The True Meaning Behind the Popular NotlikeThis Twitch Emote

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NotlikeThis Emote Meaning

“Yes, it’s what I need. Yes, it’s what I wanted. But, not like this. Really, not like this!”

Ahh, there’s just too many things about not like this emote!

Where do I even begin?

Twitch not like this emote is something you can use to say you are having some mixed feelings about what is happening on stream.

For example, something went terribly, terribly wrong, and yet the outcome can be considered positive – you got what you wanted, it’s just not the way that you wanted it! 

This would be the appropriate occasion to use twitch notlikethis.

In a way, notlikethis emote is there for you to help you show your disbelief and resignation with what’s currently going on or what somebody’s saying.

Basically, when everything is not going your way, the way you wanted it, notlikethis is the emote to go for.

It’s like you’re saying “No, no, no, don’t do that, I can’t believe it’s gonna go down like this” with the not like this meme twitch.

The Story Behind

As for the not like this origin, we have Ben Swartz to thank to.

Namely, Ben Swartz, AKA Bensw, is the face behind the notlikethis twitch emote. We see him with his hands in his lush hair, like in disbelief with that is going on.

It has been his habit since he was a kid, so he did the same thing while watching an EVO tournament game back in 2015 when HugS86 lost.

That’s about the notlikethis origin when it comes to the visual representation.

Now, as for the name of notlikethis, or not like this twitch, well, The Matrix is all I’m gonna say.

You figure it out!

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