Poggers Emote: The Secret Language of Twitch Chat Revealed

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Poggers Emote Meaning

“Pepe be happy! Pepe be excited! Pepe be surprised!”

Experiences gamers know this already – poggers emote is yet another emote from Pepe the Frog family.

This time we see Pepe the Frog in a Pepe poggers pose, i.e. his mouth gaping wide with surprise and excitement. This time positive, though.

Now, if we were to define poggers, we could safely say that twitch poggers is an emote that a gamer can use to show how happy he or she is with a game result or a turn of events.

Next, poggers emote is a great emote to employ when you want to tell everyone how excited and at the same time surprised you are when you pass on to the next level.

For example, you’ve passed a hard level highly unexpectedly for you and everyone else. This is an ideal time to use poggers emote twitch or pogchamp Pepe.

I say pogchamp Pepe since these two emotes – pogger emote and pogchamp – can be used to carry the same message of surprise, happiness and excitement.

However, this is not the only instance when you can use Pepe pog. There is a tendency among gamers to use a pogger in all sorts of different situations.

This is why it is safe to say that pogger meaning strongly varies depending on the context where we use it.

But, enough about what is a pogger?

The Story Behind

Poggers twitch was released sometime in 2017. It has been used ever since to display all sorts of emotions, but primarily happiness, excitement and genuine, positive surprise!

Happy surprise.

Poggers twitch emote comes as a BTTV emote that is extremely popular in LoL.

Obviously, Pepe the Frog in the form of a pogger will soon become your best friend if it isn’t already.

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