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    MonkaHmm Emote Meaning

    “Pepe says I am looking deep down into my soul, thinking, contemplating, devising a plan…”

    I know you’ve had some trouble discerning the twitch emote meanings – god knows I have!

    There is Pepe in multiple shapes and forms, there’s monkas emote, then there are so many others in the twitch emotes list and you’re never sure about the twitch emotes meaning.

    However, our current topic of interest is monkahmm emote. I know it does sound a lot like monka s emote, but as you’ve guessed it already their meanings are different.

    Monkahmm, or monkahmmm (as we all misspell it on occasion (or two)), is used to say that a streamer is in a situation of deep thinking and contemplating the next move in the game.

    That is to say, they are in a tough situation and need to make the right move to reap the fruit of success.

    The Story Behind

    Being one of the most popular Twitch emotes, monkahmmm is also a BTTV emote that you can use with the right extension.

    Released in 2018, MonkaHmm is a frequently used emote today that you can use whenever you are in deep thought.

    If you may wonder how we got it, it’s Pepe and MonkaS combined, but this time to tell us Pepe is pondering over something – an obstacle to overcome, a decision to make.

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