Discovering the True Meaning of Kreygasm Emote: An In-Depth Analysis

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Kreygasm Emote Meaning

Wow, I almost had a …gasm watching you finish this boss! 

(Mm, not sure myself if the pun was or was not intended here?)

Kreygasm emote is a perfect tool to show your next-level excitement, surprise, even a tiny bit of joy, by something that a streamer did.

Kreygasm meaning is all about showing all of these emotions through a kreygasm face that reflects a little proverbial (or)gasm you’ve just had.

Typically, gasm emote is followed by these cute expressions such as Wow, Holly Crap, or Well, that was freakin’ amazing!

Naturally, a twitch kreygasm would not be a krey gasm if we didn’t use it in highly suggestive contexts. I am sure you understand suggestive of what these are.

Still, the original meaning of twitch emote kreygasm is to say it was immaculate gameplay.

The Story Behind

Kregasm is an emote that shows the face of a real person. In this case, it is one of the Twitch broadcasters, going under the name Kreyg.

He was offered by to submit an emote for Twitch and he initially refused to.

Sometime later, he came round and decided to help, resulting in the emote that we now call kreygasm.

And, the term kraygasm was already a thing in Kreyg’s community so he used a photo of his orgasmic-like face and blessed us with it for further procreation.

It is generally used when someone is wowed by the content or if they want to express pleasure.

Officially released in 2011, kreygasm twitch is definitely an emote that’s gonna stick around!

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