HaHaa Emote: Laughing or Cringing? Discover Its True Implication

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haHaa Emote Meaning

“Well, that was cringe-worthy, dude!”

Hahaa emote, frequently shortened to just haha emote, is an emote that, guess what – does not serve to display amusing laughter.

No, twitch hahaa does serve to demonstrate laughter, but nervous laughter. Also, hahaa twitch is used to express your being cringed over something awkward happening while streaming or chatting.

So, if you want to be on top of your game emotes-wise, choose wisely!

Choose hahaa twitch emote for nervous laughter, for the situations where you are cringe-laughing, uncomfortably laughing. Laughing, but would rather shiver with uneasy instead.

That would be all about the hahaa meaning.

The Story Behind

Ever heard of Andy Samberg? 

Why, of course, you have!

Yeah, yeah, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (among other things).

So, you must know who Shy Ronnie is. 

Shy Ronnie is the face behind hahaa emote that you use to show you are weirded out.

More specifically, hahaa origin goes back to an SNL episode aired on Oct 30th, 2010 featuring Shy Ronnie and Rihanna.

haHaa is finally drawn up from the very start of the short video they made during which occasion Ronnie makes a cringe face smiling with hesitation at the camera.

If you still ain’t sure why the hahaa name, have you heard the sound he made?

It’s the cringiest hahaa you will ever hear!

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