The Story Behind the Weirdchamp Emote: What Does it Really Mean?

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Weirdchamp Emote Meaning

Aaah, this is the Twitch emote to use when you feel utterly disappointed! 

Like, when you open the fridge and there’s no snacks!

But, wait! Why is Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez here?

To begin with, he’s the face of the Pogchamp emote.

Next, have you seen the dude’s face here?

This is the facial expression that perfectly sums up the weirdchamp meaning. 

What you are saying when you use this emoji is that you are so deeply in disbelief with what someone wrote or did and that this makes you feel completely disappointed.

I believe this is the best and shortest answer to what does weirdchamp mean. 

Now, stay tuned to discover some additional details about weirdchamp origin and the weirdchamp emote in general!

If you wonder why, trust me, you will want to make an informed choice when you tell someone how disappointed they made you feel.

The Story Behind

Weirdchamp emote is a relatively new emote. Namely, the first recorded use of the champ emote was in mid-2018, when one of the Redditors used it on Forsen’s subreddit.

Soon after that, the weird champ was uploaded to FrankerFacez and started gaining popularity on Twitch shortly after.

Today, weirdchamp is a frequently used emote that serves to tell someone “I feel deeply let down by what you’ve just said/did”

That would be all on what is weirdchamp.

Now, proceed to treat your streamers with weirdchamp emoji in abundance!

You’re welcome!

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