What Makes the 5head Emote so Popular? Examining Its Cultural Significance

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5head Emote Meaning

Damn, you so smart! Or, are you truly? Yes, you are! Hmm, hang on there…”

5head should easily become one of your favourite emotes?


Well, dude, this is an excellent tool to get a streamer totally confused.

The reason for that 5head meaning can range anywhere from the two opposing ends.

The first, and the original meaning of the 5head emote is that you honestly believe a gamer is smart or has done something smart to beat a boss.

On the other hand, the second, often subtle meaning of the 5 head meme is to indicate you believe a streamer to be not quite so smart. So, what you are doing with this meme is mocking their intelligence (or, the lack of it).

The Story Behind

This emote is frequently called the forehead emote due to the fact that it shows a twisted image of the 4head emote based on a LOL streamer named Cadburry.

At the same time, it is kinda reminiscent of Pinky (from Pinky and the Brain).

5head twitch emote was released sometime in 2018 and was frequently spammed in xQc’s chat. 

The reason is that whenever the user under the name m0xyy would say something, others would post this meme. 

And, the reason for that is that a thread on Reddit defined the meaning for 5head as “Big brain plays, or when someone genuinely smart like m0xy is talking.”

So, treat the streamers with a 5head and see what comes of it!

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