How to Get Your TikTok Account Back – Easy Guide

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There are several causes that can lead to you losing access to your personal or business TikTok account. 

If you attempt to use your TikTok app and find out that you no longer have access to your account, there are several things you can do, based on the underlying cause.

In this guide, we will explain how to regain access to your TikTok account in a number of cases, ranging from the most common to the less frequent ones.

How to Get Your TikTok Account Back if the Password Is Forgotten

This is the most common reason one can lose access to their TikTok account, and luckily the easiest one to resolve as well

Sometimes, when you try to log in on the TikTok app, you will find that your password is incorrect. 

In this case, it is most likely that you have simply forgotten your password, especially if your device usually logs you in automatically. 

1. Starting the recovery process:

Starting the process is fairly simple. Run your TikTok app, then choose the „Forgot password” option in the Sign-in menu.

Forgot password

2. Choosing the recovery method:

You have two methods of recovering your account, depending on whether you used your phone number or email. Select the corresponding option, then type in the number or address you want the code to be delivered to.

Doing so will contact the TikTok automated recovery service, allowing you to get a code that you can use to reset your forgotten password.

3. Finding the code:

You will now get a screen on which you need to enter said code. Check your email or phone number for a notification containing it, then type it in. Confirming the code will give you a prompt to set a new password.

Confirming the code

How to Get Your Tik Tok Account Back if the Account Was Deleted

Sometimes people will delete their TikTok account by accident or even on purpose and then want them back at a later date. 

The good news is that as long as less than 30 days have passed since the time of deletion, getting back your deleted TikTok account is pretty simple. 

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Find the TikTok app on your phone and open it

Find the TikTok app

2. Tap or click the profile icon to be taken to the Login screen

tiktok Login screen

3. Choose the option “already have an account?”

already have an account

4. Tap or click the method you used to sign in to your TikTok before it was deleted

click the method you used to sign in to your TikTok before it was deleted

5. Look for the reactivate button and tap it to finish

If you encounter any issues or cannot use your email or phone number to complete the reactivation of your account, you can always contact TikTok directly by submitting a feedback form.

They will ask you for some data, such as the original email address or phone number you used to log in to confirm you are indeed the account owner, but you should still be able to recover your TikTok account fairly easily.

Unfortunately, if more than 30 days have passed, it is likely that your account was permanently deleted. You can still try to contact TikTok, but is unlikely they will be able to help. 

How to Get Your Tik Tok Account Back if You Don’t Remember Your Email

While forgetting your email is a fairly unlikely occurrence, it can still happen, especially if you were using a throwaway email address to sign in to your TikTok account in order to make it more secure.

Here is what you should do in this case:

1. Submit the TikTok form

The TikTok form is a way of directly contacting the support staff behind the TikTok app so that they can help you with your account recovery process, and it falls under general account inquiry.

The easiest way to submit the TikTok feedback form is by following this link:

Once there, you will be required to submit some information, such as your email and username (optional) and the topic you are requesting support on.

Additionally, you can upload up to 10 screenshots to clarify the problem further.

All that now remains is to wait for TikTok’s response. The support team might need some time to respond to your request, but you can be pretty confident that you will have your account back eventually.

2. Create a new account

Alternatively, if your account isn’t important enough to warrant recovery, or you simply don’t want to wait that long, you can just create a new one instead.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to create a new TikTok account, even if it can be quite annoying to lose all your content.

Keep in mind that you will have to use a different sign-up method, as the previous one will still be connected to your lost account.

How to Get Your Tik Tok Account Back if Account is Banned

Sometimes, you will do something to break TikTok’s TOS or simply get banned due to a number of reports from other users, even if they are justified. 

The good news here is that there are ways to appeal or get around the ban, and they are numerous and versatile.

The first thing that you should check is whether your ban is temporary or permanent.

1. Temporary ban

Temporary bans to a TikTok account require no appeal to be lifted. TikTok will automatically restore your account in 48 hours, after which you can use your username and TikTok password to log back in.

2. Permanent ban

Permanent bans are a lot more tricky and will require you to take action in order to recover your TikTok account, up to and including submitting a TikTok feedback form. 

Still, while quite difficult, it is possible to recover your TikTok account even if it was permanently banned, and we are here to explain just that. 

3. Submit an appeal

After getting a notification that the TikTok moderators have banned your account, the first thing you should try and appeal said ban.

The first thing to do is open TikTok account’s notification tab as normal and track the notification that your account was banned.

Tap said notification to get the „submit an appeal” option, then tap appeal.

The TikTok app will provide you with further instructions that you will need to follow to get your account unbanned.

In the end, click submit to finish.

4. Create a new account

Just as in the case of a forgotten email, the easiest and quickest way to get around a banned account is to simply create a new one. 

While this means that you will have to start from scratch to gain traction, most of your followers will likely remember your old account, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get their attention again.

You can proceed to this step immediately or wait and see if TikTok agrees to your appeal. Some people will even have a ready-made backup account if the main one gets banned.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the same email or phone number twice, nor the same username, and that you should create a different password.

5. Email TikTok

TikTok support can also be contacted from outside the app. They have an email for users to submit their ban appeals to, and you can try sending them an email to try and resolve the ban.

While there is no guarantee that It will lead to your account getting unbanned, it is still a step in the right direction.

6. Ask Followers to Contact Tik Tok

Finally, If you have a large and dedicated following on TikTok, you can try and convince your followers to contact TikTok on your behalf.

Public pressure usually does wonders, and TikTok ban appeals are no different. If the support staff gets swarmed with appeals on your behalf, they will likely unban your TikTok account.


TikTok has become a very important service to many people over the last several years. As such, TikTok accounts have become valuable commodities and a simple way to follow and become a part of the latest trends.

A lot of people search for a way to recover or restore a lost TikTok account for this exact reason, making it all the more important that this is something that you can start resolving by yourself, right from your mobile device’s home screen.


Can you recover your old TikTok account?

Recovering an old TikTok account possible in the majority of cases. If you need help logging into your old account, check this guide: we have prepared several avenues for you to try.

How do I log into my old TikTok account?

Perhaps, if your account was simply unused, you will be able to log in just as before. If your account was deactivated or banned, or if you just forgot your password for it, check the guide above for some steps you can take, starting from the sign-up screen.

How do I find out what email I used for TikTok?

You can do two different things. First, you can check your email addresses for notifications from TikTok, as these are a sure sign of there being an account associated with said email. Second, you can send a TikTok feedback form as described in the guide above.

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