13 Most Popular Tik Tok Slang Words (2024)

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If you have recently joined TikTok and explored the app a little bit, then you have definitely realized there is a specific Tik Tok slang that is used throughout the whole platform.

Every viral or notable video has at least one slang word, which actually pressures all TikTok users, including those who don’t belong to Gen Z, to learn the TikTok slang words if they want to navigate through it without problems.

Top TikTok Slang Words You Need To Know

1. Flex = to brag about something
2. Slay = is very good
3. POV = “point of view”
4. Heather = beautiful
5. IB = “inspired by”
6. Straight, trans or gay TikTok = sexual orientation or preference
7. SW = “sexual worker” (or, in some cases = shadowbanned)
8. Sheesh = disbelief
9. BBL = “Brazilian butt lift”
10. Pick Me Girl = girls craving an attention
11. Alt TikTok = the part of TikTok used for humor and memes
12. PFP = “profile picture”
13. Accountant = avoiding answering the question

For that reason, we have gathered some of the most popular TikTok slang words that will help you stand out on a personal algorithm and handle them as a professional.

Most Popular Tik Tok Slang

There are several TikTok slang words that keep on appearing all the time, and they are basically a must if you want to become one of the most popular TikTok users.

Slang words are a must when you are uploading TikTok videos, and it is the easiest way to stand out and go viral on social media platforms like this.

Tik Tok Slang

These are some of the most popular TikTok slang words.

1. Flex

Flex is a word you will hear all the time from Gen Z members, and it means bragging about something on social media.

You will quite frequently see it used as weird flex but ok, and it has managed to become one of the most popular slang terms in a really short period of time.

I’m going to flex with my Balenciaga sneakers right now.

2. Slay

Even though slay is one of the slang terms that has been around for a while, it still tends to be misunderstood by many people.

Its real meaning is that something is very good and popular at the moment, whether that be a funny video, new Harry Styles song, or a popular movie.

This is one of the phrases you will come across all the time, even in media, so make sure you remember what its real meaning is.

Doja Cat’s new album slayed. 

3. POV

POV is an abbreviation that is usually used to refer to a certain type of video, and it means the point of view.

This is one of the most common ones because these days, POV TikTok videos are very popular, and they usually describe to us what is the point of view on the life of an emo guy or cottagecore girl and is used to show us different aesthetics.

POV – you are living in a small country ranch and spend every day walking through the woods

4. Heather

Even though Heather is one of the slang terms you will not come across that frequently, it is still very important to know it because it tends to show up on a home page quite frequently.

It is based on Conan Gray’s song, and it is used to refer to a beautiful, attractive, and desirable person everyone wishes to look like.

The term can also refer to the movie called Heathers, which was really popular among girls during the 90s.

5. IB

IB is short for inspired by, and you will see it below many TikTok videos, in the dance credits, and in audio plays.

When they use this TikTok slang, they are usually talking about the person who gave them the inspiration for that video or viral dance.

IB by Addison Rae

6. Straight TikTok

Slang like Straight, trans or gay TikTok is used when we are talking about being a part of a specific community based on our sexual preference or gender.

When you see someone using the phrases like this, you can also get more information about their sexuality and gender.

7. SW

SW is an abbreviation that needs an ultimate guide for itself because it can mean several different things.

It is usually used as short for sex workers because there is a large sex work community on TikTok, and you can easily look for their videos.

Also, it can be used as a short for shadowbanned when someone is discussing a specific topic or uploading a certain type of video that may lead to them getting banned or having their account deleted by this social media.

8. Sheesh

This is something you will hear plenty of people on TikTok saying, and it is used to express disbelief and is usually used when we are amazed by something.

9. BBL

BBL is a slang term that became extremely popular during the last few months, especially among Gen Z, and it is used to describe Brazilian butt lift.

This is a cosmetic surgery that takes the fat from one part of your body and moves it into the butt in order to make it bigger.

It has been done by several celebrities, which is also the reason why it became so well-known.

10. Pick Me Girl

Even though the Pick me girl term didn’t originate from TikTok, it is still pretty much a Gen Z slang that is used to describe someone who pretends not to be like the other girls in order to gain attention from guys.

This is usually used for girls who use the term “such a simp” for somebody, whether that be a celebrity or a regular guy they see on the street.

11. Alt TikTok

Alt is short for alternative, and in Gen Z slang, it is used to describe one specific part of the app, which is into quirky humor and memes.

12. PFP

This is a pretty regular abbreviation that is actually short for the profile picture, and it is usually used in regular videos you can watch on the platform because people can’t bother writing the whole thing.

13. Accountant

The meaning of Accountant on TikTok is actually related to the Rocky Paterra song, and it is used by TikTok creators in order to dodge questions about things like where they got their money and to avoid revealing any sort of personal data from their real life.

Since the lyrics say, “nobody asks you questions when you say you’re an accountant,” it also became very popular among sex workers both on TikTok and on Only Fans.

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