Decoding Wutface Emote: What Does It Really Mean?

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Wutface Emote Meaning

“Hmm, whaaat? The hell did you just do? The hell did you just say? The horror! The horror!”

Wutface is yet another hype emote that streamers can use on daily basis to express different emotions.

Aaaand, it looks like it’s gonna stick around for a while, so let’s see some facts.

Twitch wutface is a great means to use while streaming when you are in the state of shock or disbelief by something that’s just happened.

Also, there is the option to use wut face when something cringe-worthy happens – someone says something or does something in the course of a gaming session.

Moreover, there is also the wutfacew version that is great when you want to show the intensity of your feelings.

It’s like you’re saying you’re next level shocked and surprised.

But, enough about wutface meaning – everything is more than clear!

Let’s go to…

The Story Behind

The nerd that you are, I am positive you are interested in stories behind these emotes.

When it comes to twitch wutface origin, we have a Twitch employee, Alex Mendez to thank for this lovely emote.

He made a video in 2014 and while filming it he noticed the camera panning over so he made the facial expression that remains for posterity.

As for wutfacew, we got this one when someone decided to make a close-up of Mendez’ bewildered face.

Further, wutface origin goes back to October 2014 when the emote was originally released. 

Today, wutface emote is among the most popular emotes on twitch that streamers can use to show disbelief.

So, wutface twitch-away whenever someone does something cringy.

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