BibleThump Emote Explained: Origins, Usage, and Interpretation

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BibleThump Emote Meaning

“Hello, sadness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again…”

Soo, what is biblethump?

Ever heard of it? Ever used it?

Well, bible thump emote is a means you can use to show how sad and disappointed you are by an outcome.

Whenever you fail a level or something otherwise bad happens in Twitch, biblethump twitch emote is there to help you express yourself.

As is the case with the majority of the Twitch emotes, biblethump (humorously, biblethumb) can be used to make fun of someone too.

Something like, “Hey, I am genuinely sad for you. Not. Just trolling, lol!”

Still, if we speak general, biblethump, bibblethump, or biblethum (call it whichever way you want) is the “teary-eyed” emote you can go for to express grief, whether genuine or fake (as in joking with someone).

The Story Behind

Our little bibletump here was originally released in 2012 (quite mature an emote, I know!) and has been widely used ever since.

Today, you can see that it is one of the most frequent and liked “cry-emote” you can see in use. The reason for this is that it carries the message quite unambiguously.

I mean, you can see the actual tears in this thingy’s face and eyes. So, there’s no doubt what you want to say.

Now, it’s up to the recipient to figure it out if you’re joking or being serious.

Of course, you know that this “thingy” is Isaac from The Binding of Isaac?

Bible thump became popular rather quickly (in 2013) especially thanks to the ICryEveryTime website. This one showed flash animation of BibleThumps falling down the screen so this was definitely quite a contribution.

Even though the bibletump’s fame subsided a bit, twitch biblethump is still a great tool in helping you display your sadness and/or disappointment.

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