Tik Tok Comments: Complete Guide + 10 Best Strategies

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While views and likes are parameters that people are most commonly after when building an online career, how many Tik Tok comments you get actually plays a big role in how your engagement will be.

Basically, the more comments you get, the better. But, achieving that isn’t as easy as reaching more viewers.

There are numerous strategies that you can use to engage your followers to comment more on each TikTok post, but you can also opt for buying TikTok comments.

That’s why I’ll go through some social media guides on:

  • How TikTok comments affect your engagement and how they work
  • What are the 10 best strategies to get more comments from your TikTok followers
  • What are the effects of deleting TikTok comments
  • Should you purchase TikTok comments and where can you buy TikTok comments

Let’s jump right in!

TikTok Comments And Engagement

The way TikTok comments increase your engagement is similar to all other social media platforms, and it can be a great tool to gain TikTok popularity.

Generally, the more people interact with your content, the higher the chances are that the algorithm will pick your TikTok posts and take them to new For You pages, giving you more viewers and TikTok fans.

However, comments can be especially meaningful.

When you only give a view of something, it does mean that people like it and that it deserves to be pushed out to more people.

The same goes with likes. The more people like it, it will give the TikTok algorithm proof that your content is something that’s worth pushing out to more people.

However, viewing something is a fairly simple action. You don’t truly engage that much with that piece of content.

When you like something, that’s a bit more effort, so it will give a sign that your post is a bit more interesting than the posts, which mostly have just a lot of views.

But, commenting on something actually requires way more action than just viewing something.

If a lot of people leave comments under your post, that means that your post is really worth a lot of attention since people will take the time to stop their mindless scrolling, open the comment section, type in something, and tap the comment button.

That’s why comments can be precious for your TikTok account and why you should strive to get a lot of TikTok comments from your TikTok fans.

This is one of the things on social media where the principle “every type of marketing is good marketing” is because no matter if you get mostly positive comments or not, the TikTok algorithm will pick this up as engagement. And that engagement is social proof that your posts are something worth seeing on the TikTok app.

Of course, getting negative comments is terrible for you in other ways, and even though you could gain popularity because of the chain reaction they cause, it’s best not to do things that will inspire them.

We’ve all seen influencers on all social media platforms who use this strategy as their primary tool for gaining popularity, but I will strongly advise you against that.

Being controversial in the social media world could definitely gain you TikTok followers, free TikTok comments, and overall attention for your TikTok content, but that can only last so long until people grow irritated by that kind of behavior.

And while certain stars have had that role on social media for a long time and remained to have a growing career, being known for negative things will lose you some future opportunities, for example, sponsorship deals. Companies don’t want to work with people who could ruin their reputation and inherently lose them money.

how to post comment on tik tok

This is especially important in recent days when the audience has become way more aware and critical of what content creators do and say.

There were numerous events where big names in the Internet entertainment industry lost their jobs and deals due to controversies. And remember, these were controversies that wouldn’t cause any kind of reaction a few years ago.

Whether cancel culture is always on point, and whether it’s good or bad that it exists overall is a conversation for another day. For now, we can agree that building your career and gaining TikTok comments based on negative behavior is something that you’d want to avoid.

So, if you ever start getting negative comments that are constructive criticism, consider them, but don’t encourage them. In the long run, not every TikTok comment is worth the same.

Who Can Leave Tik Tok Comments On Your TikTok Videos

Not everyone can leave TikTok comments under your posts if that’s not something that you want.

By default, we all think that just anyone can comment under our posts, but that’s not always the truth, as it’s you who has all the power over that.

Depending on your TikTok account and whether it’s a public or a private one, different people can leave comments, but you can also curate it even more.

Here’s who can leave comments on your TikTok posts:

  • Everyone – if you have a public profile, by default, anyone on the app will be able to comment on your posts, so you have the potential for a vast audience there.
  • Followers – if you have a private account, only the people following you will be able to comment on your posts. That’s because only they are the ones who can see the content, so it’s not that easy to attract a new audience.
  • Friends – this is an option that you can turn on and off in your Settings, and once it’s on, the people who can comment on your posts will be only the people that you follow and who also follow you back.

Besides this, you can also turn off comments entirely from all of your videos if you want some privacy.

If there is a specific TikTok video that you don’t want to gain any more attention to, then you can turn off the comments of each video individually.

Overall, you really do have pretty good control over what goes on on your profile and other TikTok users.

My advice would be to keep everything open and reach for the restrictions only if some specific TikTok video of yours starts to cause some problems, for example, if people start leaving nasty comments without any rhyme or reason to them.

Besides that, gaining comments from TikTok users from all around the platform can only be a good thing f0r your social media career.

10 Strategies To Increase TikTok Comments

There are many strategies for increasing the engagement your TikTok account gets, and getting more comments is probably the hardest option to tackle.

However, here are the 10 best strategies for more Tik Tok comments that you should incorporate in each TikTok video you post.

1. Ask Questions

If your videos include some text, try and see if you can sneak some kind of a question in there.

If people see a question mark and they have the experience to share, they will likely do so.

Asking a question is a call for action, so if you give people the sign that you would like something from them, it’s more likely that they will start commenting and interacting with your content.

Only talking about something interesting could definitely get you more views and more likes if people find it funny, interesting, or relatable, but if you want to get more comments, then you have to inspire people a bit.

buying comments on tiktok

Reformulating what you wanted to say a bit and posting it like that will definitely have a positive effect and gain you more comments on social media.

Finally, if the specific post you’re making is not something where you can just pop some kind of a question that easily, you can always use the caption and add a question in there.

2. Use The Shock Factor

While using clickbait titles and covers doesn’t really work on YouTube, where it originates from, the practice is still alive and well on TikTok, and it definitely has the power to track some attention to your content.

Of curse, you should be smart about how you use the shock factor, but TikTok is currently the social media app that mainly lives and thrives on the shock factor, so it’s the prime time to make the most out of it.

When you do something a bit or a lot shocking in your video, people will definitely stop and stare, and there is also a higher chance that they will leave a comment, even if that comment is only a shocked face emoji.

You should take whatever you can get, and on TikTok, shock gets you a lot.

3. Humor Is Your Best Friend

Content that’s funny is usually the content that gets the most attention, as the majority of people go to social media apps to entertain themselves and laugh at something.

So, that type of content is very likely to have a lot of interaction and engagement.

When you post something funny, people are very likely to comment on that post.

Sometimes it can be as simple as leaving a “Hahahaha” comment or that crying laughing emoji, and even several of them will count as proper engagement for your account.

They might not be unique and custom comments, but they are still comments worth having.

Besides that, people love to tag their friends in the comment section of a funny post, so try to encourage them to do that.

Tik Tok comments, like comments on all social media, are best when there’s some fun involved.

4. Engage With Real Tik Tok Comments

Fake comments usually mean that the comments are made by bots made to promote something or to share a link that carries a virus. It’s very easy to recognize them, and these are the type of TikTok comments that you should mostly ignore and not interact with or even delete.

Real Tik Tok comments are the ones that are made by real, genuine TikTok users who really took the time to leave a comment under your post.

You should definitely interact with these types of positive comments.

In a way, people comment on creators’ posts in the hopes of being noticed by them.

So, if you do, and people notice that you do, they will be inspired to comment even more and interact with you.

5. Use Strategies To Get More Viewers

Getting more views on your content is something that should be your goal in general, as the point of building your career is to reach as many users as possible.

But, the more viewers you get, you are more likely to get even more comments, and that’s just the simplest statistic, and you should make the most out of that.

Active users will comment a lot on your content if you use most of the strategies listed here, so making sure that a lot of people see it should definitely be an important part of your strategy.

6. Comment On Other Videos

If your followers see that you like to interact with other people and other content, they will be more relaxed with you and, as a result, comment on your content even more.

Also, if you’re someone who leaves the best TikTok comments, people are very likely to click on your profile in order to see who’s this person that leaves such great comments.

If they see that you not only have great Tik Tok comments but great TikTok content, too, they will probably want to follow you and continue to interact with it, including leaving comments.

7. Interact With Other Users

Collaborating with other users is an overall great strategy to use in order to reach a higher engagement on your profile.

The way this relates to comments is that people are more likely to comment on the posts where they see a familiar face.

Also, if you and the person you collab with are both their faves, they will definitely be more likely to leave a TikTok comment, even if that comment is only a declaration of excitement regarding the collab.

If you do this, your comment section will be absolutely flooded with comments full of love and support.

8. Share A Personal Story

The storytime era of YouTube was undoubtedly a time to be alive, and just like with clickbait, this is something that now works great on TikTok.

When you say personal stories, people are very likely to connect that with tragic and sad stories that cause people to feel compassion and empathy and leave such comments.

But, a personal story doesn’t have to be a pity party in order to be worth the attention.

Personal stories are something that is similar to situations that people have every day, so it’s inevitable that people will respond well to them.

It’s also a great invitation for commenting when people recognize that a story is similar to something they might have already experienced.

9. Be Relatable

For you to be relatable in a way that will be interesting to people and not cringeworthy, you will have to find just the right mixture of sharing personal experiences and being highly humorous about it.

It was shown time and time again that people like nothing more than to leave a TikTok comment that says “Same!!”, and it has been like that forever.

So, being relatable will definitely gain you more interaction.

Besides those kinds of comments, people are very likely to tag their friends in the comment section when something is relatable.

It’s also a great way to gain a new audience, so it’s a great thing to try for your career and presence overall.

10. Ask TikTok Users To Share Experiences

I’ve already said that leaving some questions that people can answer is a great way to inspire them to comment, but more fans will comment if the thing you’re asking from them is to share their experience.

After sharing an experience of yours, be sure to ask people how did they find that thing you’re talking about or how did they feel when they went through something that you’ve been talking about.

Active people on TikTok love to share their experiences, as that gives them a sense of community, and that’s something that will always work.

It’s also a guarantee that you will get comments from real users and not fake accounts and bots.

Should You Delete Comments On TikTok Videos

As I’ve already mentioned, when it comes to comments, a lot of people would like to believe that any kind of comments are good for your engagement, as comments increase engagement no matter what their content is.

That raises the question of should you delete comments that are either not real comments or are real comments that leave a lot of hate under your content.

TikTok Meaning, Form, and Trends

When it comes to the irritating bot comments, you should definitely consider deleting these, as they are very repetitive and just flood the comments without any real purpose.

When it comes to hateful comments, before you delete others’ comments, make sure that the hate they leave truly is just plain bullying and trolling.

Sometimes, negative comments can be some kind of honest criticism from people who like your content, and that’s something you don’t want to delete. It’s actually something that you should respect and maybe reconsider some aspects of your actions.

Even when it comes to trolling, if you see only a few of these comments here and there, it could be better just to leave them be, as trolls usually look for a reaction, and you will give them just that by deleting the comments.

Should You Buy Tik Tok Comments

Finally, we come to the big question about buying TikTok comments.

It’s out there, available, and usually has very affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

But despite the quick delivery and the affordable prices, the question of whether this is a good idea or not always comes up, and the opinions are very divided.

TikTok users can buy anything relating to engagement, TikTok likes, followers, and TikTok comments.

Whether you should go for this depends on how good the service provider is and what your goals are.

Buying Tik Tok comments will definitely give your profile an instant boost at the start, so if you want to use them only for that, you can definitely consider that.

But, buying TikTok comments and likes, and followers, again and again, is not a good way to build your TikTok career.

Not only will everything be obviously fake and therefore cause negative reactions among real users, but also, the TikTok algorithm could pick this up and stop pushing your content to different For You pages.

So long-term, this could cause the opposite effect from the thing you want in the first place.

tik tok video

If you decide to go for this, the most important thing to consider is to be smart about it and not overdo it.

Also, for the TikTok popularity to truly happen, make sure to buy TikTok comments from a corporate and trusted website, even if that means paying a bit of a higher price, but it’s not very likely that that will be the case.

The comments purchased should be organic comments, so you have to check everything relating to the service provider of these comments.

You can also fund a quality service that provides not only with comments but with followers and likes as well. Actually, most professional SEO services do all of these, so you can use all of them to gain popularity if you like the sound of that.

Where To Buy Real TikTok Comments

If you decided that buying Tik Tok comments is something you want to try out, let’s make sure that you get organic comments and that the comments purchased don’t get picked up by the algorithm or the audience.

Here’s where you can buy TikTok comments and be sure that you will get custom comments, quick delivery, and also options to choose different packages depending on what suits your needs the most.

Media Mister

This is one of the most used and liked companies of this kind, and of course, they are known for their great service.

The comments from here are completely authentic and high-quality, so there won’t be a problem with that.

Also, the service is completely safe and has the option for whatever payment method you find appropriate.

Buy Real Media

This is another TikTok service that’s considered to be one of the best sites of its kind.

As soon as you subscribe, you’ll get your comments.

Besides that, you can also buy followers and auto-likes with this service.

They are also one of the most affordable options to go for, so there are many benefits of buying comments with this service.

They promise quick delivery, and they also serve it, so they are great through and through.


This is a service that is best for getting comments.

While they have TikTok likes as well, the quality of the comments is overall the best, as they are authentic and organic comments.

The comments are also highly relevant to the thing you’re posting about, which is not always found among these apps.


This service is made for increasing the overall engagement of TikTok accounts and acts like some kind of social media manager trying to provide you with guaranteed popularity.

The comments you get from them won’t be fake or spam, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

The payment options they have are very flexible and, of course, budget-friendly, so if you need a service that will give you a complete deal of growth services but won’t break the bank, this is it.


Can I Buy Comments On TikTok?

There are a lot of services where you can buy Tik Tok comments.

Some of the best ones are TokCaptain and Media Master, and most of them are very affordable and also proven to provide you with real comments.

These are not irritating bot accounts and comments, so it’s safe to try.

Why Can’t I See Comments On TikTok?

There could be many reasons for this problem, but some of the most common ones are usually related to some of the privacy settings, or there might be a filter that caused this.

The best way to deal with this is to check your settings.

How Do I Comment On TikTok?

To leave a comment on TikTok, while you’re scrolling through videos, you just need to tap on the comment button next to the like button on the right side.

That will open the comment section, and you’ll be able to type in what you want and just click “Send.”

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