WidepeepoHappy Emote Meaning: Revealing the Symbolism Behind the Icon

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WidepeepoHappy Emote Meaning

 “Oh, happy, intensely, widely happy (almost orgasmic-like happy) I am!” is what widepeepohappy emoji is all about.

This would be the peepo meaning in a nutshell!

Wide peepo happy is just one of the many emotes represented by Pepe the Frog and guess what?

It’s spammed so hard these days that you simply must learn how to use it right.

This is how!

The visual representation is such that we see Pepe all smiling, ecstatic even, which cannot indicate anything less but sheer and intense happiness. It is based upon peepoHappy emote and obviously Pepe the Frog.

So, if you should still have any doubt on when to use it, know that wide peepohappy is a perfect choice of an emoji to upload when you are extremely satisfied by the gaming outcome, whether it’s your success or somebody else’s misfortune we’re talking about.

The Story Behind

As said, wide peepohappy is based on Peepohappy emote and Pepe the Frog.

If you paid attention, you have probably noticed that it’s a new emote that we are dealing with. Of course, this does not mean it hasn’t gained popularity – quite the opposite!

In 2008 wide pepo happy was first uploaded to FrankerFaceZ and has been widely used throughout Twitch ever since.

I know, you will now ask about the difference between peepoHappy and wide pepo happy.

Well, this wide is what makes it. it’s as simple as smiling and smiling wide. 

Happiness and immense happiness – that’s all there is to it.

Now, as a well-informed gamer, who knows his/her emojis, start using the wide version instead of the regular peepohappy to show your immeasurable happiness.

And, for those cases where you cannot go with the twitch extension, you can always screenshot it to widepeepohappy png and use it wherever you see fit.

Enjoy it!

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