Best TikTok Thots – The Ultimate List (2024)

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Currently, TikTok is among the most popular social networks where people interact by watching each other’s video content primarily.

Such content can be funny and entertaining, educational, and informative. Or, it can be sexy as hell at times or slutty even, just like hot tub streamers on Twitch.

To speak in all honesty, though, most of us are coming to TikTok because of the Tik Tok thots.

Because of what?

Yeah, because of TikTok thots!

Stay tuned to get educated on the best TikTok thots to follow today!

But, first…

What is a TikTok thot?

A “TikTok thot” is basically someone who uses their good looks to attract attention on the platform. They post flirty content to draw in viewers. TikTok itself started in China and became super popular in the West. Some people think these creators are just seeking attention, but they’re actually pretty savvy about using their appeal to build a following. It’s all a part of the game on social media—nothing too serious, just smart strategy.

Best TikTok Thots

Now that we’ve finally reached our precious list, let me warn ya – you might have to make a few reading breaks, cause, brother, you will want to dedicate yourself fully to each of these ladies one at a time.

Take your time and enjoy the ride!

Thank me later!

Railene Torres

1. Railene Torres

Railene Torres is a rare exotic beauty with beautiful body and even more beautiful face.

Or vice versa, depending on what you like to see 😉

She’s an exceptional model, but not without other qualities. In her busy modeling life, she still finds time to study to become a therapist and a dating coach.

Originally from Brazil, Railene is now on a tour through Europe and she shares beautiful images of herself and her daily life.

You can also follow her on X (Twitter) for other things that she likes, like gaming, animation, fitness, and other bits and bobs of her daily life.

Emel Rsho

2. Emel Rsho

Why, of course, you get the link to her TikTok account!

What did you think – that I’d leave you in the dark?

Come on, dude!

I’m better than that!

I wanted to start with an international face, cause, there are so many lovely jewels out there besides our motherland.

So, our darling Emel comes from Turkey. She is such type of a TikTok thot that dispenses with the prejudice that thots are empty-headed twats.

She aspires to become a model and is in love with fashion.

This is more than obvious from her TikTok account.

And, what is interesting for you as a viewer who comes to TikTok to see a bit more than expected, you might not get to see that from our darling Amal.

Bear in mind she is from Turkey. People in this county have a different view on how girls should behave online. So, she is not just a normal Tik Tok thot you would expect to see.

Remember, it’s still a rather traditional country, no matter how modern they claim to be, so Emel follows these rules and common sense, by the way.

On the other hand, though, just looking at gorgeous Emel and her seductive body will give you the thrill.

Her boob will most likely not slip out during a live stream, but, she’s so damn sexy even when she merely performs robot dance.

And, precisely this robot dance is exactly what this Tik Tok thot is most famous for.

You should see it right now.

And, her other clips too!

Sarah Magusara

3. Sarah Magusara

Ahh, Sarah, Sarah! One of the prettiest Tik Tok thots!

Have you ever seen her videos where she turns her back to the camera and starts dancing?

Let me rephrase that.

Have you ever seen her videos where she turns her back to the camera and starts almost twerking?


Why in the world?

Our Filipina TikTok thot here has a perfectly shaped body that she likes to advertise by broadcasting dancing videos on her TikTok account.

Typically, the content she posts involves her hot sexy body swaying in the rhythm of the music.

Moreover, she dances so damn well you could just stare at her buttocks swaying hypnotizingly all day long.

Did I mention she works out a lot?

She likes to keep her body fit so her dance-off challenges are all the more pleasing to the eye.

To make the content she broadcasts more appealing and diverse, she makes plenty of lip-sync vids in addition to the dancing videos.

And, for all those who think posting on Tik Tok is for lazy good-for-nothings, let me just say this – Sarah made it to Australia so she could collaborate with some of their TikTokers.

Another bonus when you follow this cute Filipina on TikTok is that Sophia Diamond is always nearby for a cameo or something.

But, for those of you who think that Sarah Magusara is a typical Tik Tok thot – think again!

Her most viewed vids are the ones with her baby girl Zamira Rose.

Two of them dancing together, or at least attempting to – cuteness overload, I tell ya! They make some of the sexiest TikToks.

Kristen Hancher

4. Kristen Hancher

Our little Canadian darling is (was) a TikTok thot that you simply had to follow.

She is a perfect example of how you can use TikTok to gain prominence quickly and then cash the content you post online.

She started with nicely organized videos so she was soon noticed by brand advertisement recruiters.

Now we know her as an actress, brand promoter, et cetera, et cetera.

Her videos typically involve hairdo tips, like things you can do with your hair, then lip-syncing, fitness, and stuff.

In addition, you’d frequently see her tease with her body leading you into thinking she’s doing this just for you as if you were someone special.

Of course, you are crazy to think you’re the only one and that this isn’t for everyone who’d see it.

The only problem is that she is no longer on TikTok cause she was permanently banned.

Yeah, sadly!

The reason for such a ban is that she advertised OnlyFans in one of her vids.

A crucial mistake that was.

As a consequence, she got a life ban.

However, should the ban be lifted (you never know), make sure that you head straight to this Tik Tok thot account page.

There will be plenty of things to see and enjoy!

Valeria Arguelles

5. Valeria Arguelles

Here’s a lovely TikTok thot that first gained prominence through her YouTube channel.

The topics she covered there are related to lifestyle, fashion, adventure.

Of course, she didn’t stop there; she turned to modeling, which was quite a success.

On TikTok, she will tease without even realizing, by simply posting videos from her latest adventures. An occasional dance will also be served to you.

And, what a dance.

She is such a TikTok thot that will make you want to just sit next to her and stare at her.

Enjoy the view!

Addison Rae

6. Addison Rae

Dang, girl, anyone told you yet how damn gorgeous and hot you look?!

Now, when I look at her videos, I could almost say that I’ve seen this TikTok thot somewhere next door.

It’s like I already know her.

Addison Rae seems so natural in her videos (she’s a good actress, I guess) that as a result are so smooth. They don’t look fake.

Her videos are such that she teases the audience so effortlessly that they are swooned by her natural behavior.

And, is there anything sexier than that?

Her lip-syncing videos followed by seemingly unrehearsed dance moves are the best thing you’ll see today.

All of this together is so damn hot we need to think about re-defining the negative undertone of the word Tik Tok thot.

In addition, island beach bikini videos, are just a side dish, not the main course.

Bon Apetit!

By the way, Addison Rae is definitely among my favorite TikTok thots for another simple reason.

Namely, her bikini videos, as well as other videos, are so hilarious that I sometimes think she’s subtly making fun of other girls on TikTok whose videos are simply forced – forced sexy, forced funny.

And, hers are everything but that.

Avneet Kaur

7. Avneet Kaur

Not Priyanka Chopra exactly, but close enough!

Now, imagine this inborn Indian beauty mixed with natural dancing talents?

Plus TikTok?

Ok, dude, come back – I haven’t finished yet!

Some of you might recognize Avneet as an actress too and the reason is quite simple.

In India, she was first known as a child actress that appeared in multiple TV shows and films.

When I said she’s talented at dancing, I meant business!

To support the claim, I will just say she appeared on Dance India Dance.

Now, her TikTok videos will range from a bro-girl chilling in hoods to those displaying her in saree dancing traditional Indian dance so damn seductively.

And, honestly, I can’t say which of the two is sexier.

Avneet keeps her TikTok Content diverse by making content and collaborating with other influencers so she always has an ace or two up her sleeve.

She is also a Tik Tok thot that teases without effort and whose TikTok videos will keep you riveted to your phone’s screen.

Baby Ariel

8. Baby Ariel

Oh, a true beauty both in looks and in personality!

What more could I say to impress you than to mention she was featured in Forbes and Time magazine as one of the most influential people on the internet?

Still, we are here for her TikTok adventures, so let me say that following Baby Ariel on this social media platform is an absolute must!

You are not a true TikToker if you don’t follow this Tik Tok thot.

What gives a special charm to her broadcasts is that she keeps them varied – she’s an actress, she’s a singer, she’s of Latin American origin.

Now, just imagine what this girl can do and what jewels you can find on her TikTok profile page!

I will not reveal too much – we have to leave something to the imagination too.

But, just imagine her hips swaying to the rhythm of some hype song.

So, yeah, dancing, fitness, fooling around – you can expect to find all of these.

And, of course, her wreck will frequently pop up on the screen.

Why on earth would you want to miss that?

It’s a glorious wreck, I’m telling you!

And, how overall hype she is, well, take note of that she has over 35M followers just on TikTok.

Don’t tell me you need more convincing?

Alana Walker

9. Alana Walker

Damn, here’s a true and true gym fan, at last.

Like, the truest! To the core!

Alana will also shake you to the core with her video recordings made in the gym.

You’d wish to do the same, but, trust me, bro, you won’t be able to.

Now, imagine this perfectly shaped body doing all sorts of gym acrobatics, tight leggings, tight tops all over her broadcasts.

Yeah, this is definitely an account you gotta follow.

Moreover, just add her lovely brown skin tone to the equation and I guarantee you will fall in love with her before you know it!

Besides her sporty looks, she will frequently surprise you with chic editions that you’ll just stare at in amazement and awe!

Finally, her videos on TikTok are all about dance moves and gym, but with the body, she’s got, you’ll always come back for more.

By the way, did I mention her TikTok bikini modeling videos (in sessions)?

I didn’t?

Hmm, funny, I should say.

Katerina Rozmajzl

10. Katerina Rozmajzl

Ooooh, here’s a beauty pageant contestant for ya!

You can already guess what that means – gorgeous sexy looks, long legs included.

Seriously, she’s 5’11 (1,8m) tall and now just imagine those long legs on screen.

Our cutie Miss Georgia USA 2019 has an amazing body that she is not ashamed to advertise on social platforms, TikTok included.

But, it’s not just that.

She’s got the looks and she’s got the brains.

This Tik Tok thot acts natural that her videos always look exactly like this – no pretense, no false intentions, or faked confidence.

Another thing that you are going to like about her is that she is the perfect “girl next door” with her Barbie-like looks.

When you see her, you can’t but think you’ve met this girl in the neighborhood yesterday.

Now, just picture her deep blue eyes, blond hair, and perfect tan. And now, visualize what her videos must look like.

Of course, her videos are mostly about her beauty routine, but I think you won’t mind.

Having read all of this, you must be thinking why she is listed under the hottest TikTok thots cause she seems to represent everything on the contrary.

However, the point of being a thot is to be aware of your good looks and to use them to your advantage in gathering the audience (and potentially funds) on your social media accounts.

And, this is exactly what she does.

In addition, she dispenses with the belief that a TikTok thot, or any thot for that matter, is just some uneducated poor soul craving meaningless sexual attention from men.

No, she is socially engaged, has a degree, and along the way, she uses her looks to promote herself and what she does all the more.

Yeah, believe it or not, this little missy owns a company of her own – Katerina Cosmetics.

So, hot and successful!

Obviously, the joke is on all of you who think Tik Tok thots are just some brainless losers.

Bonus: Her sisters, all of them younger than Katerina, are almost equally hot. Check them out on TikTok too. Hint: Alexi, Marianna, Victoria, and Emma and Ella, the twins.

Even if you don’t, following only Katerina will be more than fine since I am not sure if you can handle that much hotness all at once.

Abby Rao

11. Abby Rao

If you are a fan of videos with the sea and beach vibe, then Abby Rao’s TikTok account is the place to be!

If you’re not a fan of videos with the sea and beach vibe, then Abby Rao’s TikTok account is, again, the place to be!

Cause, this girl rocks!

You watch her calming and soothing beach editions and you just wish to be there next to her.

A priceless feeling, indeed!

I will not mention the disappointment you’ll feel when you realize it’s impossible.

It’s a shame, ’cause that tanned body of hers would be a perfect contrast to your albino white skin.

Cause, you don’t see any sun, you dumb cu*t!

And, speaking of Abby Rao’s body, oh my, oh my!

It’s not that she uses it to tease you, she uses it to drive you nuts!

I mean, she will make a video fooling around in an all-white top, her nipples clearly seen through.

If that ain’t teasing, I don’t know what is.

She knows damn well we guys are suckers this way!

And, when she makes a short teaser just in her bikini, then I see why she has millions of TikTok followers!

Besides her typically beachy looks, she is also quite stylish so every time she makes content not involving her sexy body in a bikini, she surprises us with some smoking hot outfit.

She knows what we like and that’s exactly what she’s offering us.

Add dancing and hanging out with BFFs to the equation broadcasted online, and you get the whole package.

This is one of the Tik Tok thots that will make you want the same life they live and enjoy.

Alissa Flusche

12. Alissa Flusche

Look at that beauty!

Her TikTok account is full of videos where she dances or lip-syncs popular songs.

The way Alyssa Flusche dances and looks at the camera makes you fall in love with her instantly.

Moreover, she has created a few edgy videos among which is the video where she lip-syncs the lyrics “I was thirteen when I lost my virginity“… in front of her mom!

We recommend you check her TikTok profile, and maybe follow her on Instagram in order to see why so many people on Reddit talk about her.

Sava Schultz

13. Sava Schultz

The perfect female body does not exist…

Oh, how wrong they are…

Just take a look at Sava Schultz.

Beautiful face, extraordinary but and boobs.

She exploits the fact that she has a beautiful body by wearing dresses that are at the same time loose and tight in the right areas.

Moreover, her seductive dances are full of twerking, so she definitely deserves to be on this list.

740full kim brulee

14. Kim Bru Lee

Kim Brulee simply keeps getting banned from TikTok.

Do not be surprised by the small number of her followers because her TikTok profile was banned multiple times due to sexually explicit content.

She mostly emphasizes her big buttocks in TikTok videos.

So, if you are a fan of buttocks swaying, be our guest.

The fans of BBW (big beautiful women) will be more than satisfied with her build and figure.

Finally, her deleted videos are available on the internet, so you can follow her TikTok account before she gets banned again and maybe look up those deleted videos.

Victoria Matosao

15. Victoria Matosao

Victoria Matosao is a TikTok model who has around 11 million followers.

We believe that she is teetering on the edge of getting banned.

Namely, just take a look at the content she creates in her swimsuits and bikinis, and you will understand.

If you are looking for a lot of Latina twerking or whose boobs bounce a lot she is a perfect girl.

Moreover, her body is insane in every way.

Mati Marroni

16. Mati Marroni 

Lonely Girl Matilde claims that her Instagram profile is better, but we sincerely doubt that.

On her TikTok profile, you can find various videos where she dances.

When you watch what happens when she dances, and what parts of her body dance with her at the same time, you will understand why she will become one of the most popular Tik thots in no time.

Like someone said on Reddit: “How can she be lonely when she has her two best friends at her side?“

We could not agree more.

In addition, some users say that she looks like Camila Cabello or Selena Gomez with big breasts.

So, if we have not been able to persuade you to follow her, these comparisons might be.

E3IaFHoWEAMWAwj 758x1024 1

17. Thallita Treyce

Thatreyce proves that the poison is kept in small bottles.

She is so cute, and on her Instagram account, you can find various adorable pictures of her.

On the other hand, when you enter her TikTok you can see a lot of dancing, twerking, and breasts bouncing in bikinis.

Moreover, the look in her eyes will, to paraphrase one comment, “make you marry her after one week“. 


18. Cat

Probablybannedbynow is her nickname.

Yes, it is.

So, you can imagine what kind of content she posts.

However, she is not too provocative, but there is something in her look that makes her super hot and cute.

The main point of her videos is that she reveals her body in different bikinis.

It is basically the transition from wearing a hoody into a bikini.

Moreover, the thing about her is that she is smoking hot even in her hoodies. 1

19. Amberspam0

Amberspam_00 has that rare combination of a pretty face, big breasts, big buttocks, and a small waist.

There are various videos on her profile, from simple smiling and teasing to twerking and breasts bouncing.

As we have seen on her profile, she really likes to dance, as well.

She often wears tights and slim shirts that emphasize her buttocks and breasts.

So, if you are looking for beautiful, but provocative Tik Tok thots, this one might be your favorite.


20. Jessa Brooke

Although Jessabrooke777 has thousands of followers on various platforms, we do not know much about her private life.

She is an underwear and swimwear model, so there are a lot of pictures of her wearing a bikini.

As we can see thanks to her Instagram account, she is a dog lover, and she likes to travel a lot too.

Another thing that we like about her is that she often posts lip-syncing without any intention to seduce or gain more followers.

Basically, she posts that just for herself.

However, as straight males, we adore it when she posts edgy and seductive videos because she really knows how to do it.

We recommend you check it yourself.

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21. Paulina Serrano

Honestly, we do not know a lot about Bloopers6090 private life, but we know that she is beautiful and provocative.

Moreover, she has a Reddit subtopic dedicated completely to her.

It means that she has a huge fanbase who enjoy her videos.

She has had a few TikTok profiles in the past, but they all have been banned.

Nowadays, she has created a new account (you can check it out above), so we recommend you follow her before her seductive and provocative dancing and twerking videos get her banned again.


22. Sarah Jess

Sarahhjess is attractive even when she does not want to be attractive.

Even in her evening dresses or hoodies, her breasts look amazing.

Moreover, she has beautiful eyes and a seductive look that make men fall on their knees.

From time to time she posts videos with her female friends that are on the edge of some kind of softcore porn.

Why lose more time describing when you can check her profile and see why she is on our list! 2 576x1024 1

23. Scarlett

We are wondering if there is an end to this list.

However, there are so many beauties that we simply have to add to our list.

One of them is Scarletwantsme.

She may not be the prettiest or hottest on this list, but she surely has a beautiful bottom.

Her account consists of dancing videos in different outfits.

Rarely can you see her in bikinis, but even when she is wearing pants her bottom looks amazing.

Ashley Tervort

24. Ashley Tervort

The abovementioned Sarah Jess has got a serious rival in Ashleyanntervort.

As you will notice when you enter her profile, Ashley has never dressed too seductively, but she is still considered to be one of the best Tik Tok thots.

She is attractive and charming, but still, her breasts get the most attention.

From time to time, she posts humorous videos about her life where she lip-syncs, as well.

Ashley has an Instagram account as well, so you can also check her profile there.

Screenshot 7

25. Yolandialice

Yolandialice001 is a beautiful TikToker from Eastern Europe (probably Russia).

She likes cosplay and it seems that she likes gaming, as well.

Her videos are not provocative, nor does she shows too much of her body in them.

However, she can surprise everyone and post something like this from time to time.

This girl with a beautiful, thin figure and slightly nerdy look has an Instagram account, as well.

Megan Nutt 1

26. Megan Nutt

Megnutt02 is a TikTok star from LA.

She has millions of followers and views, and type of the content she creates varies.

Namely, she creates no-makeup videos, lip-syncing cosplay videos, and city vlogs, but she also posts hot and sexy clips.

Thanks to exercising she keeps her figure curvy and fit.

Her accounts are popular because she is not afraid to talk about her problems from time to time and post her no-makeup pictures.

However, when we see her cute smile and beautiful eyes we understand why she is one of the most popular and beautiful females on social media.

4b7a46288590c9f4fbbe4b9930b35be5 1

27. Olivia Rae

Livraefit has one of the most beautiful figures on TikTok.

It does not come as surprise because she is an athlete.

Moreover, a vast number of her videos have been taken in the gym, so if you are looking for motivation to start training, look no further.

There are also videos where she poses in her bikinis and parties, and it seems that she likes to party hard.

But, we would like to pinpoint videos where she emphasizes her transformation from a slightly thick girl to a fitness model.

Therefore, she is not only a hot TikToker but also an example that everything is possible.

Final Word

I know you spend so much time on your phone and that sometimes you don’t even realize you’ve spent the last hour watching the TikTok content you forget in 10 minutes.

Here’s a proposal for you, then.

Since during such time, you go to TikTok to watch some funny stuff, why not watch some of the best TikTok Thots instead?

This will make your time on TikTok more memorable and more pleasing.

If you don’t know what the best TikTok thots to start from would be, luckily you got me.

And, I’ve just told you who the top TikTok thots are right now.

Check them out and tell us why you liked them.

Cause, it’s impossible that you don’t!

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