TikTok Ideas – 11 Best TikTok Video Ideas and Tips (2024)

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After some thinking, we have realized that one of the most common problems for content creators on TikTok, or other social media platforms or streaming platforms is an inspiration.

As most of you know, it is essential to be creative and have a unique style, and to have innovative ideas all the time, because it’s the only way one can succeed.

However, after a while, people simply lose inspiration, and then their channels suffer.

For that reason, we have decided to write a text where we will try to eliminate the lack of inspiration by mentioning some interesting TikTok ideas.

Best TikTok Ideas

Since TikTok video ideas will be the only topic of this text, we won’t prolong the story with unnecessary introductions and we will, without further ado, move on straight to the ideas.

1. Educational videos and informative content

This is the type of content that could be interesting to both teenagers and adult TikTok app users.

Namely, many TikTok channels post videos related to some historical events that are not familiar to most people or are covered by a veil of secrecy.

There are also TikTok videos dealing with science such as biology or physics where TikTok creators explain some interesting facts about the human body, animals, or about some intriguing physical phenomena such as gravity or magnetism.

Additionally, many videos deal with geography and tourism.

In those videos, creators show pictures of some countries or interesting tourist attractions and, at the same time, tell their viewers stories about them.

Finally, we have to mention the kind of videos from this educational content group that have the most viewers and that TikTok users are really interested in.

Those are TikTok videos whose topic is the universe.

This topic is probably the most intriguing because the universe is one of the most mysterious fields in science and since there is not much information about certain phenomena, such as the black hole, viewers are extremely interested in them.

So, if you are also interested in some of these topics and if you possess certain knowledge about them, try making an educational video and that could be the kind of content that could attract other users.

2. Dance videos

There is probably no person in the world that has never seen at least one TikTok dance.

Dance videos on TikTok went extremely viral during the last couple of years and they could be seen almost everywhere, from huge sporting events, fashion events, all social media platforms, to streets and public transport.

There were also dance challenges where viewers were challenged to learn and repeat the entire choreography and then record it and post it.

Dance videos

This way, these videos spread like wildfire and many social media experts thought that these videos and challenges are only a passing fad but they were wrong.

Not only that these dancing TikTok videos made many choreographies enormously popular, but they have also popularized many songs and melodies.

Some of them were new and some were practically forgotten before they were “reincarnated”.

Therefore, if you are a good dancer and if you are good at inventing choreographies, try making videos of this kind.

You can never be sure, but perhaps just you are the one who will create a viral video that will become popular all over the world, and, who knows, maybe you’ll become one of the most popular TikTokers.

Just use your talent and believe in yourself.

3. Music videos

This is one of the most popular sorts of video content on TikTok.

TikTok users usually create videos where they sing or play popular authors’ songs and, thus, make so-called “covers”.

And we would recommend music videos to all people who are good singers and who like to sing.

Just keep in mind that, although you are making a cover, you need to add a bit of your own twist to be unique and remembered.

Making TikTok covers could be only the beginning.

Many TikTokers started by doing that and after they became popular, they started their own singing career and now have their own songs.

And, even though TikTok is sort of a teenage social media platform, no adult user will stay immune to a good song and good singing.

So, to sum up, music videos could really represent a springboard for something bigger like a successful music career.

Many people haven’t believed in this, but it eventually turned out that TikTok actually can change your life if you believe in your dreams.

And finally, in our opinion, all the artists can find their place on TikTok.

4. Animal videos

According to our researches, short video clips with animals are videos with the most likes on TikTok.

The reason for that is obvious, because who can scroll down after seeing a cute animal doing something funny without liking the video.

These videos have been popular since the Internet appeared and will be popular probably forever.

We can all remember those TV shows where people sent their funny videos.

Almost half of those videos were videos with pets.

Many TikTok users became popular because of their extremely cute pets.

And even those pets became popular and everybody heard about them.

Of course, you need to be creative and try putting your pet in a situation where it can express its cuteness.

Apart from this kind of animal video, some videos show some interesting and unusual animal species which most people cannot see except in the zoo.

These videos include lions, snakes, monkeys, and many other wild animals.

Therefore, with animal videos, you cannot miss, and if have a pet that likes to play and make trouble, you are on the right track to becoming a popular TikToker.

5. Cooking videos

Cooking videos have become exceptionally popular since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was a lockdown in numerous countries, people had to stay at home and, since their possibilities were limited, they came up with the idea of creating cooking videos.

This is another so-called “easy to digest format” that is equally interesting to both, younger and older population who use TikTok, and it’s, logically, especially engaging to female viewers.

Cooking videos

Those videos became so viral that nowadays many women say to their friends “I found this recipe on TikTok”, instead of “I found it in a cookbook”.

Apart from getting new ideas for preparing meals, many TikTok users like to watch videos like these while they’re eating or cooking.

In our opinion, anyone can learn how to cook well if they like cooking.

So, if you’re not that good at cooking, don’t be discouraged.

Start with simpler recipes and you’ll eventually become good.

And if your recipes are unique and different, you can count on many viewers and more followers on TikTok.

6. ASMR eating videos

Where there is cooking, there is also eating.

ASMR videos have also become very popular during the lockdown and they gained first popularity on YouTube.

However, those videos found their way to TikTok as well and now are one of the most popular kinds of content on this platform.

We cannot say for sure why the audience loves to watch other people eating and listening to all those champing sounds, but it turned out to be amusing to many.

According to some information we have found, people mostly tend to watch these videos while they’re eating and it seems that it brings them some kind of pleasure.

From our perspective, this is one of the easiest types of videos to make since you don’t need any special talent to create videos like these.

You just have to be hungry and willing to share your meal with millions of viewers.

And if you also know how to cook, then you have a jackpot in your hands because the combination of cooking and eating videos could make your TikTok account go viral.

7. Stories and storytime videos

Storytime videos are very useful when you want to reach teens and generally younger audiences.

Namely, storytime videos consist of a story, usually a real one, that has happened to a content creator and which he or she then shares with his or her viewers.

These stories are usually funny stories, but can also be scary or sad.

Given that people usually like to know what is going on with somebody else’s life, this kind of fun content can easily make a viral craze.

Additionally, since these stories are, as we said, in most cases true, this way TikTokers can create a stronger connection with their audience.

Namely, by telling real stories from your life, you practically give your viewers a window into your life and reveal some intimate details about your life.

On the other hand, this sort of content is not for everyone since not everyone is ready to speak about their life publically.

Therefore, if you are ready to reveal something intriguing, but also intimate and confidential, that has happened to you, go for it.

On the other hand, if you like to keep your own stories to yourself, you should probably turn to some other TikTok idea.

8. Workout videos

Another sort of video that people like to watch on TikTok is videos in which content creators are working out.

There are two main reasons for these videos’ immense popularity.

First, viewers get workout tips and learn some new exercises and how to execute them.

Subsequently, they can also learn which exercises are good for some particular muscle area and can see the possible results as well.

Workout videos

The other reason is related to motivation.

It is well-known that most people are very lazy when it comes to working out and they need some special motivation to start.

It turned out that they feel motivated just by seeing somebody else working out, or by seeing how they could look if they worked out.

We would recommend this type of content to those who are professionals in this field and have the necessary experience, such as personal trainers.

Of course, you can also try creating this content if you are not a professional, but it will be harder to succeed and draw people’s attention.

9. Makeup videos

Probably the only kind of content where 99% of the content is created by female creators and where more or less 99% of viewers are female.

Even though these videos probably seem boring to most of the male population, they still have millions of views and they usually consist of makeup tutorials.

In a makeup tutorial, TikTok users create a video showing the process of applying makeup and the final result in the end.

These makeup videos often include some styling tips or storytimes about some interesting topics or current events.

Although there are not many men who work with makeup, there are some men on TikTok who have dealt with this topic and who achieved great success.

However, we have to be realistic and say that this type of video will be mostly chosen by women.

Additionally, since men do not find this topic engaging, your audience will be mostly female.

So, you are basically losing half of the possible viewers and that’s why this sort of videos is a bit tricky.

But if you are good at makeup or, perhaps, do that for life, you should give it a go.

10. Branded hashtag challenges

Hashtags play an important role on Tiktok and a branded hashtag video or a branded hashtag challenge is a TikTok video where the creator makes content for some brand in order to raise brand awareness.

It is a sort of a commercial whose goal is to draw people’s attention and point out a certain product.

This way, that TikToker becomes an ambassador of that brand and his goal is to get his hashtag among trending hashtags.

These hashtag challenges can also be social media challenges dedicated to special occasions or specific days, such as International Women’s Day whose focus was on women’s rights or can be used to raise awareness of something (we all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge).

As you can probably assume, you can earn money on Tik Tok by making branded hashtag challenges, but keep in mind that brands choose TikTokers who are already successful for this sort of job.

And if you think about it, it’s quite logical since no brand wants a Tiktoker who doesn’t have many TikTok followers and viewers to advertise its products.

Additionally, branded hashtag challenge videos need to be engaging and authentic or people won’t be interested in checking them out.

Finally, our piece of advice would be that the brand you create content for is somehow related to your regular content.

Otherwise, your viewers might not like the fact that you started making branded hashtag videos instead of making the kind of videos that made you successful.

And if you manage to balance branded content and your regular content, then both your viewers and your employers will be satisfied.

11. Packing videos

The last type of video that we wanted to mention is packing videos.

In our opinion, this is absolutely the weirdest one.

We don’t know why, but people simply like watching somebody packing stuff.

Those videos can include packing bags, groceries, toiletries, etc.

Honestly, these videos are probably the least popular of all that we mentioned, but still, have a decent number of viewers.

So, if you like packing things and you think you can make it interesting, give it a whirl.

Tips for Making Good TikTok Videos

Tips for Making Good TikTok Videos

1. Make it engaging

Your content has to draw people’s attention and capture audience interest, and it can do that only if it’s engaging, amusing, and interesting.

So, regardless of the type of videos that you opt for, always try to meet this condition.

2. Be unique

Although the TikTok video ideas we mentioned are already being used by many TikTok authors, you can still stand out if you come up with something unique.

Just like with content creating job, if you offer something new and unique to the audience, you will achieve success.

3. Reach wide audience

No matter what kind of videos you make, try to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Accounts focused only on men or women, or teenagers or young adults don’t have good predispositions for success.

Try to come up with the content that will reach all these groups because, that way, you’ll have more viewers and more followers.

To maximize your video reach, consider diversifying your content across demographics. Avoid niche limitations; strive for inclusivity. Additionally, enhance engagement by incorporating versatility—embed TikTok videos directly into your platform for a broader audience appeal.


When creating this text, our goal was to eliminate the lack of ideas among TikTok users, and hopefully, we managed to achieve that.

We also wanted to encourage users to share their talents and ideas on TikTok because talented and interesting people will always find their way to the audience.

On the other hand, these TikTok video ideas are just some guidelines and only a few ways that you can follow, but not at all costs.

Perhaps this text will help you come up with something new and different and maybe you’ll be the new trendsetter on TikTok.

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