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    TriHard Emote Meaning

    Try! Try hard! Try hard to smile with excitement!

    Trihard emote, oft misspelt as tryhard emote, serves its purpose right when you use it to show excitement!

    Easy, boy, now!

    Don’t be misguided by the “hard” part in the name – trihard twitch does not serve to show that kind of excitement.

    So, what is trihard and what would be the trihard emote meaning?

    If you want to cause some hype in a stream, channel, game – whatever – go for the trihard emotes.

    Twitch trihard serves to show your excitement over something exciting happening in the game.

    The Story Behind

    Trihard emote origin is rather easy to explain.

    First of all, the basic version is represented with a Trihex’s smiling face. And, let me answer who is trihard? for you immediately – well, it’s a Twitch streamer, of course.

    Besides the basic trihard, there is also the trihard 7 emote.

    This one is also Trihex’s smiling face with a number 7 added to it so as to signify a hand bent in salute.

    Somehow, during the course of time, both TriHard and TriHard7 turned into an emote that streamers use whenever a black gamer joins.

    Naturally, it has gone too far, meaning that the emotes are observed as racist, so maybe you should skip them just as well.

    Unless you are a racist….you know what!

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