The Complete Guide to Understanding the MingLee Emote Meaning

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MingLee Emote Meaning

“Oh, you so sassy! Oh, yes you are! You so sassy!”

Hmm, what does minglee mean?

I know you’ve seen it and I know you’ve used it.

But, can you tell me exactly what is minglee and what would be the minglee meaning?

You know it’s used for laughter, right? But, what exactly about laughter?

Ok, here’s the thing about twitch emote minglee.

The ming lee emote is an emote that you can use just to hint at laughing, to make an insinuation. 

Or, you can use ming lee twitch to point out to the sassiness you’ve just witnessed or exhibited.

Furthermore, there is a tendency to use minglee as a general laughing emote when you find yourself in a situation that induces healthy laughter.

The Story Behind

Ok, we see there is a face behind the minglee emoji. So, who is ming lee twitch?

Ming Lee is actually Chris Mead, a Twitch employee. That’s the face behind the emote.

The minglee origin goes back to 2015 and the emote has been popular ever since. Believe it or not, in general, streamers use it 100-150 thousand times a day.

Still, ming lee twitch chat can be a dangerous thing.

The face behind the emote is Asian and some might find it offensive. So, take note of other streamers before you decide to go for MingLee in chat.

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