Everything You Need to Know About Keepo Emote: The Meaning and History

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Keepo Emote Meaning

“Yeah, yeah! I really loved your play! Especially how well you handled being defeated at level 1.”

So, guys, what does keepo mean? What is keepo?

I know you’ve seen it in use, but not many can be sure about keepo twitch meaning.

Now, to understand the meaning of the keepo emote, you have to be mentally equipped for that.

My humble apologies for saying this – but, not everyone has the mental capacity to grasp the message carried by twitch keepo.

The primary idea behind keepo meaning is to denote sarcasm aimed at a streamer who has done something you are either amused, confused or angered by.

For those who are unaware, sarcasm is appropriate everywhere.

However, there is no charm if the recipient doesn’t have the capacity to grasp it doesn’t it?

As for some further generalities on keepo, we can also call it keepo kappa, since it is used in the same way as the Kappa emote.

The Story Behind

Obviously, when we talk about the idea behind keepo, we are actually discussing kappa meaning dota, since Keepo is basically a DOTA 2 version of the original Kappa emote.

I know you’ve used keepo png even outside the Twitch, so here are some additional fun details about it.

This emote is a combo of Kappa emote with Meepo (DOTA 2 character) that holds the straw in its mouth. 

Also, you can see cat’s ears on its head that serves to say “I can’t deal with you human, you’re too obnoxious (add any other adjective here) for me, so I’d rather spend time with cats”.

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