Unraveling the Origins and Significance of Malding Emote

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Malding Emote Meaning

“I am baldly madding! I am madly balding! I don’t know what I’ve just said, I just know my receding hairline is pissed! I am pissed!”

Ok, what did just happen?

What does this have to do with the meaning of malding?

And, what is malding? What does malding mean, by the way?

Hey, hey, malding definition is a rather easy one to give!

I do not know why anyone would come up with this specific emote, but I’m glad they did. ‘Cause, honestly, we all know a gamer or two who could use this one!

So, how do we define malding in simplest terms?

Ok, we know it’s a twitch emote, I know you’ve googled it (what is mald twitch?), right?

 Finally, malding twitch meaning can be summed up as follows.

It is a Twitch emote that bald or streamers with receding hairlines can use to say they are getting mad and angry at someone or at a situation in the current stream.

Typically, it is used in a multiplayer situation. It’s kind of an unsaid rule. 

If you ask me, twitch malding is a rather hilarious emote to use so I recommend you use it abundantly.

The Story Behind

So, we did say that malding meaning is a simple one – you’re balding and you’re getting angry – use malding meme! As simple as that.

Obviously, the name resembles all of these words. The reason is simple – it’s a term coined from these two (mad+balding=malding).

Still, how did it come to this?

Again, we have Forsen to thank for this emote.

He would spam a lot the phrase “So bad, so mad” which eventually turned into “So bald, so mad”.

Truth is, the term has been known since 2011, but as a mald Twitch, it only gained popularity in 2019.

Finally, the fate of malding twitch was sealed in Dec 2019 when Joey “Nagzz21” Bagels trademarked it.

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