The Cultural Significance of DansGame Emote in the Gaming Community

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DansGame Emote Meaning

“A disgusting little wretch is what you are!”

Easy, easy there! Let’s not jump to any conclusions! Or, shall we?

Can someone say something about dansgame emote meaning? No? Nobody? Going once, going twice?

Well, luckily, you got me!

Dansgaming twitch emotes are a thing!

And, what a thing indeed!

So, let’s see what dansgame emote stands for.

Namely, dans game emote is a tool that streamers can use to show their disgust at someone or something that was said or done.

Next, dansgaming emote servers another purpose besides displaying disgust. Yes, twitch dansgame can also be used to show annoyance by somebody’s actions or writing.

Typically, when an annoying situation happens, it is enough for just one gamer to use twitch dansgame emote and the rest will follow.

(Herd mentality, right?)

The Story Behind

Dansgame is a fairly “old” dansgame twitch emote.

It was officially released in 2010 and is represented with a face of a real streamer, DansGaming, twisted in repugnance.

Somehow, dans game gained fame only a few years later.

Still, it is spammed pretty hard these days.

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