Decoding the MonkaW Emote: A Guide to its Meaning

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MonkaW Emote Meaning

Dude, I’m like scared, but from a close-up!”

Now, keep reading to discover more on MonkaW so you can spam it like numerous other gamers out there!

Trust me, it’s the IT emote, and it’s gonna stick around for a while longer.

Being aware that your first question regarding monkaw emote is what does monkaw mean? let me put it in the simplest terms possible.

Monkaw meaning can briefly be summarized by the notion that it’s an emote that a streamer can use to say to others that he or she found him/herself in a rather intense situation.

Another instance where a steamer can use monka w is when playing a horror game and the really scary part lies ahead.

Moreover, these are not the only instances where you can go with this specific monka emote. For example, monkaw twitch can also be used so a streamer can make fun of a serious situation. It’s like saying “No sh*tting you got scared by this. Sissy!” to another streamer.

As for some additional explanations on what is monkaw, it’s just another emote based on Pepe the Frog all sweating, with his big eyes looking like they are gonna pop out any second now.

So, what’s the deal then with monkas vs monkaw?

If you got the chance to familiarize yourself with MonkaS emote, you will know the difference between these two. 

If not, then let’s briefly go through monka s meaning.

What is monkas twitch, you will ask?

Well, it’s just an emote that shows Pepe sweating and feeling frightened. This emote is used to show you are feeling scared by the current gaming position or the one that lies immediately ahead.

Even in the urban dictionary monkas are defined like that – scared and sweaty Pepe who found himself in an intense situation.

On the other hand, here we answered what does monka w mean.

Monkaw is, basically, MonkaS but in close-up. Here you just see the eyes of scared little Pepe.

The Story Behind

Now that you know the basics on both monka meaning and monka w meaning, let’s just go briefly through the origins.

The first recorded appearance of MonkaS was as early as in 2011 when it was used on 4chan.

However, it wasn’t uploaded to Twitch until 2016 and it took a while before it gained fame.

So, as of 2017, MonkaW as a derivative of MonkaS, became one of the most frequently used Twitch emotes.

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