ForsenCD Emote Explained: Discovering Its Meaning and History

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ForsenCD Emote Meaning

Oh, Dr. Disrespect, I am sure as hell you like the Chinese so freaking much. Cheese, I meant cheese!

Tell me, is this – what does forsencd mean – a frequent item in your Google search?

I know it is!

So, seek no further – here’s your answer!

Forsencd meaning is not that hard to wrap your mind around since Forsencd is a relatively easy emote to use.

One meaning of forsencd emote is to make fun of and mock the text-to-speech feature on Twitch.

The second, more intriguing meaning of twitch cd emote is to make references to Dr Disrespect-related scandals (I tend to believe you already know all about these).

Now, in case you haven’t met our little cd emote, let me help you visualize it!

The basics behind the emote go back to Forsen’s image fitted with a slightly twisted moustache that is a characteristic of our little rascal Dr. Disrespect. 

And, believe it or not, this is not all.

As if it wasn’t abomination enough, forcencd emote is also equipped with sunglasses placed absentmindedly on his face.

The Story Behind

As we have given the definite answer to what is forsencd? – we can move on to explaining the history behind the most prominent one of cd emotes.

Forsen and D OMEGALUL C is who/what we have to thank for the forsen cd emoji. 

First of all, a Twitch user took the content editor’s face and stapled the moustache and the glasses over it. This is how we got the first part of the name.

As for the second, this phrase (D OMEGALUL C) was mispronounced by the text-to-speech feature as OMEGALUL CD so this was the inspiration for the second part of the name.

All of this happened sometimes in 2018 and we have has this freaky emote ever since!

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