Pepehands Emote Explained: Understanding the Symbolism and Significance

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Pepehands Emote Meaning

Oh, heavens, I lift my hands unto thee with eyes crying in sadness and sorrow…or, as in being pissed!

Twitch Pepe emotes are so inspirational!

I mean, there are so many of them and there is no wrong or inappropriate time to use some of the Pepe emotes that we have at our hands.

Which brings me to the pepehands emote.

Another member of twitch Pepe emotes family, pepehands is a great tool to show your sadness over an outcome, among other things.

Furthermore, you can use pepehands for show; i.e. when you are merely pretending to be sad.

So, either truly or make-believe sad, you can use pepehand to display your woes and sorrows.

And how could you not – I mean, look at the little froggy all sad and tear-soggy?

Another pepehands meaning is that you can use it to display you are extremely upset by an outcome, comment, or whatever that rocked your boat.

The Story Behind

Our pepehands twitch emote, or Pepe the Upset, as I like to call it, is not so old but not so young emote either. 

Even though it was officially released in 2016, pepehands twitch became popular in 2017. We have Forsen to thank to since the emote was highly spammed by his followers.

Today, you will find Pepehands emote both in and out of the gaming community.

So, this is your rounded-up answer to – what does pepehands mean?

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