    Because it’s on you to set the data points, you will need to know precisely what you are putting them for and what audience you’re targeting, so be sure to know your facts.

    The interface of this service is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so even if you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll be able to find your way around everything.

    Finally, the security of this service is amazing, and there is no need to worry about your data being sent to any type of third-party service.

    13. Ektor.io


    This service was mainly focused on Instagram and has had many successful years over there, up until Instagram made it very, very hard to have actually working bots to help you with your engagement.

    However, ektor.io has decided that the best way to use the popularity and data they gained relating to analytics is to transfer their services over to TikTok.

    This is another service where you’ll need to have some knowledge about how your audience works, what you want your audience to be, and overall how TikTok works.

    As a lot of people know, there is a limit per day on TikTok that needs to be followed when it comes to bot services, and while no one knows precisely what that number is, it seems like ektor.io has the best idea about what the number could be, so if you opt for this, the chances of something like that going wrong are very slim, almost impossible.

    The interface on this site is very user-friendly, as the years of experience make sure that the people in charge know what the best approach to that should be.

    A big benefit of bot services where you do a lot of the actions yourself is the fact that nothing of your data is sent to a third-party service, so your security won’t be at risk.

    14. TokGrow


    TokGrow is a service that is mainly related to increasing your follower count, but as this will ultimately impact your views as well, it won’t be a bad idea to consider this option, too.

    This bot is one of the ones that doesn’t rely on the characteristics of your profile to give you followers but rather uses popular hashtags to create high-quality engagement for you.

    Hashtags are rapidly changing on every platform, so that could be tricky when you use a service like this, and it will need you to be hyper-aware of the trends that are changing.

    While this strategy could be interesting to use, it’s maybe not the best one out there, so make sure you consider different ones before opting for this.

    However, some of the good sides of this service are that it’s very easy to work with, it has good prices as well as good reviews, and it’s been proven to be quite a secure option when it comes to your data.

    15. TheVire


    If you want to go for something that’s very highly automated and one that doesn’t require you to do a lot of research yourself, then TheVire is a great option for you.

    Basically, everything you need to do to have results with this service is to sign up, then input all of the hashtags that are relevant to your content, and let it do its thing.

    Of course, this lack of detail when accumulating views can have its drawbacks. Because of the fact that everything is highly automated, the views you get might end up seeming not genuine.

    However, this could be a good option if you have never ventured into something like this and would like to try something with no real commitments.

    One thing that you should vary is being balanced with the actions you take via this service, as there is a limit for actions like that on TikTok.

    This is also a good option for someone with more of a generic account rather than someone who has a specific niche, so if that sounds like you, there’s no loss in trying things out.

    16. PubTok


    If you have been looking for ways to grow TikTok views for a while, there is no chance you don’t know PubTok. It is a tried and true engagement service dedicated to TikTok creators.

    PubTok is one of the most widely used websites with roughly half a million users visiting it every month. It is best known for its unique order placement system, highly flexible discounts, and ordering quantity. 

    The ordering process is quick and finds recent posts without you pasting video URLs. You simply enter your TikTok username and you are good to go with any of your uploads. 

    TikTok likes and followers are optional, but if you want you can add a few likes to your video or followers for your profile. PubTok service offers from 1000 views to a million starting from just $0.80 (with an 11% discount). This price flexibility puts PubTok on top of our list as the most affordable service for TikTok users. 

    TikTok views from PubTok are high quality from different IP addresses and devices. The delivery speed is among the fastest on the market.

    What is also great about PubTok is its customer team which is responsive and professional. Dedicated agents respond within minutes and are willing to answer all existing customer queries. 

    This kind of attitude is not common among the TikTok services of such caliber that already have a loyal customer base.

    TikTok Viewbot FAQ

    Is Botting allowed on TikTok?

    It is not prohibited per se, though if you use it recklessly, you may get in trouble that may even end in your account getting banned or deleted. Getting free TikTok views may seem like a good idea, but you can easily fall into the trap and get too many free views in a short time.

    The good news is that now there are other bots that work organically and generate real followers instead of fake ones. That is definitely a healthier way of boosting your account statistics.

    What is the best TikTok bot?

    There are a plethora of services that offer TikTok automation, whether you want to get more video views, likes, or fans. Depending on what kind of boost you need, you can choose a bot that will serve that need best.

    You may want to enlarge your following base, the number of likes, or video views. Check out the list above and you should find something that will work for you. The service you choose can make a real difference for you.

    How do you auto-swipe on TikTok?

    If you have an iPhone, you can activate voice commands for the TikTok app and perform several actions on TikTok, such as swiping up or down while you watch videos.

    Basically, you can set up voice commands for all the basic gestures and connect them with the TikTok app. With this, you have the ability to use TikTok handsfree on your iPhone.


    What would be my final thoughts on the topic of TikTok bots?

    The first thing to be observant about is that, if you choose to do something that is not an acceptable practice on TikTok, you are doing it at your own risk.

    There are many different tools that you may use to beat the competition; tools that will help you get more views (even free TikTok views), more followers, and a fuller comment section.

    It is up to you to choose what is best for you as an addition to making high-quality content.

    I have presented you with the options for the best choice of a TikTok bot according to my experience as a social media manager – the rest lies upon you.

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