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    Monkas Emote Meaning

    Aah, fear and anxiety – your second name is monkas!

    Before anything else, let me answer what is monkas? for you!

    MonkaS is an emote from Pepe the Frog family that shows Pepe sweating and all spooked out. It is typically used in highly tense situations when a streamer is quite anxious.

    Now, I am almost 100% sure that you’ve used Pepe emotes profusely in your gaming experience so far, and I believe you didn’t skip monkas emote.

    I am also sure you were more or less aware of the monkas meaning, but let’s check some facts about another of these cute Twitch Pepe emotes.

    Once you find out these, you’ll just want to use it more!

    We’ll begin by answering – what does monkas mean?

    When you cast merely the first glance at monka, you will see the big-eyed Pepe sweating abundantly.

    So, what does it tell you?

    Yes, it tells you that Pepe the Frog is anxious and scared. Hence the monka s!

    But, how did Pepe become monka in the first place?

    The Story Behind

    MonkaS first came to be thanks to the streamer who first uploaded it to BTTV – a dude named Monkasen (later MonkaSenpai). This was in 2016, although Pepe, all sweaty and frightened, first appeared in a 2011 4chan thread.

    Still, it hasn’t gained popularity until 2017 when it was uploaded to (poor, dear) Forsen’s thread/page on Reddit.

    Moreover, if regular MonkaS doesn’t cut it, in terms the situation is tenser than a mere MonkaS suggests, then you can go for Monkaomega emote. 

    This one, with his extremely large “monkaeyes” and all soaking in sweat, will be your perfect choice to display next-level anxiety (like when you hear a family member call you by your full name).

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