Exploring the Deep Symbolism of BabyRage Emote on Twitch

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BabyRage Emote Meaning

“Look at him throwing a tantrum! So hilarious! Just like a baby when you take its toy!”

Baby rage emote or babyrage twitch emote is best described through the following situation.

Imagine two toddlers at play. One of them picks up a toy to play with. Then the second toddler snatches it away.

The toddler No. 1 starts screaming hysterically, rolling on the floor, crying as if its guts were being torn apart.

Now imagine a “grown-up” do that in the course of gaming and it’s so hilarious you can’t resist but laugh at them.

This would be the best representation of the babyrage emote.

So, twitch babyrage is a BTTV emote for twitch community that a streamer can use to mock another streamer for raging for no obvious reason.

Baby rage is a great means to say how amused you are by someone’s irrational and child-like behaviour.

On the other hand, though, another instance where you can use the baby rage twitch is to admit that you are throwing a tantrum yourself, typically because you are asked to do something you do not want or you feel you won’t benefit from.

The Story Behind

In all honesty, although we are all interested to find out who came up with the idea for the baby rage emote, somehow babyrage origin remains a mystery.

Although the use seems pretty much fun at first, twitch baby rage isn’t that common. Users find babyrage as a bit too intense so they really use it when they must (i.e. tantrum-throwing situations).

Nevertheless, twitch babyrage keeps around.

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