How Long Are TikTok Videos – No More 15 Sec Rule!

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All content creators who have joined TikTok with a mission to brand themselves and create amusing TikTok videos have a lot of questions about this app.

How big are TikTok video dimensions, how do you edit a video the easiest way, and what is the video length.

Since the way you can edit videos, and their length is changing all the time on TikTok, we have decided to prepare a special article that will focus just on this aspect of the platform.

How Long Are TikTok Videos?

Ever since TikTok was launched, you could hear all the time that they are thinking of adding new or expanded types of videos to the platform.

This social media was quite original in the beginning, and it became famous and popular mainly because of its short videos that were never longer than 15 seconds.

However, when millions of people started joining the app and creating their own TikTok video, they have realized that adding longer videos may be a good option and that it would allow people to express themselves a lot better.

When the platform was launched, you could upload just a short mobile-first video that couldn’t last more than 15 seconds.

People usually used it to post short creative clips that included some life hacks or them singing to the music.

It was the type of content that wasn’t present on platforms like Youtube because people wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it with those they don’t really know.

In order to attract more people and make this type of video format a lot more interesting, they decided to add the next couple of changes.

Their videos started being 60 seconds long, and they allowed all TikTok users to gain access to even richer storytelling with a time limit that wasn’t that strict.

With this expanded format, people feel free to film different types of longer video content, and they were able to feature many different things, songs, and ideas in them.

These minute videos provided TikTok with even bigger popularity, and people felt like 60 seconds was enough time for plenty of different things.

For that reason, TikTok managed to grow into a real social media platform that allowed creators to share their work, thoughts, new music, or dance choreographies.

tiktok video lenght

Pretty soon, it became the place where everyone was trying to launch their career, and nowadays, we see millions of people joining TikTok in order to become an influencer.

It has provided all users with a bit more space than they would have on Youtube, and it also allowed them to start earning from ads and sponsorships in a pretty easy way.

TikTok algorithm will keep everyone’s posts rolling, and it really has the ability to make all the creators stand out and get their piece of fame.

Of course, you will need to create content that your followers wish to see, which is the key to success on all social media platforms.

People were really able to get a lot out of these 60 seconds long videos that we have a lot of users sharing deep educational lesson plans on the app, cooking demos, and sharing different kinds of knowledge and tutorials.

Since the content is presented in a short and fun way, everyone is able to reap the benefits of the app and learn something from other users in an extremely fun way.

What Is The Future Of TikTok Videos?

However, it seems like the TikTok app will be experiencing one more change in the future that will really benefit the creators who wish to present their skills and knowledge in the best way they can.

As it has been announced, the future TikTok videos will be limited to 3 minutes which is quite long and definitely a lot longer than the one-minute videos we were enjoying before.

Every creative will be able to film videos of this length, but in the beginning, it will be tested and allowed only to bigger profiles and TikTok influencers, but if it seems to be working well for them, everyone on the app will definitely have access to it in the future.

Digital experts also claim that this may be the best length for ads, so they believe that the marketing sector will invest even more money into TikTok and ads that will be presented on it.

This is definitely a sign that TikTok as a social media will be expanding in the future in several parts and that it will gather even more creative people who will post their hacks, tips, and interesting content and share it with the world.

In case this doesn’t seem to be the right choice for you, and you don’t really want to accept this length of the video, it is completely fine because the entertainment can still be kept short, and no one will be pressured to film long content.

Your TikTok video can be of any video length, and the experts believe that shorter videos will definitely be the ones to get boosted all the time because the audience will still prefer them,

In the coming weeks, we may see the aftermath of this feature, and we will also see whether there will be a change in the vertical video.

Some sources claim that we may get a horizontal video on TikTok within the next few weeks, but experts are not really sure about it because it would really harm the image of the app.

All in all, TikTok will definitely continue to be one of the most popular social media apps, and it will only gain more and more followers in the future,

However, whether these longer videos will have a good impact or not is something we yet need to see and experience once all TikTok users gain access to it.

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