Funniest Tik Tok Videos – 15 Best Funny Videos on TikTok (2024)

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Funny content on the Internet has been the main source of laughter ever since funny cat videos on YouTube became a thing.

We went from that to Vine, and now when we’re in the era of TikTok, we rely on the funniest Tik Tok videos to bring such joy.

And while some people will say that the Vine era could never be compared to viral videos on TikTok, there still are a lot of gems there.

Down below, we saved funny videos from TikTok and made a list of many funny Tik Tok videos and we invite you to scroll down and see whether one of these is the funniest Tik Tok that you’ve seen!

Funniest Tik Tok Videos

1. Cats Doing Parkour

To start with the classic, here we have a cat that will give you thrills and suspicion for every second of this video.

Will it fall? Will it succeed? Over three million people have been left in the unknown and loved it.

2. The Jonas Brothers Recreating Camp Rock in 2020

Look, a lot of us had a Disney phase back in the early 2010s, we understand that remembering Camp Rock brings some fond memories to you.

However, we also understand how we often don’t realize just how cringy our childhood self used to be until a decade has passed.

So, if this TikTok doesn’t make you feel old, it sure will bring some laugh!

3. Zoom Pranks

Doing pranks on Zoom calls, especially on online classes, has been one of the funniest Tik Tok trends since the beginning of the pandemic.

As you might guess, students are always very inspired to think of new ways to bring some fun to the online classes that have been the bane of everyone’s existence nowadays.

4. Sleeping Friends Prank

Being asleep around your friends is never safe, you never know what kind of photos of you might appear on social media, or how many funny doodles on your face you might wake up with. Bright colorful makeup included.

These guys have taken it a bit further, giving you some chills with the laughs.

And while this is definitely done with good editing and none was much hurt in the making of it, it certainly proves that you should be extremely vary of falling asleep around your friends – especially best friends!

5. Very Relatable, and Even More Wholesome

It’s always funny to find a video on either YouTube or Tiktok, or just a simple meme that’s very relatable and portraits a thing you do through comedy.

Having a cute animal portray that just makes the experience even more enjoyable.

6. Puns

It’s puns, there’s nothing more that you can say about that.

We love them, we hate them, and they are always somewhere near us.

7. Life Is a Struggle


I don’t get paid till Friday #foryou

♬ original sound – Theo

This is another one that is very relatable to you if you get paid weekly, or if you are a freelancer whose income is never stable, or if you’re simply employed in 2021 and under the age of 25.

Look, we have to laugh a bit about the struggle in order to power through it, right? Right?

8. Bugs Fighting Back

Everything we’ll say is that it’s all fun and games until it happens to you.

9. Grandmas Being the Best Jokesters of Them All

Grandparents and modern technology are an inexhaustible source of fun and this old lady has proved that in the funny video above.

Some of these things were meant to be memes by themselves, but having grandma’s input just made it a lot better.

10. A Trip Down Memory Lane


Had to add that extra towel cushion 🤕🤕 #comedy #foryou (why tf he sleeping in the bathtub tho 🤔 kinda strange 🤨)

♬ original sound – Big-Reg

Going to school was never easy, and missing the bus didn’t make that experience any less comfortable.

11. The Day You Became a Criminal


When you forget to get the paper signed🤧 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound – Big-Reg

This has happened even to the best of us and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

They’ll never know. How would they know?

12. The Dishes


If you know the struggle? Then you know 😆🙃🥴 #foryoupagе #relatable #foryou #household #viral

♬ original sound – EHIZ

No one wants to do the dishes, yet someone certainly has to.

Who will it be tonight?

13. Being a Kardashian stan

Kardashians, we love to hate them.

Did this happen to you too after that secret binge-watching session you had two weeks ago? You can tell us, we won’t judge you (much).

14. When Little Kids Hit a Bit Too Close to Home

It’s fun to laugh about your struggles and your flaws, but when a toddler calls you out, that’s when you really need to start worrying.

15. Millennials Making Fun of Gen Z

Gen Z vs. Millennials war has been going hard on Tik Tok for a long time now, and it’s funny whichever side you’re on.

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