What Does FT Mean on Tik Tok – Simple & Easy Answer (2024)

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If you are new to TikTok, then you are definitely struggling with some abbreviations and acronym slang used on the platform. Today, I will answer the question of what does FT mean on Tik Tok.

This can really create uncomfortable situations and even lead to the other person not being able to understand you while texting.

Lucky for you, we have decided to help you realize what is the meaning of FT and what form of music videos it refers to.

What Does FT Mean On Tik Tok?

The FT acronym is something you will come across frequently on social media platforms, including TikTok and Youtube.

In case this is something you have never heard about in your world, you should know that it is one of the acronyms used to refer to music videos filmed in collaboration with someone, and this is pretty much the only FT definition you will find, whether you are looking in the Urban dictionary or on other websites.

This is a TikTok slang word that has been used for a long period of time now, and FT means that you have decided to film some type of content with another person.

It actually means featuring someone, and the FT meaning is the same as on the abbreviation you can see on a music video from your favorite artist.

FT meaning

On TikTok, there are different meanings, and FT meaning is usually used to refer to the type of content that is filmed with an invited artist.

That can be another TikToker you have filmed a video call with or a random person that is not using the app that was willing to participate in your challenge.

Even though you would probably feel uncomfortable asking someone in real life to film a video with you, you can feel free to contact another person that is active on TikTok or Youtube because they understand the context and the idea behind it.

How Can You Start Recording FT Videos?

FT videos are the type of content that can get you a lot of money, and you should start talking with other TikTokers and make a friend or two that have some impact on the app.

Once you start filming featuring videos, you will start appearing on other users’ FYP, even if you are in no way referring to their interests and likes.

That means featuring is that you can film a simple video call with them and share it in its full form on the app, or you can meet up and create a great music video with them, with the choreography and all the stuff popular on TikTok.

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