Decoding the Meaning Behind GachiBASS Emote: A Comprehensive Guide

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GachiBASS Emote Meaning

I’m so thrilled that I’m gonna bang my head hard against the wall!

Hmm, what does gachibass mean, what is gachibass?

Gachibass emote is actually an animation that hides a very simple meaning. Gachibass meaning can more or less be summarized as an animation that streamers can use to show how happy and satisfied they are with a situation they just observed or took part in in the stream. 

Next, gachibass is a modified version of the original Gachigasm emote and in this case, it shows Billy Herrington banging his head (against the wall, probably) with sheer pleasure.

An odd choice to show your satisfaction, indeed!

Furthermore, the range of use of gachibass meme doesn’t end with this primary meaning. Another instance where you can use the twitch gachibass is to post it a reaction to a suggestive content (in the game itself or chat).

PRO TIP: If you want to use these right, use kreygasm for female users and Gachigasm and GachiBass for male users. It’s kind of an unsaid rule.

So, I believe this answers your what does gachibass mean question!

And, if you haven’t seen the animation yet, well, just picture Billy Herrington banging his head against a wall while having an orgasm. HILARIOUS!

You’re welcome!

The Story Behind

As for gachibass origin, it is safe to say that gachibass twitch showed up only after 2015 and has been in use ever since.

Gachibas animation is rather amusing to use when you want to show your excitement over something.

As a close-up of gachigasm, it serves its purpose more than well!

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