Discovering the Hidden Significance of KKomrade Emote

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KKomrade Emote Meaning

“Kамрад, твой медведь проснулся? Вы вместе пьете водку?”


Ok, here’s a funny one!

You know how there is a twitch emote that makes fun of the American (redneck) culture?

Yes, Kkona it is!

Now, we have a very similar situation, it’s just that we are making fun of the “typical” Russian culture.

So, kkomrade meaning is more or less defined as follows.

Kkomrade emoji is a FrankerFaceZ emote that a streamer can use to mess with another streamer of Russian origin by making fun of the things stereotypically perceived as Russian.

You will find the same mockery and the undermining tones. 

However, in all honesty, if you want to use it right, you should go beyond bears and vodka. Since there’s so much more to the Russians and Russian culture than this.

The Story Behind

As we can see, Kkomrade is based on Kkona emote, so the face behind these two is the same.

Again, we see Konas “Kona” Korner, a former streamer, in action. However, this time he is in a saluting pose, wearing a typical Russian commissary hat (with the due red five-pointed star) so he truly “looks Russian”.

It originates from 2018, though it is not quite certain when it was used first.

Still, it is rather popular these days, due to the decades-old Russian-American “friendship”. So, whenever an American and Russian player come face to face, they will use Kkomrade and Kkona respectively to mock each other’s culture and the cultural difference between them.

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