Unlocking the Mystery: What Does the Jebaited Emote Mean?

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Jebaited Emote Meaning

“Gotcha! So freakin’ naïve!”

Jebaited emote is yet another fun emote to use on streamer you are going against.

Namely, jebaited twitch emote can be used on streamers when you have successfully tricked them into a practical, yet obvious, joke or they have fallen for the fake tips someone gave them.

So, jebaited meaning is a no brainer. You played someone so obviously, you tipped them off something totally untrue, they fell for it, and you are amused. That would be all when it comes to jebaited definition.

With jebaited, it’s like you threw bait and they took it! They took it hard!

And, then you say something like “Ya baited!”

The Story Behind

I know you are probably thinking how jebait, i.e. jebaited emote, somehow got its name from the phrase “You baited (took the bait).”

What if I told you it has nothing to do with that?

Jebaited origin goes back to the founder of the Community Effort Orlando gaming, Alex Jebailey. This undertaking of his was held on an annual basis. During one such fighting game, Jebailey was shot looking up, smiling with satisfaction.

Since then, the jebailey jebaited was used to show your self-complacency after tricking someone rather naïve into a stupid move or something.

So, here comes a heads up for all the streamers out there beware of twitch jebaited and jebaited transparent.

You don’t want to be game for those mean (and, yet hilarious) streamers who will post obvious baits all over for you to fall for.

Don’t the laughing stock (no matter how amused that makes us others)!

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