Stream Anywhere, Anytime: A Complete Guide to IRL Streaming on Twitch

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Since Twitch’s development, all streamers used to be in their rooms to perform their live broadcasting. However, since mobile phones and networks technology has constantly been advancing, IRL streaming became possible. IRL Streaming stands for In Real Life Streaming on Twitch. It has been the latest trend getting millions of users frenzy!

IRL Streaming Requirements

If you’re wondering how to stream IRL on Twitch, here are some basic requirements you need:

1. Get a smartphone for streaming – or if you want to go more pro, get a compact camera, such as GoPro;
2. Backpack suited for streaming purposes, to carry the things you need;
3. Selfie stick or camera and smartphone holder or tripod;
4. Portable internet router – this is especially useful if you are in a foreign country.

Below, you will find more in-depth tips and tricks you want to know if you intend to stream IRL on Twitch!

Let’s check how to stream IRL on Twitch from phone and a great difference from regular indoors broadcasting.

Remember that you need special equipment and network requirements to get a decent Twitch stream from phone.

The best IRL Setup for Twitch would be the following:

1. The Best Smartphone

It may seem weird, but streaming without an advanced smartphone with a digital camera and live streaming options would be disastrous.

You can purchase a modern smartphone that gives you a great image and video analysis and can broadcast your sound as well.

The best solution would be to have a smartphone that doesn’t get overheated easily and has multiple processing cores.

These smartphones may also have a Twitch IRL app that will help them encode the image and sound and transmit it on the Twitch platform easier.

Their battery capacity would be important for you to check. The bigger, the better applies to this situation as IRL streaming could easily drain your battery.

2. IRL Backpack

It has become the latest trend for people who wonder how to Twitch IRL efficiently. 

The IRL backpack is nothing more than a comfortable and roomy backpack with the necessary equipment for your IRL Streaming on Twitch.

You may carry a power bank for your smartphone and camera, a professional camera for your IRL streaming, and some tripods to let it stand right when needed.

The backpack may also fit a LED lighting device to help you with IRL streaming at night. 

You should also find some room to place power and USB cables to stay connected when you are broadcasting outdoors.

People who know more about IRL stream setup can always mount some solar panels and inverters to their backpacks and become energy efficient when performing live broadcasting outdoors.

Even though this is the main equipment for a successful IRL Twitch broadcast, you will certainly need a powerful mobile internet connection.

Although your smartphone can transmit all communication protocols and internet bandwidth, it would be better to have a mobile hotspot to give you a better experience.

Even sharing mobile internet and data from multiple providers would be a great concept. Not every provider has the same coverage in all places you will visit.

Twitch streaming from phone will need all this necessary stuff to work efficiently and make your followers loyal to your Twitch channel.

The Advanced Setup for Professional IRL Streaming

Many people who wonder how to stream IRL on Twitch will find it more convenient to have a more advanced set up for their equipment.

A professional camera that can get mounted on your cap or even get on a tripod would be the best start.

This type of camera can stabilize the image and make more followers participate in your live broadcasting.

Since IRL Twitch streaming can follow you outdoors, the professional camera can give you a better frame per second rate (FPS) and a crisper sound than you ever have imagined.

The mobile router is also necessary for you to have a professional setup for IRL Twitch streaming. 

This device can help you stabilize the signal coming from the data network and establish a strong connection with your camera and smartphone.

Twitch streaming from phone may be a cheap and affordable solution for IRL broadcasting, but it certainly gives you poorer results.

Having the advanced setup for your IRL Twitch streaming can also give you more followers and increase your sponsor base.

People are fond of looking into their favorite Twitch broadcaster’s real life. You need to have the best possible connection and the highest video and sound quality to keep them engaged and increase your traffic.

The advanced setup for IRL Twitch Streaming also leads to better software requirements that will also be necessary to have.

Software Enhancers to Optimize Your IRL Streaming 

It is essential to have a software booster for your IRL Twitch broadcasting sessions. That is true not only for your outdoors but also for your indoor sessions.

The OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) has been one of the most popular brands to give you optimal setup for your various devices.

Twitch stream from phone usually requires a direct connection to the Twitch server, as if you were at home.

However, given the fact that smartphones have lower processing abilities than desktops and laptops, intermediate software would be the optimal solution for transmitting data to the Twitch servers.

OBS software can give your live broadcasting data to the OBS server or even the cloud. There you can use the powerful server’s processing power to have a smooth video on Twitch without delays and quality issues.

Many Twitch streamers have set up their computer network running the OBS software. It would be possible for them to connect to their local network and perform IRL streaming through that location.

No matter where you are, this kind of software can smoothen your video and sound experience for your Twitch followers.

Even though connecting to the OBS Server could be more costly for your budget, it remains the best solution for smooth IRL streaming.

Professional Twitch streamers who would like to expand their IRL broadcasting practice prefer to use cloud servers.

As a result, the software enhancers are a prerequisite for all people who want to attract more followers and make them engaged for longer when performing IRL broadcasting on Twitch.

How to Stream IRL on Twitch

Professional Cameras vs. Smartphone

Although Twitch stream from a phone may seem affordable and easy for all users, it would be less attractive for your audience.

Some followers find it unacceptable to watch your stream from a smartphone, even if it is of the latest technology.

Professional cameras are always better since they have a better analysis. That can give you a perfect video quality.

Another feature that professional cameras have is the multiple speakers and mics they have to catch sound from all sources.

Smartphones are the easy solution to IRL Twitch streaming since they integrate all the various functions into a single device.

However, smartphones can be less stable when you perform IRL streaming for multiple hours and are vulnerable to overheating and battery exhaustion.

Another feature that is inferior to cameras is the sound recording quality. Smartphones usually have one sound recording source compared to the professional cameras that can give you a 360 degrees coverage.

Finally, cameras have specific software to stabilize the image recording. That is important for IRL Twitch users who want to go on a hike and broadcast themselves from there. 

Twitch users who want to keep the income flow coming and upgrade their followers base can start IRL streaming through their smartphones.

However, when they reach a certain followers’ threshold, they should be looking for a professional camera to close the gap between other users who offer extreme quality to their loyal friends.


Logitech C922x
  • HD 1080P video at 30Fps/ 720P at 60FPS
  • Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus
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Logitech HD
  • Full HD 1080p video calling
  • Automatic noise reduction
Logitech Brio
  • 4k streaming and recording
  • HD 5X zoom

Potential Limitations to IRL Streaming on Twitch

Twitch stream from phone may have some limitations for most of the users. These potential hurdles have to do with government prohibitions on live broadcasting.

Twitch users from Japan and other parts of the world face difficulties performing live streaming in the city neighborhoods.

The users are having privacy issues that might jeopardize the IRL streaming for all the promising users.

Another limitation that IRL streaming could have would-be users’ safety issues. 

Many Twitch users have faced fines from local authorities when performing IRL streaming for their audience.

Besides the actual limitations, network issues can give current Twitch users many hardships.

Most IRL Twitch streaming sessions have to do with outdoor video capturing. For that reason, the use of mobile internet is necessary.

That mobile internet connection may not have the same bandwidth and speed in any location the IRL streaming may happen.

Internet issues, broken signal, and blurred or delayed image could become the number one limitation to a flawless IRL Twitch streaming.

Finally, power issues may also pose a threat to your IRL Twitch streaming length.

Your loyal followers would be disappointed if you suddenly stop IRL streaming due to power outage reasons.

As a result, the highest limitation of all would be the battery inefficiency that all mobile devices (both cameras and smartphones) share.

Besides all potential limitations, IRL streaming remains a profitable and popular Twitch platform broadcasting experience.

Most users have tried to evolve to IRL streaming giving more chances to grow on Twitch and have more followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you may find some of the frequently asked questions about IRL Twitch streaming, drafted from the search engines.

How Much Do IRL Streamers Make?

IRL Twitch streamers can make up to several hundred dollars per hour of the live broadcasting session.
It is easy for them to capture more traffic and followers watching their streaming since they present real-life episodes that stimulate their curiosity.

There are chances for higher profits when you monetize your IRL streaming. Sponsors are more than happy to grant you access to their funds when you give them advertisement time in your channel.

Does IRL Streaming Consume more Data?

IRL Streaming consumes more data than any other live broadcasting session.  The greater the video analysis and the PFS for your images, the higher the mobile device’s data consumption.

It would be better to have a mobile router to meet the data better you upload and better control over your budget. On the other hand, many IRL Twitch broadcasters try to be close to Wi-Fi spots when they perform live streaming on Twitch.

If you search better, you can find many locations in your city where broadband internet is available free of charge. Either through mobile phones or a stable router line, the IRL streaming requires huge amounts of data.

Do You Need a High-Tech Camera for IRL Streaming?

There is no immediate need for a high-tech camera to perform IRL streaming. However, most successful users have a portable camera.
Your smartphone can be just enough when being online for IRL streaming. Your audience could also be happy with the quality of the first broadcasting sessions you perform.

However, since Twitch’s IRL streaming is extremely competitive, you need to get some professional image and sound capturing equipment. The higher quality (and zero delays) your IRL streaming has, the better it will be for the traffic in your channel and your profits.

Can You Get Banned for Streaming IRL on Twitch?

Some reasons can get you banned from administrators when showing your audience an IRL stream.
You need not breach other people’s privacy when broadcasting on Twitch. Trespassers in third-party properties can face a permanent ban on Twitch if a dispute comes over.

Twitch administrators also set up the rules for your IRL streaming’s inappropriate content. It may seem easy to show your followers how your daily life looks like, but you should leave all your intimate and private moments out.

Twitch administrators can ban your access to IRL streaming permanently if you fail to comply with any community rules.

What is the Best Smartphone for IRL Streaming?

All newest smartphone models are great for IRL Streaming. The highest memory and video analysis they offer, the better it would be for your IRL broadcasting quality.

Multiple core processors are also preferred when performing IRL streaming from your smartphone. The most expensive ones can give you a higher processing speed and ensure smooth transmitting of your video and audio to your followers.

Lately, you should find smartphones with integrated software to connect with Twitch servers easier than ever before.
These smartphones may operate in new mobile internet networks (like the fifth generation ones) and offer you an IRL Twitch streaming session without any delays or lags. 

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