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    Pepelaugh Emote Meaning

    Ah, Pepe laugh at you! Pepe laugh to you hard! So hard he cried a little! Maybe even peed, too!

    Pepelaugh is yet another from the Pepe emotes that serves its purpose quite well.

    And, the purpose of this Pepe emote, or rather a laughing Pepe is to display that a hilarious situation is coming right up.

    Pepe laugh is typically used with the catchphrase “Here it comes!” that serves to announce that a bunch of laughter at someone lies ahead.

    In addition, Pepe laughing emote is typically accompanied and followed by the phrases “OH NO NO NO” or “HE DOESN’T KNOW.” (I believe you have witnessed this on Twitch already!)

    A for the visualisation of the emote, Pepe laugh is shown as Pepe the Frog laughing with tears in his eyes; basically, laughing so hard that he’s on the verge of or already in tears.

    The Story Behind

    Twitch Pepe emotes are a thing, bruh!

    Why ain’t you using them?

    Maybe it’s cause you don’t know the history?

    Well, it’s a great history.

    The short version goes like this.

    Pepelaugh emote was submitted to 4chan’s /pol/ board somewhere in 2014 – August, to be more precise. Only in Nov 2015, it was made an addition to the FrankerFaceZ database to officially become a Pepe Twitch emote.

    Now, that you know these, I can just say – use it any time that you are on the brink of tears from laughing hard in your gaming session!

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