What Does the SMOrc Twitch Emote Mean? Here’s What You Need to Know

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SMOrc Emote Meaning

“Dude, r u having a stroke, writing in all caps? Or, you’re just a retard?”

As for some heads-up smorc definition, smorc is a cute little emote that you can use to say to someone to take it easy and to lay off.

Namely, smorc twitch emote is a means one can use to quite effectively inform the other party that they are being highly offensive and mean.

So, whenever you feel someone is off-putting, just sm orc-them.

Next, if we want to define smorc properly, there is a rather funny usage of the smorc twitch you need to know of – you can use it on someone who’s writing in all caps.

All caps are pure aggression if you ask me!

Finally, smorc meaning can also extend to the use when you’re just trolling someone. At such an instance, this little orc is an ideal emote to share.

I mean, have you seen it?

The Story Behind

As far as we know it, the smorc origin goes back to 2015 when its use was first recorded.

But, when you come to think of it, what does smorc mean indeed?

Obviously, it’s a coined phrase, so let’s try to break it down.

The visual tells us this is an orc and if you’re not sure which one, it’s the orc from the Space Marines game.

Hence the SMOrc, aka twitch orc emote.

Although today the meaning is rather different (reaction to rudeness, obnoxiousness, all caps), the original idea was slightly different.

The authentic use was primarily imagined to be when streamers are going face to face against their opponent.

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