The Story Behind the FeelsBadMan Emote: Meaning, Origins, and Evolution

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FeelsBadMan Emote Meaning

Pepe says, “Me so saaaad!”

Really, what does feelsbadman mean?

What is feelsbadman?

Well, feelsbadman is a widely-spread emote for gamers that they can use to express their grief over a gaming result or anything else that occurs in the course of gaming actions.

Our feels bad man emote, AKA the Sad Frog emote, is there for you to tell others when you get disheartened due to a result you failed to achieve, or a task you couldn’t complete. Or, you can use feelsbadman emote to show empathy and compassion with a streamer that lost a game to a hard boss.

In general, feelsbadman twitch is a sadness-showing emote, so you can use it whenever something makes you feel sad.

The Story Behind

Now that we know everything about the meaning and use of feels bad man twitch, let’s check some facts regarding feelsbadman origin.

As you are probably aware, feelsbadman bttv emote comes from Pepe the Frog family. But, our Pepe here is all so sad!

The emote was originally released in 2009 and if you wonder where did feelsbadman come from, here’s what you need to know.

The first known use was when someone decided to introduce it to 4Chan’s thread. It is available to and can be viewed by those who have the BTTC extension.

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